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Today I Will Shear Fruit Ninja Mod Apk Review Because.

Today, our demands in every field got advanced.

Whether it is about service or product or it can be games also.

Our expectations from a game are becoming much higher and unique!

A game with average gameplay or build-up will not be appreciated by a new generation.

But in this article, we will talk about fruit ninja mod apk that combined strategy building and ninja fighting techniques together!

As you know games can be distributed under different categories well fruit ninja loved by all category players.

From action to concentration, you need to give your best in this game.

So, let’s start the article and discover more about this game.

Also, you can DOWNLOAD this game from the provided link!

Introduction to Fruit Ninja Mod Apk

This game built by Hlafbrick Studios and published in June 2011.

It might be quite an old game to discuss but believe me, it is one of the best classic games!

The developer of this game also released some popular games like Jetpack Joyride and Monster Dash.

After fruit ninja mod apk the released Fruit Nina 2 and Fruit Ninja Classic (paid version) as well.

fruit ninja mod apk

Their tag line is very attractive i.e. Fruit is waiting to slice!

This attracts gamers to DOWNLOAD and slice some juicy fruits.

Currently, it has more than a hundred million downloads and about 5 million reviews on the Play Store.

They also give time to time updates where they upgrade the gaming experience.

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The last update was given for version 3.1.0 in December 2020.

Here they provided a new candy cane blade with power and many more interesting items!

Technical Information

These are some technical Information of Fruit Ninja Mod Apk please check it now.

Game TypeArcade
Latest Versionv3.1.0
Developer NameHalfbrick Studios
Android requiredAndroid 4.1+
File Size118.99MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Last Updated15/12/2020

Gameplay of Fruit Ninja Mod Apk

With fruit ninja mod apk it comes a juicy experience of quality smartphone gaming.

While playing Fruit Ninja, you have to use your skills and cut fruits smooth. T

he one who cuts enough fruits like a ninja and survives till the last wins!

That’s all? No to create the gameplay more interesting they added bombs!

Whenever you go for a fruit, you need to show your concentration skills as explosive bombs will also get tossed.

fruit ninja mod apk
Image Source –

You need to avoid cutting them!

If you slice or even touch them by mistake your game will end up after losing all life.

Also, you need to avoid missing three fruits in a row.

For bonus bumper fruits are also tossed.

Don’t miss them!

Features of Fruit Ninja Mod Apk

Characteristics of the features of any game are a very essential point in it.

I am going to discuss some impressive features of this game.

So, have a look at them.

Epic Graphics

This game built on some specific strategies as you don’t need high 3D Graphics to play.

One can enjoy the best gaming experience at 2D graphics also!

Fruit Ninja Mod Apk is full of visualization and sound where you will get into a world of fruits.

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Bananas, Pineapples, Watermelons give colorful look to this game.

Moreover, every time you slice a fruit it gives a sword feeling as well!

Interesting Characters and Blade

Once you enter the world of fruits you will find skillful characters like Nobu, Rinjin, Han, and Mari.

You need to buy them with Golden Apple.

A character Truffles provided free to users!

Now coming on the blades or you can call weapons.

There are main three kinds of blades in this game.

Bat Blade releases bats each time you cut a watermelon.

Ancient Yoyo Blade used to slash long, each time you cut pomegranate. And at last a Michkillya Blade.

Exciting Modes

The game starts on level one where you can only play classic mode.

But as soon as you complete your training you will upgrade to level 2.

At the second level, you can play Zen Mode, a mode with no bombs or penalties!

To slice combos you will play Arcade Mode at level 4.

Image Source –

Mini-games get unlocked at level 6, while Challenges and Event Mode at levels 8 and 9 respective.

Besides these one can play Online Mode as well!

Simple Controls & Easy Gameplay

This game provide simple game controls because this is arcade game and these game only run with only blade for fruit cutting so this reason game developer make simple screen control for easy run of blades.

It’s very simple game for making more high and create new records.

Multiple Frenzies come During Challenge

The game also features multiple Frenzies that you can cut down it’s enable multiple effects and buffs in the gam.

Such as freezing the time, enhancing your scores with bonuses, and even giving you an awesome fruit blast with multiple fruits to slash.

But Whole Challenge is very Hard.

Customize slicing effects

Most of the people think what is this so Wait, I will Tell.

In this game you cut all fruits with many effects because in play of Fruit Ninja Apk you cut fruits.

So this cutting time game get brighter screen, laud sound, and etc.

So this game provide customization function with more effects.

Free to play Game

Most of the users think this game is paid but No, This game was free and available in the play Store.

So if you find this Fruit Ninja Hack Apk in Google so Suggest you check on Play Store.

Supported Platform and Price

To play Fruit Ninja Mod Apk, it requires an android version 4.4 or above!

One can also play on the computer, for this DOWNLOAD Bluestacks and follow How to Download? Steps.

Image Source –

Now talking about the price of this game well it is a free game and you don’t need to pay any amount to play Fruit Ninja.

However, you can buy some items in this game that starts from Rs25.

This game run adds though!

How to download Fruit Ninja Mod Apk

After Reading the Review of the Fruit Ninja most of the users need to download Fruit Ninja Mod Apk this game So I will share the Download link and Installation Process of the Fruit Ninja Apk Mod Unlimited Please check it.

Follow these modest steps to download Fruit Ninja for free.

On Android:

  • Click on the link DOWNLOAD!
  • Go to file manager.
  • Double click on the downloaded file.
  • Install fruit ninja.
  • Open and play for free!

On Computer:

  • Search Fruit Ninja.
  • Download its PC Version file.
  • Open and play for free!

How to Play This Game

Most Of the use After download this Fruit Ninja game Free Download for Mobile game demand Gameplay Video for learning of command and Controls ok Fruit Ninja Classic Mod Apk so I will give One Gameplay Video for learning of Controls.

Please watch this video for fast learning,

Alternatives of Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a remarkable game! But some more games stand great in this field they are not exact copy but have similar gaming. Check them out.

Fruit Slice

Abstract Game Studio developed this game and competed in this category tough!

This game claims to provide the best 3D Graphics to users.

The rest of the gameplay looks similar.

It has about ten million downloads and fifty thousand reviews on the Play Store.

With Android version 4.1, you can download this game for under 40MB.

Fruit Master

We discussed the two most amazing games that include fruit slicing.

But what if I introduce you to a game where you through blades and make some juice.

Fruit Master is an example of this type of game!

It’s time to through blades and slashes many fruits together.

It has some unique and interesting gameplay.

You can download this game in 45MB.

Frequently Ask Question/Answer

Some Important Question about Fruit Ninja Mod Apk with Answer.

Question – Can I play Fruit Ninja?

Answer – Yes, It’s available in Play store download and play.

Question – Is Fruit Ninja a Chinese game?

Answer – No it’s not a chines game.

Question – What is the highest score on Fruit Ninja?

Answer – 74,800 points

Question – What’s the difference between Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja Classic?

Answer – The paid version of Fruit Ninja doesn’t have ads, Starfruit or Golden Apples.

Question – Is Fruit Ninja offline?

Answer – yes, it’s Offline game.

Question – What do the fruits do in Fruit Ninja?

Answer – Fruit Ninja is played by using a touch pad to slice on-screen fruit.

Question – Who made Fruit Ninja?

Answer – Halfbrick Studios

Question – How do you play Fruit Ninja?

Answer – I will give gameplay video in download section please check my previous heading.


Fruit Ninja Mod Apk might get old, but till now no other game able to match its aspects!

It stands best in features and gameplay. You can play for hours without getting bored.

So DOWNLOAD this game now!!!

Found this article useful? Let us know in the comment section.

Also mention a game, on which you are looking for a complete article.

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