Moneybox Loan App

Do you know about the Moneybox Loan App? A lot of people have searched about this application in the past few months. This leaded many websites to cover a review on it. But this application was developed for which purpose?

We can only find it in this post!

Nowadays, high numbers of people apply for loans. Some apply for an educational loan, some for a home loan, and some for other purposes. Their purpose might be different but the loan process is very similar in all cases.

This leads to confusion among people by creating a lengthy and confusing loan process.

But, to solve this issue and provide reliable information on these kinds of loans there are several applications present on the online market. These applications help the user from the starting point to the end in the overall loan process.

Moneybox Loan App

Among all, the moneybox loan app is one.

The reason to select this platform over any other is very straightforward. It has modest performance with the security of the users’ data. And also many people are going with this application.

Well, in this post I have covered a complete review of this application. Here you will be going to read about the working and key features of the application. Also, I have listed steps to download the latest version of the application for free.

So, I will recommend reading this post till last. And Also Check this Post Plaisa App they also work the same as like this application.

Now, let’s move to our topic and discuss a modest way of applying for any loan!

Introduction of Moneybox Loan App

There are many popular online personal loan applications available for users, the moneybox loan app is one of them. This application pays great attention to its customers who have financial needs.

Currently, it is available in India only but here it has thousands of users from most cities.

It is a Personal Cash Loan App Online for Indian users.

Moneybox Loan App

This awesome application has a straightforward presentation that offers a loan process from Rs 2,000 to Rs 1,00,000 to its users. And the best part about this application is it is a secure platform where the user’s data remains safe.

But, I will still recommend you operate it at your own risk!

Basically, it is an android based application that you can download and install on your android phone very easily and quickly.

We can state it as a financial application for android devices.

Plaisa App

The developers of this application have developed it to solve loan issues and it is maintained by loan-Mb. To use this application user requires an Android smartphone or tablet, as it is available free of cost on the Google Play Store.

We can understand the working of the application-specific.

Working of Moneybox Loan App

Well, the working of the moneybox loan app is very modest and can be understood by every user. You only need basic knowledge about loans and the bank process, later you can perform any task on it.

Basically, it provides loans and makes the loan process easier for users.

That’s all? No, there are much more aspects present on the platform. Like loan amount, loan period, interest rate, loan repayment, and many more!

It is a fully automated verification mechanism, which will save you both energy and time.

The user experience on this platform is pleasant, from downloading to using the whole process becomes straightforward with this application. The best loan experience you can get on any platform is the moneybox loan app.

Moneybox Loan App

The whole process is 100% online you don’t have to go anywhere.

All you need is a smartphone and your legal details. The most useful factor I found on this platform is it is montage-free and completely paperless!

Once the applied loan gets accepted money gets transferred to the user’s account. This Personal Cash Loan Application Online provides loans with an average monthly rate between 2% to 3% and also 2000% and 1000%.

The period given on these loans is between 3 to 6 months.

There is a processing fee which is very standard between 5 to 15 percent only. By using this application you can set, and manage your financial goals easily.

Features of the Moneybox Loan App

There are various useful features present on the moneybox loan app and some of them are listed as follows.

Ease of use

The basic but major feature of this application is, it is very straightforward to use. This is a reason why most people are shifting to this platform because it can be used easily.

Dynamic working

To see the progress of your financial status after getting a loan, you can add pictures and a spot of your goals. This feature makes this platform more dynamic and versatile.


Once you enter your saving goals and your saving account data you will be able to use valuable features of the application. These features are highly effective compared to any other application.

Free of cost

Last but not the least, the moneybox loan app is available on various sites free of cost. One can download and use this application for free. But, there is a loan fee on particular loans.


It is also eligible to take part and that is you have to be between 21 to 75 years old. Second, you must be an Indian Citizen, and last you must have a secure income.

Special Apk Features

These are Special Key Features of the Money Loan App please read them before downloading.

  • Transfer the percentage or amount saved on the card.
  • Refill the moneybox every new month.
  • Daily Piggy Bank Feedbox with less money on the card.
  • Use the Shake and Save Lottery Act for personal loans.
  • Loan period Time 91 to 180 days.
  • Annual interest rates vary between 16% and 36%.
  • Processing fees vary between 5% and 15%.
  • The highest amount paid for 100,000 loans.
  • Interest Rates Low-interest rates.
  • No burden on your finances.
  • We have low requirements.
  • No further application documents are required.
  • Highly supported by high-quality service.

How to download the moneybox loan app?

Those who wanted to get direct loans without any paperwork or more fee can download the latest version of the moneybox loan app by following the steps below:

After Follow All Steps your money box loan app download and Install on Your Device you can Apply Direct to any Loan Scheme and Recieve Ammonite.

Step#1 – Click on the RED DOWNLOAD Button.

Step#2 – Go to Google Play Store.

Moneybox Loan App

Step#3 – Open the application once it gets installed.

Step#4 – Enter Mobile Number and Verify OTP.

Moneybox Loan App

Step#5 – Enter your saving account data and other legal ID.

Moneybox Loan App

Step#6 – Apply for the loan you want.

Step#7 – Complete the process and get the loan instantly!

Note – If you Face Any Issues downloading Money Box Loan App Please watch This Video this video help to teach you how to download and install this application free of cost.

Product launch Details

These are Important Product Launch Details of the Moneybox Loan App.

  • A loan amount: personal loan from loans 2,000; Up to 1,00,000;
  • A Loan Term: The loan term varies between 91 days to 180 days.
  • A loan interest: Annual interest rates vary between 16% and 36%.
  • Service Fee: The processing fee varies between 5% to 15%.
  • In addition, GST only applies to fee components under Indian law.


This was my review of the moneybox loan app.

You can download the latest version of the application directly from our v1.0.4 link. Android users with version 4.0 or above can use this application without any issues.

Also, it is very useful for this purpose and the availability for free.

So, download the moneybox loan app now!

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