Movavi Photo Editor – Changing the background of a photo is something that many people would like to do especially if they often take spontaneous snapshots.

It can happen that the foreground of a photo is fine but the background shows a lot of unwanted details that spoil the whole of the photo.

Sometimes it is possible to crop the foreground of the photo and place it on a completely different background.

In that case you will first have to make the background of the image transparent and then replace the original background with another image.

With the background less image you can create stylish promotional photos on a white background, original ads, funny photos, etc.

The possibilities are endless!

To do this you need a photo background changer software.

Movavi Photo Editor software

We recommend that you try Movavi Photo Editor software! It is a multi functional software in English that will help you edit photos without having to be a professional.

A complete and optimized video editing program that has everything you need to create incredible home movies with transitions, original titles, special effects and custom soundtracks.

Key Features

  • The easiest way to change the background of any photo into something spectacular.
  • Improve quality and touch up blemishes.
  • Add effects and filters.
  • Crop straighten and flip images.
  • Change the background of images and remove objects.

To learn how to change photo backgrounds with Movavi Photo Editor follow our instructions below.

Working of Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor to remove backgrounds from photos and change the background can be very practical if you want to transform your images .

This photo background changer software can help you cut out elements and background of a photo and place them on a different background.

Most of the extraordinary advertising photos you can see in magazines could not have created without the removal of background from the actual photo.

Image – movavi photo editor

Professional photographers often create the original photo with a white background, and then remove the white background from the image and replace it with another image.

You can also erase the background of an image to remove unwanted details or people who have come out in a photo that would otherwise be perfect.

Many people think that removing photo backgrounds is a complicated task, but in reality it is not that difficult and not paid because Photo background changer software free download complete you All you need is the correct software.

MARG Software

We recommend trying Movavi Photo Editor a versatile product that will help you change the background of an image among many other features inbuilt.

To understand how photo background editor works in Movavi Photo Editor software, download the software (download link available) and take a look at our simple guide below.

Install Movavi Photo Editor

Open the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.

Load the photo into the program

Start Movavi Photo Editor.

Click the Browse Images button and select the image you want to upload or drag the photo into the program’s work area.

Change the background

First open the Change Background tab. Click the Auto Select button to mark the foreground objects you want to keep in the photo. To mark objects use the Green Foreground Brush.

Then mark the background with the Red Background Brush. Or if you prefer you can use the Lasso tool to draw selections.

Set the starting point and the line will snap to the edge of the object as you move the tool. Marked objects will selected with a frame.

You don’t need to be precise in this step click the Next button to correct the contour.

Now that you’ve selected the object you can paint over the edges with the Mask Brushes to add or remove the areas.

Use the Hair Selection Tool to adjust small details in the images.

Click Next again.

Objects will displayed on a transparent background. Now you can select any color for the background or make it transparent.

To replace the online photo background changer with another photo click Add Image and select the image you want to use.

In the window that opens select Upload to use your image or choose an image from our collection of background for photo editing.

To discard the changes click Reset.

When you satisfied with the result click Apply.

Save the edited image

To save the photo, click the Save button at the bottom right of the program window, select the appropriate image format, and click Save.

Now you know how to use our program to change Photo studio background hd.

Put people and objects on new backgrounds in the blink of an eye adding a background to a photo has never been easier!

Alternative of Movavi Photo Editor


Photoscape is a photo editing software that works as an image viewer editor and organizer. It also has options such as masks, background eraser and background changer.

The workspace of the software is fun and very colorful.

For instance when you open this software a white window appears in full screen with a menu in the form of a circle and sliding photos that redirect you to the photo galleries if you click on it.


PhotoScape and Movavi Photo Editor

If the Movavi Photo Editor software seems too much to you or you want to get more of the photo editing experience without compromising the incredible features Photoscape photo editing software can also be a great option to choose.

Origin Software

Both photo editors are faster and convenient to edit your photos and change their background on computers .

Movavi photo editor crack is somehow the most stable, fulfilling and easy to change background of photo inside the software.

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