Youtube Pink Apk

Today I have discussed Youtube Pink Apk because As we know, YouTube is the 2nd most used social media platform in the world. And it is the Largest video sharing platform on the internet. 

From watching Music videos to basic tutorials, we depend on YouTube, but it has a lot of limitations and restrictions on how we watch videos. YouTube always shows us ads when we watch videos, and also, we cannot watch videos in the background. 

In order to stop ads from showing and using it in the background, We have to purchase its premium subscription, which costs us around Rs.1500 a year.

Youtube Pink Apk

Why buy premium subscriptions when you can get them for free? Yes, you can have all those features on YouTube for free. You can run YouTube ads free and even play videos in Background.

YouTube Pink is where you can get all those features already installed in the app. You can run videos without ads, run videos in the background, and even modify the apps with several other features.

 YouTube Pink is the best video-watching app if you cannot afford YouTube Premium or don’t want to waste money on YouTube Premium Subscription.

We have Tested The YouTube Pink Apk Download, and you all are going to love the exciting features it has.

Technical Information of Youtube Pink Apk

This is Technical Information of the Youtube Pink Apk please read all Technical Information.

App NameYoutube Pink Apk
App TypeTools
Latest Versionv17.46.37
Developer Nameyoutube Pink
Android RequiredAndroid 4.2+
File Size90MB
Mod FeaturesFree to Use
Last Update19/01/2023

User-interface and Features of Youtube Pink Apk

These are all the Special Features of the Youtube Pink Apk. Please check all Features before Using this Apk.

Background Video Playback 

When listening to songs, you have to keep the YouTube app open to keep listening to the music without interruption, but now you can enjoy music even when you minimize the YouTube App.

In the Original app, when you switch to another app, the Video playing on the app stops playing but not in YouTube Pink. Now you can listen to non-stop music with this app. 

You can listen to music videos in the background. It is also the main feature why people use this all as they want to listen to music videos while using all their other apps.

Zero Ads

Seeing Advertisements before watching videos is frustrating and even more irritating when you cannot skip them. 

Don’t worry, Guys! This app has a solution for you, enabling you to watch all the videos without interruption by all those ads.

In the original YouTube, you have to face ads again and again. Whether you are starting to watch a video or you are in the middle of it, you have to watch ads. But in this app, there will be absolutely no ads when you use this app for watching videos.

Videos Recommendations 

Video recommendations are not like they will show you videos this app wants to promote. It will show you videos of your interest only. You will only see videos that you have searched for before.

Suppose you only watch Romantic music videos and only search for songs like this. Then this app will only recommend romantic songs, the songs which you like or have played before.

You won’t have problems with video recommendations as you will have the same experience as the Original Youtube. This app won’t promote any other types of third-party videos in the app.

Youtube Pink Apk


As you can see, this app’s name is YouTube Pink. The reason for its name is that the app has a pink-colored theme. This app theme makes the app attractive and very different from all others. 

When you use the app, other people would not think you are not using youtube, and they would think you are using another app other than YouTube.

Also, YouTube Pink has a general YouTube theme, and this app also comes with Dark Mode, which almost every other user loves. This mode is advantageous when you are using the app at Night, and it will also help you save a lot of battery.

Limit Mobile Data Usage 

When you are using the app for watching videos, this can use a lot of your mobile data. And to prevent that, this app has a data saver feature that saves your data by turning it on.

By turning this feature on, you can save your data as you will lower video quality. Mostly when you are listening to songs in the background, you don’t need a video. It will save a lot of data usage by lowering video quality.

This is a very important feature for all those people who have a limited amount of mobile data every day and cannot use the data carelessly.

Screen Brightness 

Now, you can control your brightness with just a swipe. You don’t need to scroll the notification bar to adjust the brightness while watching. 

Adjusting the brightness from the notification bar interrupts you while watching a video, but you can prevent that from this feature. You can swipe and change your brightness quickly.

Adjust Volume 

In this app, you can adjust the volume of the video with a swipe. You don’t need to press the mobile volume button of the phone. 

It makes watching the videos from the app more comfortable than having to manually press the manual, which can cause problems while watching a video.

Regular Updates 

YouTube Pink provides regular updates to its users on a regular basis. The developers need to fix the bugs present in the app for a good user experience.

And this is why this app gives regular updates and fixes all the previous bugs present in this app.

This is really a good plus point about the app, as you will receive updates frequently from the developers. The app won’t look outdated due to its regular updates.

Requirements of Youtube Pink Apk 2023

YouTube Pink Apk is available on all android devices with Android 4.0 and above. You can run this app on any android device. 

This app doesn’t require any high processing power to run. It’s a YouTube premium app that gives you all the features which are available on the original YouTube app and can be accessed by all users worldwide. 

The minimum requirements for this app are significantly less, and you can even run this app on Android phones with 1 GB of Ram and a Low-range processor.

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Benefits Of YouTube Pink 

These are a Benefits of Youtube Pink.

No Regional Restrictions 

Suppose you’re living in a specific country. You won’t be able to watch videos from other countries. You can only watch videos that are only available in your country. 

Now you can bypass those restrictions with this app. You can watch only available videos from other countries without any restrictions. 

Free App

With this app, you can get all those premium features available in YouTube Premium for free. You don’t need to buy any subscription to get ads-free service and also for playing videos in the background.

This app is very beneficial for people like students or users who cannot spend money on premium apps. They can download this app for free and use this app without restrictions.

Available on All Android Devices 

You can use YouTube Pink on all android devices which have Android 4.0 and above. You don’t need a high-performance processor to use this app, and it can work well even in 1GB Ram phones.

The Drawback is that it won’t work on IOS devices as this is a third-party app that provides a service similar to youtube. You can only use this app on Android devices.

Disabled YouTube Ads 

YouTube Pink doesn’t play ads before videos. You can watch your playlist without interruption by ads. No YouTube Premium Subscription is required to disable ads. The ads are already blocked, and you don’t have to search for the blocking ads option.

Youtube Pink Apk

No Root Required 

You can use this app without the problem of rooting your device, which can void your warranty. This app is safe to use, and you can use it without rooting your device. This app works on both rooted devices and normal devices. 


YouTube Pink is safe to use as it doesn’t share any data on the internet or provide users’ data to other third parties for different purposes. 

The app makes sure the user’s data is kept safe and confidential by not sharing data with any other third party on the internet.

Available 24/7 

You can stream videos on YouTube Pink without any limitations on its uses. This app is available 24/7, and you can use the app whenever you want to without interruption.

Whether it is day or night, you can access the free premium services of YouTube by using this app.

User’s Review

YouTube Pink has been tested on our Android devices. It turned out to be an excellent premium apk. 

In this mode, you will get all such features that are available for premium users of YouTube for free. You don’t have to buy an expensive subscription after installing this app.

Frequently Asked Questions 

These all people ask Questions & Answers to Youtube Pink Apk Download.

Q: Can I Use Youtube Pink on IOS Devices?

Answer: No, This Version of YouTube is not available on IOS Devices. It is only available on Android devices.

Q: Can I use this app on Background?

Answer: Yes, Of Course, you can use the app in the background. You can use any app while using this app in the background without any problem.

Q: Is this app Ads-Free?

Answer: Yes, this app is ads-free. You won’t see any ads before or at the end of the videos. And this is one of the best features of this app, so you don’t need a subscription to get no ads experience.

Q: Does it only work on rooted phones?

Answer: It works on Rooted phones as well as Non-rooted Phones. No Root access is required to use this app.

Q: Is it Safe to use YouTube Pink?

Answer: Yes, This app is safe to use as this app keeps your data secure and confidential. This app does not share your data with any third parties.

Q. Does it require any fees to use the app?

Answer: No, this app doesn’t require fees or money to use its features. This app is entirely free without any extra charges.


If you ask, which is the best feature of this app? You can use this app even in the background when you are using other apps. You don’t have to keep the YouTube Pink Apk open on your screen. 

And Secondly, this app doesn’t play ads before you watch a video. This app is ad-free, and it’s one of the main features of the app that you get to watch videos without interruption by ads playing repeatedly.

You get to experience a YouTube Premium subscription without any charges. All the features are available free of cost. Also, Check Youtube Blue Apk, Ullu Mod Apk & Subway Surfers MOD APK.

With these, you also get tons of features from this app that make your user experience more accessible and comfortable. You can adjust brightness and volume by swiping over the screen, which causes no interruption while watching any video.

It would be best if you gave this app a try, it’s very useful, and it enhances your experience of YouTube through its amazing and unique features.

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