Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Warzone has become renowned as one of the most played battle royale games. The game is known for offering new weapons, content, excitement, and enthusiasm quotient for the players.

The battle royale game in the Warzone is a tussle between 100 players on a large map. Players need to keep themselves alive while using tactics and weapons.

Thus, every player wants to remain the last man alive in the battle while stomping his competitors. Well, one can take help from Warzone hacks from in this regard.

In addition, there are some more Warzone tips and tricks that can help a player gain an edge at the Call of Duty Battle Royale.

Let us read about these tips in detail.

Call of Duty: Communicate and Talk

Communication is always an essential aspect of every battle game, and Warzone is no exception to this rule. However, many players sometimes wish to play on their own and ignore this aspect.

As per experts, if you wish to make it big in the game, it is essential to communicate with your squad. You can always use the quick text chat option to talk to your teammates. 

Chase Down Those Airdrops

Remember, chasing down those airdrops will help you win over your enemies in the game. You can seek these airdrops by concentrating on the green-colored dots found on the map.

These airdrops include some of the updated and rarest weapons and gear from the previous games.

You can always use these weapons to defeat your enemies effectively in the game.

Kill Your Enemies Even Before Landing

A player who kills the most is the nearest to victory. Thus, it is always better to learn to kill in a game where you face around 100 enemies. 

One effective trick to do so is to learn how to kill your enemies while still in the air. To do so, you need to let go of your parachute and shoot your enemies while you are descending.

Call of Duty: Sharing is The key to victory.

Remember, this is a battle where you need to play along with your teammate, and you cannot think of winning by playing alone.

Also, you need your teammates to repurchase you in the game if you get killed. To do so, they need to possess $4500 in their account for making the purchase.

Thus, sharing your loot with your teammates is always advisable to empower them financially.

Weapons are your jewels.

No war is won without good weapons, and Battle Royale is different from the rule. However, if you are not aware of your weapons, you will taste failure.

Thus, it is essential to get friendly with your weapons and learn about them. Once you know which weapons are reasonable, you can always secure a win over your enemies. 

Call of Duty: Know Your Territory

If a soldier knows the territory well, it will always work in his favor. The same goes for Battle Royale as well. If, as a player, you are well aware of the locations on your map, it will indeed work in your favor. 

You can always learn and memorize as you play more and more. Also, knowing the map beforehand increases your survival rates compared to your competitors. 

Also, knowing the territory well can help you identify the locations where you can find more plunder and loot. 

Running Away When Unprepared Helps

There is no shame in running away from the battleground if you are not prepared. You can always take the help of a zippy vehicle for the purpose. 

Once you feel ready for the battle, you can always make a comeback. However, rushing into the game with your squad can hamper your survival rate even if you are not ready.

Final Words

Strategizing helps win the game, and every player needs to learn this tip effectively. Thus, read the tricks mentioned above and increase your winning chances at the game. Happy playing!

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