Best Apps for Online Cricket Betting

Online Cricket Betting

Only a few types of Online Cricket Betting Apps allow you to make long-term earnings. This is what cricket betting is from other forms of gambling in that you may profit in the long run. The finest thing is that spectators may watch the games while betting on them. 

Compare the top 5 best cricket betting apps in India to have long-term winnings.

  1. FairPlay: The platform, one of the industry’s newest brands, has caught fans by storm because of its diverse portfolio and the incredible advantages and offers it delivers.
  2. Bet365: bet365 is the world’s largest bookmaker and, as a result, the best sports betting app for Indian players. Both the Android and iOS bet365 betting applications are quick, simple, and legal.
  3. Betway: The Betway betting app ranks second among Indian players. If you are unable to download the bet365 Android betting app, this may be your first option.
  4. Parimatch: Another industry veteran, the platform has built a solid reputation for its user-friendly betting services and generous bonuses.
  5. Dafabet: Dafabet is one of the major bookmakers in Asia and has a wonderful betting app designed just for Indian users.

Rules of Online Cricket Betting

To get started with cricket betting, follow these instructions.

  • Begin by placing bets on a single team or sport that you are familiar with.
  • Do not go along with the crowd.
  • Invest 1% to 2% of your savings
  • Make predictions based on prior results.
  • Know your numbers.
  • Be aware of the betting system

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Options of Cricket Betting Apps

Matched betting is a form of betting in which a player benefits from free bets, offered by bookmakers. The bets are placed on the match’s possible outcomes. Matched betting is based on mathematical prediction as well as the team’s experience. So in case you are good at math – this format of cricket betting is for you!  

How to profit from matched betting? 

Earnings vary depending on how much time you put in. The signup offers are quite generous, and after that, you move on to the reload offers. These are offers that bookmakers give out to keep customers’ loyalty. We have INR 300 and INR 1000 a month threads on our forum that are updated daily which you can follow

Can matched betting be played as a part-time job?

One of the good things about matched betting is that you can do it in your own time. The more time you put in, the more offers you can do and the more money you will make. On average, for the INR 300 a month thread, for example, our members spend about 5 hours a week matched betting. That works out at INR 15 per hour.

Live Cricket Betting 

Online Cricket Betting

Live betting appeals to people watching the action via television or link or people actually at the event itself. For a lot of people, it adds a second dimension and is a fun addition to being at an event or watching the action unfold from afar! 

Real-time resultsLive cricket betting allows players to judge events in real-time. If a side is playing well, or underperforming a person may feel they have an edge over the bookie. 
FOMOWhen you live bet you see a ton of high payout options. When you see other people going from INR 1000 to INR 1,000,000 – you might feel tempted to try your luck. 
Instant satisfactionIt’s the reason that scratch cards are so popular. People want to get joy NOW. Many times people who are engaging in this just got home from work. From a job they likely didn’t like. And they are looking for a sense of pleasure. 

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