FlipaClip For Windows – Drawing is one of the activities that requires more dedication time and effort to master. So it is necessary that when practicing our drawing techniques we do it in a medium that is practical.

That can provide us with a large amount of tools to develop the best possible drawings and animate it.

If animation is your thing, one of the best applications that we can use is FlipaClip. An application that will allow us to do wonders with our creative skills on our PC.


FlipaClip is an application that stands out as a tool for drawing and animation. That allows us to place all our creations on the screen of our computer devices in an easy and fast way.

It gives us a wide number of tools that will make our imagination take off to its greatest potential. Allowing our creativity not to limited in any way.

With this application we will be able to carry out any type of drawing from scratch. Using tools that allow us to make configurations when making our drawing.

FlipaClip For Windows
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It is the ideal application for people who are dedicated to making all kinds of comics, sketches, drawings, or scripts.

This is a very useful tool for those who are new to the art of drawing and want to put all their knowledge and technique into practice.

It has a varied number of tools that will allow us to paint and color any drawing in many ways. One of them being the drawing layer system and the ability to draw frame by frame.

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One of the most important tools of this application is the ability to create our own animations through the drawings we have made. With this, we can give life to our creations and we will have no limit to what we can achieve.

Features of FlipaClip

It has interesting features that will make our experience much more complete:-

  • It is compatible with the different types of digital pen, allowing us to draw with the greatest comfort.
  • Allows audio recording, which can used for animations that can made.
  • Shows the timeline of the animations.
  • Various drawing tools that allow us to do it the way we want.
  • Allows the creation of animated videos.
  • Frame manager and drawing in layers.

How to download FlipaClip for PC

This is an application that is only available for Android devices. Despite this we can get it for our computer if we use an Android emulator. It allows us to run the android application on a computer system.

Installing the Android emulator on a computer or Mac is easy. Although it doesn’t must too many specifications.

At this moment we show you the processes that you must continue to be able to run FlipaClip Cartoon animation on your computer without any problem.

STEP#1 – We must download the flipaclip for computer or laptop and install it on it (BlueStacks is the recommended option).

STEP#2 – After that we must run the emulator and go to the GooglePlay store application.

FlipaClip For Windows

STEP#3 – Once found in the store, we will proceed to look for the FlipaClip application in it.

STEP#4 – We will proceed to download and install it on the pc.

STEP#5 – We must open our emulator and look for the FlipaClip app in the “My application” section and by double clicking on it we can run it on PC.

In conclusion if you are going to download FlipaClip for PC you will be making a good choice.

Although it is very easy to use, you can get all your creativity and make moving drawings that will captivate other people when you show them to them. You have the freedom with this application to create whatever you want.

Characteristics of FlipClip

The application offers an incredible interface in a very successful way, to draw.

It includes basic tools to make your designs drawing brushes, eraser, buttons to undo and redo, paint buckets to paint.

It also includes some very useful features and functions so that the user can enjoy the use of the application.

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For instance, in the situation that you do not save your animation the work saved as a project so that you can finish it at another time.

And last but not least, you can control the speed of the animation playback, being able to increase or decrease it, change the wallpaper see how the whole creation progresses.

This application includes among other features and functions :

  1. Create incredible 2D animations with the single use of your fingers or a stylus with the possibility of using more than 100 sheets of scenes.
  2. Ability to share your creations with your friends on social networks. YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other applications.
  3. Different scene backgrounds.
  4. Preview your movie.
  5. Different types of brushes, colors and thicknesses.
  6. Ability to increase or decrease the speed of movie playback.
  7. Saved as a project if you do not finish your creation, to be able to continue later.

Working of FlipClip PC

Let your imagination by creating spectacular animations in 2D Flipbook style. In a very simple way and without using too many resources.

You don’t have to be an expert in the field to create and share your fun creations with your friends through social networks or .

Create your own Flipbook style 2D animations with FlipaClip.

FlipaClip For Windows

This fun and entertaining application you will spend hours and hours creating fantastic mini movies with little effort you can create, edit, export and share your movies on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Drive.

select a background for your animation, then use your finger or a stylus for greater precision.

It is very easy since the application has methods that will help you clone sheets. Or even make the previous scene transparent to draw on it and be more coherent with the story.

It also has among other options and features, an option to see how the film is turning out.

When you finish creating your movie you can share it on all your social networks and other applications.

Alternative of FlipaClip

Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk Sketchbook drawing software features an , gesture based user interface. That is so fast and intuitive that even new users can be productive in minutes.

A natural drawing experience. Professional perspective tools. Improvements in the layer editor. Flipbook animation workflow.

All in the familiar interface that stays out of your way and lets you focus on drawing. The power you need, the simplicity you love.


Autodesk Sketchbook and FlipaClip

Drawing and animating is a breeze with FlipaClip ( Android , iPhone / iPad ) no matter your drawing style.

But Autodesk Sketchbook has the speciality in tools to draw and color with different types of lines and textures.

To animate we must superimpose drawings by controlling transparency with the next frame. Finally FlipaClip comes out as a better option. Although it is useful to generate a GIF or MP4 animation .

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