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Thousands of links are been shared for Avenir Font Free Download, and users are downloading this font to make their digital work more creative. Do you want to use this font too? Well, if your answer is yes then you have clicked on the right post, this is Avenir Font Review!

Here we have shared a detailed guide on this font. You will read the usage guide, supporting languages, supporting devices, and the steps to download on Windows.

Avenir Font

Avenir was initially designed as a commission for the city of Frankfurt, Germany, to create a typeface that would be legible and suitable for signage and wayfinding, but it has since become a popular choice for many design applications due to its clean and modern design.

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Review: Avenir Font Download

There are hundreds of fonts in this category then why users are looking for the Avenir Font Download? Well, the answer is simple and can be get with a short review of this font. Why this font is so popular and how it becomes so famous on the internet? Find it out below.

Avenir is a commonly used font that is recognised for its simple, elegant appearance.

The typeface was developed in 1988 by Swiss designer Adrian Frutiger at the request of the German city of Frankfurt, who wanted a readable typeface that could be used for marketing and navigation.

Due to Avenir’s versatility and flexibility, its popularity expanded quickly and it became a favourite among designers. Several applications of the font have been reported, including branding, advertising, print and digital media, and others.

How did it Become So Popular?

The popularity of Avenir as one of the most iconic and important types of modern art has only increased in recent years. It has proven itself as a standard in modern graphic design and is still a favourite among designers everywhere.

It is the best option for body text, headers, and titles due to its readability and accessibility.

Different Versions of Avenir Font Family

From 1988 to today, there were different versions of Avenir Font developed and used by millions of users. With each new updated version, they have improved the font and made it more accessible for different applications and devices.

Have a look at various versions of Font Avenir:

Avenir Next

Developed by Frutiger and Akira Kobayashi, it includes extra weights and styles and is more versatile.

Avenir Next Condensed

A condensed version of Avenir Next, designed for use in more compact design applications.

Avenir Next Rounded 

A variation of Avenir Next with rounded corners, giving it a softer, friendlier appearance.

Avenir LT Pro

An extended version of the original Avenir font family, with more weights and language support.

Avenir Black & Avenir Heavy

A bold, heavy-weight variation of the original font.

Avenir Light

A lightweight variation of the original font, designed for use in smaller sizes or as a contrast to heavier weights.

Avenir Book

A medium-weight variation of the original Avenir font, commonly used for body text.

Which Languages I can use With Avenir Font?

Avenir font supports a wide range of languages, making it a versatile and flexible font for designers working with diverse audiences.

The languages you can use with this font include Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A, Latin Extended-B, IPA, Extensions, Spacing Modifier Letters, Combining Diacritical Marks, Greek and Coptic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Vietnamese, and many more.

Avenir Font Latest Version

Currently, the Avenir Font’s latest version is developed as V3.80. This version was released in 2022 with some modifications and making it useful on different systems. Now, you can get Font Download V3.80 Link for Windows for free.

Avenir Font Family

Keep reading this post to know how you can download it for free.

What’s New on the Latest Update of Avenir Font Free?

As mentioned above, the latest version of Avenir Font Free (V3.80) has been shared online. This version has been updated with some new features. We have already used this font and find it attractive and easy to use. Have a look at the new features of this font.

  • Geometric sans-serif typeface.
  • Clean, modern, and elegant design.
  • Commissioned for signage and wayfinding in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Available in a wide range of weights and styles.
  • Versatile and flexible for different design applications.
  • Highly legible and readable.
  • Suitable for body text, headlines, and titles.
  • Widely used in branding and advertising.
  • A classic typeface that has stood the test of time.
  • Comes in various versions, including Avenir Next and Avenir Next Condensed.
  • The rounded variation is available for a softer, friendlier appearance.
  • Supports different languages.
  • Compatible with both print and digital mediums.
  • Easily recognizable and iconic.

Steps for Avenir Font Free Download on Windows?

We have shared a quick review, features and various versions of this font. Now, if you have found this font useful and looking for the Steps for Avenir Font Free Download on Windows then keep reading this post. By following the shared steps, you can download and install this font on any device.

The download steps are as follows:

  • First, you have to download the True Type Font set-up file.
  • For this, you have to open Chrome on any system and search for Avenir Font Free Download.
  • Next, you have to download the font TTF file on your system.
  • You can also share this file with the system on which you want to use the font.
  • Now, go to the file folder and extract the files.
  • You will see a set-up file.
  • Click on it and then on the Install button.
  • You have to give all permissions asked during the installation.
  • At last, complete the installation process and restart your system.
  • By this, you will be able to Install This Font on any device. 


This was our guide on Avenir Font Free Download! How do you know about this font? And after reading this post, did you find it useful for your work? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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