Lightroom Mod Apk

Are you looking for a Professional Camera with Advanced Photo Editing? Adobe Lightroom is the Best Application for both. This Lightroom Mod Apk has many features you can use for both your Photography and Photo Editing Purposes.

It has Two Camera modes which are the standard and professional camera, where you can usually take photos and also at a professional level by adjusting the Focus, White balance, and ISO.

Lightroom Mod Apk

Lightroom also has Advanced Editing, where you can add different types of exclusive filters, coloring, values, composition, visual effects, resolution, and many other tools to edit your photos professionally.

This app is so easy to use that you don’t even need to be professional at editing to use this app. Also, Lightroom is available for Android Devices, IOS Devices, and also for Windows.

Uses of Adobe Lightroom 

You can use this app to take amazing photos in HDR and RAW quality. After you have taken pictures, you can save those photos to the Cloud Storage of the app. You can edit those saved images directly from the app. 

You can Edit saved images professionally from this app without any requirement for Editing Skills. There are advanced adjustments for your image. You can adjust Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Shadows, Highlights, and many more.

The main reason why people use this app is because of its inbuilt filters, which look so professional when you use them. Without any need for Professional Editing skills, you can make your image look like a Professionally Edited Picture.

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Features of Lightroom Apk

These are special Features of Lightroom Apk. Please read all featured before downloading Lightroom Apk.

Professional Level Photography 

Adobe Lightroom has an inbuilt camera, which is a fantastic photography option if you don’t want to use your normal camera. It has all the camera features which should be in the camera.

You can take normal pictures as well as professional-level pictures by changing your Automatic mode to professional camera mode.

In this app, you can change the experience of taking photos by adjusting the focus, brightness, exposure, timer, and lots of advanced photography features in the app. 

Here you can save your pictures in Jpeg format as well as DNG format. Both provide you with good-quality photos. Images taken from this app are directly saved to the cloud storage of the app.

Advanced Photo Editing 

Lightroom is simple to use, but it also has some advanced editing features. You can edit your photos with some standard editing features as well as do some extra advanced editing through this app.

Some of these features are premium-only features. Like you have a Masking feature where you can edit an area or a subject present in that photo. You can change the brightness, contrast, and sharpness of that object with this feature.

Some of these features are a little hard to use but feel free to look for the tutorials. You can learn to access and learn to use all those advanced editing features.

Lightroom Mod Apk


Yes, This Editing app is easy to use. Most of the time, when you edit your photos, you only need some extra filters to add to your photos. And for that, this app has different types of Presets installed in the app. 

There are a lot of free presets and premium presets present in the app, which you can use to edit photos. These Presets are unique, and they actually make your photos better and look like professional editing.  

You can also edit those presets after you have saved those presets. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and clarity of the image.

There are many categories of presets present in the app, like Color, creative, B&W, portraits, and many more varieties of presets. These options will make your editing more straightforward and accessible.

Cloud Storage 

Adobe Lightroom has cloud storage for its photos. You can first save those you want to edit to the cloud storage and edit those photos. The app will save your pictures in the cloud storage. 

You can create different albums for your photos in the cloud storage and also share those photos with your other users. The app has cross-device synchronization with adobe cloud storage.

So, you can save the photos from your android device to your cloud storage and view and edit them in your windows version of adobe lightroom. 

Lightroom Mod Apk Features 

When using Lightroom’s Original app, you are limited to a few free features only. And to bypass that, you can install this mod app. Let me show you all the features which will be unlocked after you install this mod app.

Premium features unlocked 

In this mod version, you will get all the locked features unlocked. You won’t be limited to those free features only. Now, after installing this mod version, you access all those professional editing options which weren’t available earlier.

You would really enjoy all the unlocked features to edit your photos. In free, you don’t get enough presets as those are locked. But in this mod version, you will get them for free. 

You will get every advanced editing feature present in Lightroom, and everything will be unlocked in this mod app. You can access them for free without having to pay for the feature.

Premium Presets Unlocked 

Presets are the exciting part of this editing app, as these presets will make your editing faster. You don’t have to sit and adjust the brightness, contrast, and coloring of your photos. 

You can easily edit your photo with the premium presets available in the mod version. There are varieties of presets present in this mod version that will make your photos look like professional editing.

Lightroom Mod Apk

Masked Feature Unlocked

The masked feature is one of the most exclusive features of this app, as you can edit your image more professionally through this setting.

You can edit a specific area of your image with this feature. This option allows you to select an object of your image and edit the object according to your need. You can increase the brightness of a specific subject and add more coloring to the subject.

Ad Free

This app is ads free, and you won’t find any ads running on your screen when you use this app. This app is entirely free, and no charges are required to use this app.

You will get all the features without any ads present in the app. It is the best thing about this mod version, as you don’t get distracted or frustrated by the app. You can edit your image without any issue with watching ads.

No Adobe Lightroom Account Required 

You don’t need an account to use this mod version. You can access all the premium features without needing to add any account to your Adobe Lightroom. 

Usually, you have to purchase the premium version on your adobe account to use all the premium features, but with this mod version, you can access all the premium features for free without any need to upgrade your account to premium.

App Requirements 

Adobe Lightroom is available on various devices. You can use it on IOS, MAC, Windows, and All Android Devices. But the drawback is that if you want this Mod app, you can only install it on Android Devices and Windows. 

IOS and MAC don’t allow the installation of this third-party modded Lightroom app for security reasons. And Lastly, this app requires little extra processing power. 

This app works best in 4GB Ram Phones, and if you have a lower variant device, it can hang or heat your phone as it needs more processing power. 

The minimum requirement for this app to work is at least 4GB of RAM and a Good Processor. So it can perform smoothly and quickly saves the pictures after editing.

User’s Review 

Adobe Lightroom Mod app has been tested by our android devices. And to be honest, this is the best app for editing photos professionally. You don’t get the advanced editing features and premium presets in the original version of this app.

But with this mod version, you will get all those locked features unlocked in this mod version. You won’t need to purchase the premium version with the help of this mod version.

The Premium features provide you with the opportunity to edit your photos at a professional level. You can edit your images professionally with all the unlocked advanced editing features in this mod version.

Frequently Asked Questions of Lightroom Mod Apk

These are people who ask questions regarding Lightroom Mod Apk.

How to download this app?

Answer: First, you must search for the Adobe Lightroom Mod app on google. 

Visit the website from Where you want to download this app.

Find the download link and download the app. 

How to use the Lightroom Mod app?

Answer: Open the app and Skip the login page from the top right corner.

After you have skipped the login page, you will get options for Camera and adding photos to the Lightroom Album.

After Adding the Photo, Open the Photo which you want to edit and Start editing the photos with the tools you want to use.

What are its features?

Answer: You can edit the photos with all the normal editing options, such as adjusting Brightness, contrast, sharpness, coloring, cropping of the image, etc

You can also use preloaded presets present in the app to edit photos.

Is Lightroom Mod App free?

Answer: Yes, this mod app is entirely free. You don’t have to pay anything to download this app or use this app. This mod app has all the premium features unlocked, and you can use them without restrictions.

Is it hard to learn?

Answer: No, the app’s interface is easy to learn. Once you start using the app on a regular basis, you will learn it within a few weeks. And if you want to learn it professionally, you can watch YouTube videos to learn to edit.

Can we also edit videos?

Answer: No, you cannot edit videos in this app. This app is only for Photo editing purposes. If you want to use video editing software, you must download different software.

Is This App Only for Professional Use?

Answer: No, this app is for regular use also. Although it has some advanced editing features which are used by professionals, you can also learn them with this app.


This Adobe lightroom Apk is the best editing software for pictures. You can edit your photos like professional editing software with this app. The app has unique and advanced editing tools to edit the images.

You can download this mod app for free and enjoy all the premium features of this mod app. You don’t have to pay a single money to download and use this app.

This app is beneficial for all those people who cannot afford the Lightroom premium app. They can install it for free and use this software without restriction. There are some cool features that you can enjoy in this app.

You can adjust the Brightness, contrast, sharpness, shadow, coloring, and many more options. One of the best things about this app is that you can edit photos without any knowledge of editing, as its interface is straightforward to understand. 

The app has pre-installed presets, which makes editing even more accessible for users who don’t know how to use editing software. This Lightroom Mod Apk is used by almost every other user who edits pictures.

If you’re looking for the best simple editing software, I would suggest that this is the best app you can install on your device to edit your pictures, just like professionals.

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