Epson L380 Printer Driver

Epson L380 Printer Driver works with an Excellent printer it has everything it takes to be a basic multifunctional you connect it to USB and start printing.

What’s impressive is the duration of the ink. Excellent for occasional ( Home ) use, because if you need to print large numbers of pages, it could be time-consuming and tedious as you have to reload paper.

Epson L380 Installation Software Download

Your PC does not have an optical reader but you need to install the Epson L380 Printer Driver.

Most users are unaware that the Epson L380 software package is a combination of printer software and drivers.

So, this package can be installed on your computer when you lose your Epson L380 Driver CD.

Features of Epson L380 Printer Driver

These are some special Features of the Epson L380 Printer Driver please read all features.

Low cost

Ink High-performance ink tanks. Epson Genuine Inks are designed to the highest quality for long-lasting prints.

New design

Saves space easily to fill ink tanks.

Exceptional print quality

With original inks always get the best quality for photos and documents.

High print speed

Print quality projects.

If for some reason you cannot use or do not have the installation software you can download it here:

Epson L380 Printer Driver Download

Downloading the printer software from this page is very easy.

First, choose your preferred operating system from our list of OS and then Epson L380 Printer Driver Download all-in-one software from the below-given list.

For inquiries related to the download process unit, please contact us.

You will never experience software incompatibility issues if you install the downloaded drivers through this page.

We can say this for sure because all our Epson L380 Driver Download links are from official Epson drivers that are compatible with its associated operating system.

Too bad this printer does not have a Wi-Fi connection, but even without a wireless connection it is in the brand of the best printer in its category on the market, if you own the Epson L380 you have an excellent printer.

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Compatible operating systems

Download Epson L380 software and after it will be working on Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 7, XP, Vista, and Mac. Install Epson L380 Driver.

In this article, you will find the links so that you can download and install the Epson Ecotank L380 printer on the computer of your choice.

How to Install Epson L380 Driver

Epson L380 Driver is very simple if you follow the correct procedure.

We are explaining this procedure in the following video so that you can install your software in the shortest possible time and in an appropriate way.

Step#1 – The first thing we are going to do is connect the printer cable to the computer.

Step#2 – It is very important to take access to the computer’s operating system to select the appropriate software in each case.

Step#3 –So in this part, has been detected by the windows 10 system that I am currently using.

Step#4 – The next step is to Epson L380 Printer Driver, Wait for the software to finish downloading. This process may take a few seconds or a few minutes.

  • This step I suppose that everyone knows this because it is a very simple step like downloading a document and saving it to our computer or whatever we are using, it is very important to know where we save them and then unzip it.
  • It is recommended that this software be saved to the desktop for easier searching when it is necessary for the process that we will carry out in a moment which will be to unzip the software and save the folder on the same desktop to later find and update the software from this direction.

Step#5 – Double-click the software installation file.

  • ( If you’re on a Mac that has the MacOS Sierra system, you’ll have to check the software before proceeding. )
  • It says that you want to run this file, we click ” Run ” and we click ” OK.

Step#6 – Now we are going to configure the language, in this case, I put in ” English “, for the “Next“.

Step#7 – At this stage of download and installation it may take several minutes.

Step#8 – So already finishing with the software download stage for a few more seconds, we will wait for it to finish and it says 100% of the progress.

Step#9 – So now it says it is installing the software and utilities for Epson and it is also going to take a few minutes.

So now we move on to the printer setup stage. It asks us to click “Finish”, after the installation is completed.

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This is the recommended page to download the free Epson L380 Printer Driver. We’ve described the steps that we must carry out to download this software, and install and update the software of your printer for Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

All you need to know before downloading Epson L380 Printer Software is the Installation CD. The installation CD is what contains the necessary drivers. If we want our computer to connect to the printer.

But there are many versions with which you can do many other actions, such as the scanner, photography, web printing, and even maintenance drivers.

Through this page, Epson L380 Driver Download for your computer, you can download. Even if you lost the installation CD (a fact that usually happens ).

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