Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk

Simulator games always stand best in our expectations, they hold all valuable factors that a game needs to device advance gaming experience. And when simulation gets combined to trucks an exclusive game comes forward like Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk.

So today I came across this game which has amazing gameplay and features for you!

Although the gaming market is full of high-class games yet this one stands best out of the rest!

Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk

Read this post completely because here I have covered amazing facts of Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk.

Here you will read about the gameplay and features of this game.

At last, I have also mentioned a free link to download it.

Let’s move straight to the topic.

Introduction to Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk

This game developed and released by Ovidiu Pop in December 2015.

The main focus to combine simulation with heavy vehicles. Famous games like Taxi Sim 2020 and School Driving are being developed by them only!

What attracts the fifty million users to download this game? One reason is their eye-catching tagline that says ‘Become the King of the Road! Play the best truck simulator!’

It categorized under Offline and Single-player games.

Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk

Currently, version 3.1 of this game is running smoothly on android devices, which updated in May 2019.

In this update, they bought special truck offers.

According to developers the incredible gaming experience and graphics of Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk offers you to become a real trucker!

Is it true? Well, let’s find out by understating its gameplay.

Technical Information of Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk

This is some Technical Information about Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk Please Check All Details.

Game TypeSimulator
Latest VersionV3.1
Developer NameOvidiu Pop
Android RequiredAndroid 4.1+
File Size52MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Last Update 10/01/2023

Gameplay of Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk

This game is all about driving exclusive trucks and becoming the best truck driver.

Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk starts when you choose a European truck to drive it out!

These trucks come in a number of exclusive models that can be customized as well.

No matter what, it’s a game to show your best driving skills on the road.

One can challenge his friends to show his assistances behind the wheels!

Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk

Scores will be visible on the leadership board.

By completing daily and weekly tasks you can easily earn rewards.

suggest using those rewards to customize your truck.

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However, trucks are big in size and while driving them in a simulator it becomes a harder task.

Set your strategies and complete tasks in limited times.

Features of Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk

In this category of simulation games, Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk holds the best features till now!

Also, you can easily make a decision whether to play this game or not, by seeing its features.

Some features highlighted below, check them out.


Animations or graphics of this game are well developed, you will find realistic touch in the environment. Being good in graphic quality Euro Truck Evolution Mod Apk attracted most of the gamers.

New Brand Trucks

This game is incomplete without trucks. There are more than twelve different models of trucks that can choose and customized as per the user’s need.


To test your skills behind the wheels this game offers highway drive! Here you will not face any traffic issues, speed, and trucks.

Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk
Image Source –


The visual or we can say the animations designed very well in this game. When a truck gets bump on-road or with another car it shows damage. This feature makes the gameplay feel real.

Other Features

The above are the major features of Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Apk. But besides them, there are several more factors you will notice in the game, this includes traffic system, whether effects, controls, gestures, and many more.

Full Area Map

In this game you will get Full Area maps of 20 real cities, which you can follow to reach the destination. These all cities are Realistic based and they will also give the illusions of real cities.

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Highway Drive

In this game Developer create many type of different Highway and these all highway test your driving skills. By doing so you will not be stuck in traffic and can check over the usage of strategies at right time.


The Interior of all models of trucks is carefully designed that it gives the illusion of a real truck. Because this game was made with full realistic quality.


Every truck runs with an engine and creates very low and unique noise and this noise is very attractive. so these game trucks create real engine noise and make a real feel.


In this game you can add any player from the world to score high and to challenge them to compete with you in your score. If you want to add any of your friends to the game you can simply do so by sharing the link and will add them to your friend list.


Controlling the game is quite easy, you can tilt the mobile device to let the truck cross the banking of the road, and you can easily apply the brake and speed up your speed of the car. This is all done with simple screen gestures.

Weather Effects

Real-life weather conditions can be experienced in this game, day and nighttime mode are included in this game and you can set your truck speed, lightning according to the time and weather conditions out there.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 unlimited money

Do you know this game gets Unlimited Money in our gameplay? But not in Orignal Application These Unlimited Money features get in Hack Application because many developers have modified every game and make Unlimited feature type game. So this reason every game lover downloads the Hack application and enjoys the Unlimited feature.

So I will shear Normal Link of this you can download this game and play but this game does not get free Unlimited features. If you need this Euro Truck Simulator 2 Unlimited Money game so check another blog. I will not share illegal Files with our viewers.

Some Important Mod Features

These are some Important Mod Features of Euro Truck Simulator Apk Mod Please check.

  • 12 European Truck Brands
  • 20 Realistic Cities Map
  • Drive all Country Road, Highways and Offroad
  • Easy to Controls
  • Every weather with Day/Night Cycle
  • Visual Damage on Trucks
  • Amazing Engine Sound
  • Improve AI Traffic System
  • Play with Online Multi-Player
  • All Bugs Fix

Pricing and Supporting Platform

After reading the features above, you must be thinking it is an exclusive game. And with premium quality, the charge also increases.

However, Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk doesn’t charge to download or play it!

Yes, you can download this game free from our link. Moreover, if you wanted to buy tools in this game you can do so.

Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk

It also shows ads.

Now talking about supporting platform, this game comes in Apk Mod so you need an android device to play it.

Android mobile with version 4.1 or above will be enough to play it.

For those who wanted to enjoy its gaming on a computer download Bluestacks and follow the steps listed below.

How to Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk Download

Many People Think to Euro Simulator Mod Apk Download in Our Android device but you know if you are find this game in Play store.

Then you waste many time but Today I will shear Direct download link for Instant download of this game.

So If you are plane to play this game so please click this Download button and download this game Direct without Time waste.

On a mobile device

  • Click on the link DOWNLOAD.
  • Open the file from the file manager.
  • Install the application on your phone.
  • Open and enjoy the game for free.

On computer

  • Search for Euro Truck Simulator.
  • The download PC version of this game.
  • Open and enjoy the game for free.

How To Play This Game

Many Users every time find a unique game for Playing but in most cases, many users have not Idea of playing games because every game playing pattern is different so this Reason I will give some video Tutorials for learning of command and control of this Euro Truck Driver Apk Mod.

Please check this video of learning of command & Controls.


I will shear Two Alternative games of this Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Apk Please check and Play This Alternative Game Also.

This alternative game not look like same but many game features are same in all alternative game.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Apk

This game is about traveling through different cities of Europe while driving high-class trucks.

Having excellent graphics, whether conditions and day-night cycle this game downloaded by ten million users.

A game with realistic sound and visuals will proved a great driving experience.

Download this game in 48Mb.

Cargo Transport Simulator

Become a truck driver in an open world, drive through different areas and transport the cargo to their respected places.

This game is about being a bus driver and transporting a consignment of official companies.

You will start your gameplay from the bottom but as soon as you deliver efficient work you will get paid off with valuable rewards.

Personally, I found this game very interesting and recommend you to play it as well!

Over ten million players already downloaded this game and the next turn is yours.

FAQ – Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk

Some Important Question about Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk with Answer.

Question – What is the best truck in Euro Truck Simulator?

Answer – This is Best Truck Volvo FH16.

Question – Is Euro Trucks 2 free?

Answer – Simulator 2 does not require activation of the euro track, because crack is into the game file. 

Question – Why is Euro Truck Simulator so popular?

Answer –  It has satisfying driving physics, a vast, atmospheric map, and a peaceful, stress-free way about it that you can easily lose an entire evening to.

Question – What is the most powerful truck in ETS2?

Answer – Scania R730

Question – What is the cheapest truck in ETS2?

Answer – Iveco Stralis


Above we discussed Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk.

First, we read that it developed by classified creators then we got to know its gameplay, which is a perfect combination of simulation and truck driving.

We also read about its features from where we got to know about its interesting concept and quality graphics.

Alternatives for this game are also listed in this post that can be played in the place of Euro Truck Evolution.

But they don’t take the originality and uniqueness of this game.

Combining all the aspects we can state Euro Truck Simulator Mod Apk is the best simulation game for driving!

So, DOWNLOAD it now!!!

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