The craze for GTA Vice City APK remains strong today, decades after the game was first released. Grand Theft Auto Vice City game was developed by Rockstar Games and published on the google play store.

It is an arcade android game that takes the player to the arcade world. Currently, this game has over one million downloads on Google Play, for which a new update was released on November 17, 2022.

GTA Vice City is a famous open-world third-person game having a single-player mode full of Actions and Adventures. It is the sixth major game in the series of GTA games.

The game’s story is in the distant 80s. It follows Tommy Vercetti through a drug deal, establishing a criminal empire, and obtaining control from other criminal gangs.


Upon his release from prison, Tommy engaged in a large illegal deal by managing a theft in GTA Vice City in exchange for a large amount of cash.

To avoid putting his family and friends in danger, Tommy must repay the mafia groups’ debts as quickly as possible.

Features Of GTA Vice City APK

You will face dozens of terrible, thrilling missions in the game GTA Vice City.

The players can use knives, swords, firearms, and explosives to fight their enemies in this game.

  • Map – In GTA Vice City, a small map in the corner of the screen helps you follow the targeted location. There are many different places on the map in this game. You can buy houses and villas. If you haven’t met certain requirements, there are some places that you cannot go to yet. But, after finishing some missions, there are also some special spots that become available to you.
  • Missions full of adventure and thrills – In order to complete thrilling and challenging missions, the player can travel through town on foot or by vehicle. Players can achieve goals, purchase new weapons, and upgrade their appearance by completing tasks. There are multiple weapons, in-game interactions, skill upgrades, and a safe environment to play this game.
  • Different Character StylesGTA vice city mod APK offers you to choose different character styles of your choice.
  • Simple Control and Great Graphics – GTA Vice City is an excellent game that features a great setting, simple controls with enhanced mechanics, and stunning visual quality. The game includes fights, thefts, murders, and other illegal activities. Assassination or death is the best strategy in the underworld of criminals. The game has great graphics that you can adjust to your liking. You can change the lighting and shadows to make it look realistic. The controls are also customizable to fit your needs.
  • Wide Variety of Armors – This game has a lot of weapons, including brass knuckles, knives, explosives, guns, shotguns, automatic weapons, and even explosive launchers. It also has luxury and crime. You can fire accurately and choose your targets well. The game offers enhanced views and huge playtime.
  • Languages Supported – English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Spanish, and Russian.

Requirements For Working

Below are the minimum requirements your system must meet for GTA Vice City APK:

  • Device: Android version:- 3.3 and up
  • File Size:- 1.49GB
  • Processor:- 1GHz or higher CPU
  • Ram:- 1 GB

After installing the game, 1.5 GB of free space is needed to install more assets for the game.

We recommend rebooting your device after installing and downloading the game to ensure maximum performance. Playing GTA Vice City with all background programs closed will improve your gaming experience.

Alternative Games of GTA Vice City APK

Listed below are some Android games with excellent graphics that you can play for free:


  • Payback 2:- Playback 2 is available free of cost on the app store. Payback 2 has a thrilling strategy, including tank battles, helicopter races, and thriving gang battles. The game is available on the Play Store for Android users and on the App Store for iOS users.
  • Grand Gangsters 3D:- For you to conquer the city, the Grand Gangsters 3D game offers six different types of theft missions based on motor vehicles. This game consists of thrill with stealing cars, running away from cops, racing in the streets, and suppressing other gangs.
  • Vegas Crime Simulator:- A game strategy similar to GTA Vice City can be found in Vegas Crime Simulator. You can move your character anywhere in the city and steal cars. The police can be beaten or shot the same way as criminals. Vegas Crime Simulator has a vast number of vehicles including bikes, tanks, and even helicopters for better enjoyment. A variety of weapons are available including axes, knives, bombs, fire explosives, guns, shotguns, and automatic guns.

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