Briefly before presenting full detail on the TrueCaller Premium APK, let me state that True Software Scandinavia AB observed spam calls on 1 July 2009. It’s been called Truecaller. Two engineers, Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam created Guys Truecaller.

In addition to spam detection, Truecaller has more functionality. It also has features such as caller identification, call blocking, flash messaging, call recording, chat, and voice, etc. Many of the most impressive features of the Truecaller software include an efficient dialer, a Smart SMS service, UPI billing, and recharge (India alone).

With +200 M Active users, Truecaller is the best caller identification & spam blocking app in the world. More than 500 M have been installed so far. Therefore, its success now isn’t hard to guess.

Features of Truecaller Premium APK

Speaking of the Truecaller Premium APK functionalities is important because the Truecaller Premium mob APK features are very advanced compared to the Truecaller Application so that you can read it carefully, and why you want to truecaller premium gold apk?

Caller ID & Spam Blocking :– Caller and spam blocking are very simple Truecaller functionality and are readily accessible, so we won’t speak a lot. I’m going to clarify it a little, though. Unnecessary and irritating messaging calls may be blocked by users. Caller Id indicates the caller ‘s name.

No ads :- When you’ve ever used Truecaller ‘s Free Version. You have to be aware that Truecaller irritates your user sometimes by displaying useless repeated ads. But when will the Truecaller Premium APK be downloaded. This problem will never be seen again.

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Who Viewed My Profile :- This program allows you to monitor the individual who inspected your profile using Truecaller Premium APK. This is a wonderful feature of Truecaller that is sometimes needed by everyone.

Premium Badge :- This feature helps you to get a good feel of the face. You ‘re calling that. When you call somebody, you have a Premium badge on show and you have an APK Truecaller on your screen.

Call Recording :- Many phones now have the built-in call recording feature, but even now, many still use old generation telephones and use the Truecaller program for call recording. If you have your call recording program and the original Truecaller APK, then uninstall it now. And Truecaller Premium Pro APK to be installed. You can also call recording with the help of this program.

More Contact Requests :- With this app, you can submit up to 30 requests a month. And make them Truecaller friends.

All truecaller premium apk free download functions are therefore available. I hope that your mind would blow through these features.

How to Download & Install Truecaller Premium APK

We will tell you how to install the APK for Android Truecaller. You simply need to take simple steps to do this.

STEP #1 :- Delete any Truecaller application from your Android device which is either free or modded. In order to avoid installation errors, this is a very necessary step.

STEP #2 :- Install the Truecaller Premium APK.

Truecaller Premium APK

STEP #3 :- Open your application and Clicked “Get Started” Button on this APK File.

STEP #4 :- Open the app and accept the permissions required Press “Allow” Button.

Truecaller Premium APK

STEP #5 :- Login or register for an account with your Mobile number.

STEP #6 :- After Register with Mobile Number then Create Your Profile.

STEP #7 :- After Complete All Process you can use this Application in Your Android Mobile.

Some Truecaller Alternatives

Some of the best options for Android and iOS devices are here.

Showcaller :-  Showcaller is yet another Truecaller solution that is simple to use. Showcaller is just another easy-to-use Truecaller alternative. The app is very small (> 4 MB) and does not eat a great deal of the resources of your phone.

This also supports battery management and uses less power than Truecaller. The software detects several unanswered calls and provides extensive caller ID information on incoming calls, showing the names and images of callers.

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CallApp :- CallApp is a universal app to identify and block spam calls and not only unknown calls but can also monitor calls. The application can register inputs as well as output calls, which is an advantage for users who want this feature. Obviously, the primary purpose of the caller ID software is to recognize unknown numbers and it happens well, luckily.

Mr. Number :- Mr. Number is a rather nice caller ID app, which does the job. Despite a rather eccentric name. The application can identify unknown numbers, and spam blocking is some of the best applications in this list.

One good thing about this application is that you can find criteria for blocking other user calls, area code, or a country as a whole. This function is useful for blocking foreign spam calls that normally flow through the majority of caller ID applications.

Comparison of Truecaller vs Hiya: 

Hiya’s main objective is to help users recognize the calls they want to receive and block those they want to avoid automatically. This app uses its huge database to recognize over 400 million calls each month, resulting in around 1 billion spam threats.

It all starts with the configuration of the caller and SMS ID. Hiya handles incoming telephone calls and SMS messages and compares it with the broad database of the device. Identified numbers suit the correct entries so that users can determine whether or not to initiate a request.

On the other hand, Truecaller is powered by a large community-based spam list, which is created by over 200 million users worldwide. This list allows users to see who is calling and to match almost any number with the information they want.

In contrast to Hiya, Truecaller aims to replace its full dialer. This means that it is not only possible to block undesirable calls and messages, but also to make calls directly from the app.

A breeze is the hunt for an unknown number just enter the place name or person you want, and the rest of the things will be handled by Truecaller. To stop having to save it on the form, you can also copy a random number on a website.


The Truecaller Premium APK offers you all the high-quality features that distinguish you from the crowds. Download the app now and be a VIP on every Android device that you use.

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