WhatsApp Web Apk is nothing more than a browser based on the WhatsApp web function. developed for the convenience of the user to access the particular link address to start sharing WhatsApp accounts on multiple devices such as smartphones.

What is WhatsApp Web Apk

WhatsApp Web is a very good feature of WhatsApp. If you are well aware of WhatsApp Web, then you can use it well and see your experience of running WhatsApp in a different way.

The features of WhatsApp Web are somewhat different from WhatsApp and by its use you can make many of your tasks related to WhatsApp easy. WhatsApp web is a very useful feature.

But many people are not well aware of WhatsApp web, what is on WhatsApp, how to use it and what are the benefits of using WhatsApp web.

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Most of the people never use this feature of WhatsApp and they are not well aware of this feature. In such a situation, he is completely unaware of this feature.

WhatsApp web is one such feature. Using which you can easily use your web whatsapp apk in any laptop, PC , Tab or any other phone with the help of Qr-Code.

And you can do all that work. You do WhatsApp on your phone mean your WhatsApp computer or other phone, take your WhatsApp appearing on laptops, tabs, screen.

How to Use WhatsApp Web Apk

Yes, to use it, you have to open your mobile WhatsApp. Then click on the three dots above. And as you click on the three dots. There you see the option of WhatsApp web. Just clicking on it and whichever device you want to run in.

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WhatsApp web scan in any phone, laptop, computer or other phone or tab to run open the and the QR-code. WhatsApp web will start as soon as you scan it.

And you will be able to use your WhatsApp easily in another phone, computer or other phone, laptop or tab.

Benefits of using WhatsApp

If you have a computer and you want to use WhatsApp on a computer, then the feature of WhatsApp web on WhatsApp also has some advantages for you. So, let’s go about some of the benefits of using WhatsApp on the web

  • The biggest advantage of using WhatsApp on the web is that now you get a big keyboard for typing during chatting, with the help of which you can type easily. Some people use computer keyboard more and they have a dilemma to type anything on mobile and they cannot write fast.
  • In such a situation this feature proves very helpful for those who like typing with a computer keyboard. With this, you can easily write anything from keyboard to chatting on your computer.
  • The next big advantage of WhatsApp Web is that you do not need any different software or application to run WhatsApp on your computer or laptop. You can directly add WhatsApp to your computer with the help of this feature.
  • An advantage of WhatsApp Web is that any kind of downloading process is completed quickly because the computer is capable of downloading any video or file faster than the mobile.
  • There is no problem of security in WhatsApp group. Whenever you want it, people can exit it from their mobiles and delete the data of your WhatsApp account on the computer as per their wish. It is completely secure.
  • After connecting WhatsApp on the web, you can put your mobile in charging mode and use WhatsApp easily on your computer. Now you will not need your mobile for any activities related to WhatsApp. Now your mobile is absolutely free.

If you do not understand how to open WhatsApp web in computer or another phone. So first of all, you have to open the Chrome browser in your computer or other phone or laptop and search WhatsApp web on Google.

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As soon as you search there will come WhatsApp web. And then you have to open WhatsApp web in your phone and scan the QR code, then you will be able to connect to your phone easily.

Needed to add WhatsApp to the web

To fully enjoy the WhatsApp web feature you need these things

  • You need to have a current WhatsApp account on your phone.
  • It is necessary to have a stable internet connection on both your phone and computer.
  • You need to use the latest version of any of the Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge web browsers on your computer.

If you have all that, then you can use WhatsApp on your computer. Apart from this, you do not need anything else.

How to Use WhatsApp on Web Computer and Phone

To connect your computer with WhatsApp or to run WhatsApp on the computer or laptop through the WhatsApp web feature, follow these steps given by us –

STEP#1 – First of all go to web.WhatsApp.com web address in web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari etc. in your pc or laptop.

STEP#2 – Now as soon as this address opens, a QR Code will appear on your PC or Laptop. Now you leave it open here and open WhatsApp in your mobile.

STEP#3 – Open the menu by clicking on the 3 Dots written above as soon as you open WhatsApp. Now you will see the feature of WhatsApp Web here. Click on it.

STEP#4 – Now clicking on Go It you will see a QR Code scanner on your mobile.

WhatsApp Web Apk

STEP#5 – Now scan your mobile with the QR Code shown on the PC. Your WhatsApp Identity will be confirmed as soon as it is scanned and your WhatsApp will be connected on your PC or laptop and you will be able to use it easily.

WhatsApp Web Apk

So, in this way you can add and use your mobile’s whatsapp web apk download on your PC, computer or another phone just by scanning the QR Code. It will be exactly like WhatsApp happens on mobile.

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