Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk

Looking for a complete action-packed game? Congratulation! You landed in the right place. This game is all about Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk.

Due to the massive demand for games. Today, the Play Store has over 5, 00,000 gaming-apps.

These games categorized under various classifications.

Some may like adventure games, while some love to solve puzzles.

In these addictive games, Shadow Fight 2 has become highly popular.

Every individual who played this game has become a fan of this!

It got optimistic feedback from players.

While other games have an average stroke and storyline this game got some remarkable features that make it the finest action game in androidiOS phones.

Introduction of Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk

This game Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk is available on the Play Store since 2014! Nikki, the developer, and publisher of this game released this on 22 July 2014.

Shadow Fight 2 is a continuing part of the Shadow Fight series.

Earlier Nekki introduced advanced fighting games Shadow Fight, Vector, and Vector 2.

Sub sequent, they also launched the third part of this series as Shadow Fight 3.

shadow fight 2 mod apk
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The last update was given in October 2020 where its version 2.8.0 showed exciting updates in the game.

Coming on Play Store, it has 100 million+ downloads and 4.6 stars!

Shadow Fight 2 categorized under Action, Fighting, Multiplayer, and Stylized tags.

You can certainly download this game under 145MB.

Gameplay of Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk

Prepare to fight with shadows!

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk is a single-player game that lets you choose a character with toxic weapons and tough armors.

Your character will perform martial arts techniques to beat the opponents.

But the control is in your hand!

The fights become tough and tough as you move forward in the journey.

Hold the sword slash, crush, punch, and kick the evil souls. Defeat the boss and close the Gate of Shadow.

shadow fight 2 mod apk
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You need to find a way to victory or you will die roughly!

Shadow Fight 2 consists of one of the best story-line.

The story begins with a great warrior who rooms around in search of worthy opponents.

One day, he found himself in front of the Gate of Shadow.

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Evil shadows from the second world attack and convent him into a Shadow!

Now, you have to control the warrior, learn skills, use lethal weapons, and close the Gate of Shadow.

Features of Shadow Fight 2 Apk

From graphics to smooth detailing, this game is full of remarkable features.

Some of the basic features of Shadow Fight 2 Apk listed below have a look at them!

Realistic Graphics

If you are using an android phone, then you will defiantly love its graphics.

This game consists of notable graphic quality.

It has a day-night feature with a lot of background designs.

The places where fights take place have different animation you will notice forest, wooden ships, bridges, and greenery as well.


Shadow fight 2 allows you to customize your weapons as well.

You will get swords, nunchaku, armor suit, and magical power.

These shadow fight 2 mod apk all weapons unlocked will help you throughout your journey but the most essential part is your skill!

It is a long story in six worlds, full of scary demons.

Sound Quality

Keep your headphones ready! This game takes you to the 80s of Japan every beat of punch, kick, or weapon crash feels valuable.

Each time you hit the opponent, you can feel the power of the attack.

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I recommend using Headphones for this game!

Special Edition

Once you complete the free version of Shadow Fight 2 go for Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition.

This is a paid version of this game where you will discover new features.

With more fatal weapons you have to kill Titan by going through 7 distinct provinces.

This time your energy restoration will not help you, which makes the game more interesting.

Get this game from Play Store @319.99Rs!

What is Included in New Version

Some are new Features are Included in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Version Check it Some Point.

  • No Ads Play
  • Player access to infinite coins
  • Unlocked weapons at level 99
  • Game elements are at the highest level
  • High Graphic Quality

Shadow Fight 2 Apk is Free or Not

After reading remarkable features you must have a question that should you pay to play this game? Well, NO!

Shadow Fight 2 Apk is free of cost and you can play this without paying a single penny.

How ever a special version of this game paid.

Image Source –

This free version consists of ads that are not in the paid version.

You will find some locked skills, weapons, and other tools that can be purchasable as well.

These secondary tools cost 14Rs to 3,349Rs.

Supported Platform

The current and previous parts of this game come in a Shadow Fight 2 apk mod so, you need an android or iOS device to play them.

To enjoy realistic action-packed fights all you need is an android phone with version 4.1 or above.

YouTube Red

Graphic quality will depend on your device.

Do you love to play games on PC? Well, don’t feel down! You can play this game as well.

Download Bluestacks, there you will get the PC version of this game.

You can download any mobile app from this software!

How to Shadow Fight 2 Apk Download

Everyone is interested in Shadow Fight 2 Apk download this game after knowing the game information so I will Give all Step by Step Guide List for Downloading this game Check It.

Follow the steps given below and play this amazing game!

To Play on Android

  • Click on the button ‘DOWNLOAD’.
  • Now, allow the application to receive.
  • Once it gets downloaded open it in File Manager.
  • Install the game and enjoy real fighting!

To Play on PC

  • Now, search for Shadow Fight 2 Apk.
  • Install the game from it and enjoy it for free!

How to Play This Game

After Shadow Fight 2 Download every One Needs a Game Play Video for learning Command and Control so I will give One gameplay video for the learning of Command and Control please watch the full video.

After watching let’s Play this Game and Brake All Record.

After Shadow Fight 2 Apk Download Many every user watch this gameplay video and learn all command and control then after learn use all strategy in real game and Brake New Records.


These are some Alternatives to this Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk these all Alternatives are noted Same but all Game looks like of Shadow Fight 2 Apk Please Check It.

Shadow Fight 3: After Shadow fight 2 Mod I will recommend to try its third and currently latest part.

This time the storyline has upgraded where you will fight like a Ninja.

With lots of new features and skills, you have to survive till last.

As it is the next art of Shadow Fight, you will enjoy it more than the previous one!

More than 50 million users had downloaded this game for free.

Ninja Warrior: This game takes you to the ancient world, where mortal weapons and armors are waiting for you.

Being a Ninja Warrior, you have to face scary opponents and rescue hostages.

Association and Martial Arts will be your major skills!

If you are looking for some adventure Try Ninja Warrior now.

Shadow Fight 2 Hack Version Installed Problem

Every User Faces this problem after Download the shadow fight 2 Hacked Version of this game but I will take the good solution to this Shadow Fight 2 Game Error & Problem.

  1. Open your Phone and Open Shadow Fight Game.
  2. Show Black Screen on Game.
  3. Back to Google Play Store and Uninstall this Game.
  4. After Uninstall game Press the Reboot Button and Reboot our device.
  5. After Reopen our device again install this game and your game work properly but also check the game device requirement.

Frequently Ask Question/Answer

Some Important Question about  Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk with Answer.

Question – What app hacks Shadow Fight 2 Game?

Answer – No

Question – What is the size of Shadow Fight 2?

Answer – 428MB

Question – Is Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition offline?

Answer – No it’s Online Game and play with Internet Connection.

Question – Which is the strongest weapon in Shadow Fight 2?

Answer – Mowers the most fastest weapon in shadow fight 2 it can deal 50% damage.

Question – Who is the hardest boss in Shadow Fight 2?

Answer – Hermit.

Question – Is Shadow Fight 2 pay to win?

Answer – No, It’s Play for Free.

Question – What is the max level in Shadow Fight 2?

Answer – Level 52

Question – How long does it take to finish Shadow Fight 2?

Answer – Around 9 hours.

Question – Can we get Titan weapon in Shadow Fight 2 Titan?

Answer – Titan’s Desolator is the only boss weapon that is unavailable to players. It cannot be obtained by defeating Titan once more in Eclipse mode.

Question – Is Shadow Fight 2 a good game?

Answer – Yes.


Shadow Fight is an incredible series and Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk is its valuable proof!

If you are a true gamer and love to expertise realistic action what you are waiting for?


Enjoy Every Moment, Every Level and Brake All Record.

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