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Looking for a new platform for communication? Or do you want to break free from communication with your friends and family? If yes then you must be looking for some additional platform. Well, you have landed on the appropriate platform because today I came up with Lynx Remix which is the perfect platform for this purpose. Here you will read about the working and major features of this application.

I will recommend reading this post till last as I have also listed modest steps and a link to download the latest version of the app.

So, let’s get started and explore more about Lynx Remix.

Introduction of Lynx Remix

The communication network has changed with great advancement in the past few decades. Today, we can communicate with our friends and families with few touches. Whether the receiver is next to us or on the other pole communicating has become very modest.

There are thousands of applications or platforms which can be used as social media platforms or communication apps.

Developers have structured various communication applications like WhatsApp, Google calls, Viber, Hangouts, Skype, and many more. You can easily use them to call or text your friends and family members.

Lynx Remix

But, the platform I have selected to review in this post is extremely unique and amazing as a communication platform.

Yes, I am talking about Lynx Remix. And Some Time ago I will shear Vortex Hack Apk, Plus Followers 4 Apk, Oppo App Market Download.

The major reason to develop this application is to build a new offer and provide a unique communicable source to users.

Let’s understand this platform more specifically.

What is Lynx Remix

Lynx Remix is an android-based application that works as an online communication service through which users can easily communicate with each other and share data. The only thing one needed to communicate is internet data.

In addition, internet data is only needed on the sender’s device this means the receiver can receive the data even on no internet connection.

Communication not only brings us closer to our good ones, but it also provides exclusive services.

Lynx Remix

And for this, the application is very popular because the calling service is completely free on this platform. There is no paid membership or plan to use this application. allow the application on your smartphone to use an internet connection or Wi-Fi and then dial the number on your dial pad.

By doing this you can call anywhere in the country free of cost.

As there are various applications present for communicating so you should also check out Lynx Remix for once. This platform is unique and holds very interesting work compared to its competitors.

Now it’s time to look at working on the lynx kik.

Technical Information of Lynx Remix

This is Technical Information about the Lynx Remix please read all Technical Information.

App NameLynx Remix
App TypeSocial Media Type
Latest VersionV15.30
Developer NameKik Interactive
Android RequiredAndroid 4.0+
File Size47.5MB
Mod FeaturesFree to Use
Last Update25/02/2023

Working on Lynx Remix

The working or performance of this platform is straightforward. There is no hidden feature, everything can see and used from the main menu.

Before using this Lynx Remix you have to make sure that the dialer has a successful internet connection. Also, there is also a premium membership aside from the free one. In the paid membership user can experience premium services by purchasing them.

Although one can make free calls by using the Lynx Remix, sometimes you may see network issue due to busy servers.

Furthermore, there is also a limited time on calls. This means you cannot talk for more than a limited time set by the developers. Users also mentioned connection delay issues on this platform.

But the reason to select this one is it automatically detects fake or scam calls!

If someone is spamming or irritating you through calls, Lynx Remix will show the spam notification and help you to block these kinds of spam.

Overall it is free to call any Indian number with +91, mobile users can communicate free of cost!

This was the modest working of the application, there are several key features of the app which I am going to discuss in a while. Meanwhile, you can direct download the latest version of the app for free.

Features of Lynx kik Apk

Characteristics speak more about the performance, by reading the characteristics or features of any application you can easily analyze its overall performance.

Below I have listed key features of lynx kik apk, which will be going to enhance your communication experience for sure.

  • Once you install the application you will be able to make unlimited calls for free.
  • This application is available on numbers with +91 which means for Indian users only.
  • There is an appropriate time limit on the call duration set by the developers.
  • One can start using this application now by registering through Google.
  • One can customize or hide the caller ID function from the mobile settings.
  • Also, one can also buy the premium version of the application.
  • The premium version includes exclusive features for users.
  • In the premium version, the call will boost with duration.

These were the key features you are going to see while using the app.

Supported platform and price

Most of the users have already downloaded the set-up file of the lynx kik. Even if you have not downloaded it yet you can do so after reading the supporting platforms.

Well, this application runs on android smartphones with version 4.0 or above.

It is new in the market and only available for Indian users.

Talking about the price, it is free of cost. Yet, you can buy the premium plan in the app to use exclusive calling features.

How to download Lynx Remix?

Those who wanted to experience unique communication techniques. Or users who are looking for a new platform for calling can download the latest version of Lynx Remix kik.

After Following Below All Steps your Lynx Remix Apk Download and Install within Just 5 Min.

Step#1 – Click on the RED DOWNLOAD Button.

Step#2 – Download Lynx Remix version

Lunx Remix

Step#3 – Install the application on the device.

Step#4 – Register through Google.

Lunx Remix

Step#5 – Open and call for free.

Note – If you Face Any Issues in Download lynx kik apk on your Device. Check this Video and follow all guides then your application easily install and you can easily use this App without any Problems.

Frequently Ask Question/Answer

Some Important Questions about Lynx Remix with Answers.

Question – Is the Lynx remix app safe?

Answer – Lynx Remix Apk is the solution for those users who do are limited to use all features of the KIK application because of being paid application. And it’s safe to install on any android or iOS device.

Question – What is Lynx remix used for?

Answer – This is a simple and easy app that provides you a platform to meet other Kik users from all around the world. It simply matched you, different Kik users, from worldwide.

Question – What is Lynx Remix Apk?

Answer – Lynx Remix is an online chatting app where you can chat and meet people from around the world.


This was my review of Lynx Remix.

Here I have discussed how you can change your communication method by using this platform. I will recommend using this application as a secondary base only because it is still upgrading.

To use this application you have to use this third-party resource.

So, download this Application now!

Also, you can share your views in the comment section as well.

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