Welcome back to GTA Vice City Apk Welcome back to the 1980s. Grand Theft Auto Vice City game was developed by Rockstar Games and published on google play store.

It is an arcade android game that takes the player to the arcade world. This game is last updated on 25 Jan 2019 and has 1,000,000 plus GTA vice city apk download on the play store.

GTA Vice City is a famous open-world third-person game having a single-player mode full of Actions and Adventures. It is a sixth major game in the series of GTA games.

The game story is in the distant 80s. The game starts in the imaginary world of Vice City, found in Miami the story game follows Tommy Vercetti, caught up in a drug deal and seeking out responsible while creating a criminal empire and seizing power from other criminal gangs in the city.


He was recently released from prison After arriving in the GTA Vice City, Tommy started a big illegal deal by managing theft for a vast amount of money But something wrong took place by not having so much time to hide.

So as not to put his close ones and friends in danger, as soon as possible Tommy should return everything to its place by paying off the debts to the mafia groups.

Features of GTA Vice City Apk

In GTA Vice City, before you enter into an imaginary world of the big city, where you will get dozens of terrible and exciting missions.

This game allows the players to make attacks by using knives, swords, firearms weapons, and explosives to fight against their enemies.

Map – GTA Vice City introduces a small map in the corner of the screen and helps the player to follow it, and approaching the targeted location.

The map consists of beaches, ships, airports, army camps, police stations, hospitals, clubs, etc. And also some properties like house or villa for your purchase. Some part of the city is not open in the starting of the game that part will open after completion of some mission.

Thrilling and Adventurous Missions – It allows the player to freely travel across the town either by foot or vehicle to acquire and complete thrilling and challenging missions.

Each completed task will provide a vast reward,which helps the player to achieve his objectives, purchase new weapons, and upgrade his character appearance.

It offers the most exciting feature such as real-time battle, a massive range of arms, multiple missions, interaction with non-player characters, upgrades, and a save game system.

Different Character Stylesgta vice city mod apk offers you to choose different character styles of your choice.

Simple Control and Great Graphics – GTA Vice City offers an excellent game setting, simple control with enhanced mechanics and stunning visual quality. The game includes fights, thefts, murders, illegal activities, impounding of property, and much more.

In this criminal world of the city, no one forgives your mistakes, so your strategy in completion of the missions must be “kill or be killed.”

  • Upgraded graphics and character models
  • Real-time lighting effect and shadow of objects
  • Great visual effects with adjustable graphics settings
  • Customizable Control Layout
  • Balanced control for touch-based gaming

Wide Variety of Armors – You can collect a wide variety of weapons such as brass knuckles, knife, explosive, guns, shotguns, automatic weapons, and evenexplosive launcher.

You will see sunny beaches with girls in bikinis, rowdy gangs, attracting and expensive cars, with a combination of attractive placesfor luxury and crime – all these in this game.

  • Precise firing with lots of targeting options
  • Enhanced draw distance       
  • Huge campaign with endless hours of gameplay

Languages Supported – English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Spanish, and Russian.

Requirements for working

Before you start Grand Theft Auto gta vice city download apk must know about the minimum requirements for its installation and make sure that your android device meets all these requirements:

  • Device: Android version :- 3.3 and up
  • File Size :- 1.49GB
  • Processor :- 1GHz or higher CPU
  • Ram :- 1 GB

NOTE: Additional assets downloaded after install require at least 1.5 GB of free space.

For best performance, we recommend users to re-boot their device after downloading and installing the game Also, close other applications while playing gta vice city apk obb.

Alternative Games of GTA Vice City Apk

If you do not want to pay andwant some more games similar to download gta vice city apk for android phones, we have listed some Best Android Games identical to GTA Vice City with excellent graphics:

Payback 2 :- Playback 2 is available free of cost on the app store. Payback 2 has a thrilling strategy, including tank battles, helicopter races, and thriving gang battles. This game is available on play store for Android users and also available for ios users.

Grand Gangsters 3D :- Grand Gangsters consist of the ruthless crime world city You can see six different types of theft missions for motor vehicle to take control over the city and move beyond the police.


This game consists of thrill with stealing cars, running away from cops, racing in the streets, and suppressing other gangs.

Vegas Crime Simulator :- It is similar to GTA Vice City, and the game strategy is attractive with a lot of enjoyable things You can move your character anywhere within the city and steal any car of your choice.

You can directly fire at criminals and also police Vegas Crime Simulator has a vast number of vehicles including bikes, tanks, and even helicopters for better enjoyment. A variety of weapons are available including axes, knife, bombs, fire explosives, guns, shotguns, and automatic guns.

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