Ludo is a versatile board game that every generation loves to play. This game has exciting strategies to implement to win a board. A pinch of luck by rolling dice and your strategic plan to move the pieces will make you victorious. If you are a fan, download the Ludo real money game on your smartphone to connect worldwide. Participate in contests and individual events to win real prizes.


Top Ludo strategies to win

  1. Get all your pieces out as soon as possible

Bringing all your pieces onto the board early in the game is essential. Doing so increases your chances of scoring points and gaining an advantage over your opponents. Investing all your numbers in one piece may seem tempting, but it leaves your other tokens vulnerable and limits your options for strategic moves.

  1. Try to get into stars or double your pieces into a place

In some variants of Ludo, reaching stars or doubling your tokens into a single position can offer certain advantages. Stars often provide shortcuts or safety zones on the board. However, this rule may vary depending on the specific rules you are playing with.

  1. Importance of proximity to home

The value of a piece in Ludo is directly related to its distance from the home area. Tokens closer to home are safer and more likely to reach the endpoint. When taking risks to move your pieces out of the starting location or stars, prioritize the ones closest to the starting point in the 1st and 2nd quadrants. Preserve the tokens near the endpoint to minimize the risk of getting captured by opponents.

  1. Calculating risk when killing opponents

Eliminating opponents’ pieces can be exciting, but it is crucial to assess the risks involved before making aggressive moves. If you are in the 1st or possibly the 2nd quadrant, you can consider killing opponents even if you cannot immediately escape. However, if you are in the 3rd or 4th quadrant, only engage in a kill if there is a chance to escape from potential retaliation.

  1. Escaping far

Aim to create a significant distance between yourself and your opponents to minimize the risk of getting captured. Ideally, you should be separated from them by at least 7 square places. If they roll a combination of dice that could capture your token, such as scoring a 6 and 1, the probability of getting caught is low when you are at a distance of more than six spaces.

  1. Leaving stars cautiously

When leaving a star, consider your opponent’s chance to capture you and your opportunity to capture their pieces. If opponents are approaching the star you are on, it may be wise to wait for them to pass over you before making your move, allowing you to strike back and eliminate their pieces.

  1. Choosing opponents to kill

If you can capture multiple opponents’ pieces, prioritize those that have progressed further away from the starting point. By eliminating tokens far from the start, you hinder your opponents’ progress while increasing your chances of success. However, if an opponent has only one piece left, you must prioritize capturing it regardless of its position on the board.

  1. Decrease your risk and increase opponents’ risk

Ludo’s goal is to decrease the probability of your own pieces getting captured while increasing the chances of catching opponents’ tokens. When chasing an opponent’s piece that you must eliminate to win, try to do so with multiple of your pieces, keeping them within a range of 6 places apart if possible. Conversely, when evading an opponent, move your tokens away from them by a distance greater than six places.

  1. Calculating probabilities

While not always necessary, understanding probabilities can be advantageous in Ludo. For example, if your opponent is trailing you by seven places, they would need to roll a 6 and 1 consecutively to capture your piece. This occurrence has a 1 in 36 chance of happening. However, if you are only 14 places apart, the probability of them capturing your token becomes even rarer, with a 1 in 216 chance. By staying within six places of your opponents, you significantly increase the likelihood of getting captured.

  1. Hunt for the star locations

Securing stars can be a crucial strategy for winning Ludo. Keeping your pieces behind opponents, eliminating their pieces, and advancing gives you a significant advantage. Alternatively, if you cannot directly engage with opponents, maintain a distance of at least six places between your pieces, reducing the likelihood of them capturing you.

  1. Calculating risks with multiple opponents

When assessing risks in a game with multiple opponents, consider the number of opponents in a particular star point. Leaving a star point where all three opponents are present carries three times the risk compared to a star point with only one opponent. Consider this when deciding which star to leave or target for elimination.

Confidence, Practice, and Decision-making are the Keys

If you want to win the game, focus on taking calculated risks. While it may be thrilling to eliminate opponents even at the cost of losing one of your pieces, such moves do not contribute significantly to your chances of winning. Evaluate the potential outcomes and choose actions that maximize your overall advantage.

Remember that strategies, tips, and tricks are there to guide you toward making better decisions in Ludo. Develop confidence in your gameplay, take your time to think through your moves (within reasonable limits to avoid irritating other players), and anticipate possible outcomes. Practice is the best way to improve your skills. The more you practice, the better you become.

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