My Talking Tom Mod APK

If you are a 20s kid Tom must be one of your best friends! It may be controlled by you but it has its own interesting life. Yes, I am talking about ‘My Talking Tom Mod APK ’!

A game that created a strong bond between Tom and the Kids.

Where most of the games promote combats and assassination My Talking Tom Mod APK servers some loving gaming experience.

Connecting to cats through animation is not only joyful but also it is beneficial for our kids!

Who wants to introduce their kids to harsh gaming in place of some beautiful and mind-developing game?

My Talking Tom Mod APK fulfills this demand it develops caring and loving emotions.

This article is all about this game. Here you will get complete details on My Talking Tom I have provided a link to download this game as well.

So connected we are going to start our discussion.

Introduction To My Talking Tom Mod APK

The game My Talking Tom Mod APK was launched in 2013 by Outfit7 Limited the developer and publisher of this game.

The reason to build this game was simple, they created a cute pet and named it Tom.

Afterward, users have to care for and customize themselves and their life.

This unique idea and gameplay have become highly popular across the world.

People loved this game a lot and today it has 500 million+ downloads.

my talking tom mod apk

It became a great success for developers and also provided the next parts.

Being a new concept in the gaming market people rated My Talking Tom Mod APK with 4.4 stars on the Play Store.

Currently, users are playing with version (The last update was given in November 2022).

This game is recommended for age 3+ but the largest age to play this game is not mentioned.

And this becomes another reason why kids, teens, and old agers love this game strong!

All this provided fewer than 100MB.

Gameplay Of My Talking Tom Mod APK

As I mentioned earlier this My Talking Tom Mod APK has some unique gameplay strategies for kids.

Rather than having harsh driving or monsters, Talking Tom is all about growing a cute cat!

The game starts with a newborn kitten named Tom.

my talking tom mod apk
Image Source – Pinterest

As cute as his name his expressions and voice are very sweet as well.

Now, you have to take care of this kitten and enjoy all things a baby does.

My Talking Tom Mod APK consists of several functions like dressing, feeding, playing, and many more.

As caretaker and owner of Tom you need to manage his all activates.

Proper safety like good health and appropriate sleep should be provided to this cute kitten.

Tom is a very interesting character in this game and you will never get bored with his activities!

Technical Information

This is some Short Technical Information About Talking Tom Mod APK so please read this Technical Information after downloading this game.

Package Name – com.outfit7.mytalkingtomfree

Op. System – Android Version

Category – Casual

License – Free

Language – English + 44 More

Downloads – 22000000+

Latest Version –

My Talking Tom Mod APK Old Version

Every One Know many application provider company always update our Application for fixing all bugs & Technical Error and after fix every thing They will we relaunch our application and Its Called Updated Application.

So Today I Will Show all My Talking Tom Mod APK Old Version Details with Dates Please Watch it.

VersionLaunch Date 10th, 2022 8th, 2020 22nd, 2020 15th, 2020 4th, 2020 17th, 2020 12th, 2020 16th, 2020 17th, 2019 15th, 2019 10th, 2019 22nd, 2019 29th, 2019 8th, 2019 3rd, 2019

What’s New In My Talking Tom Mod APK

These are some new thing are provide in This My Talking Tom Mod APK New Version so please read all Things.

  • Keep Tapping
  • Break it open and you can get it.
  • Awesome food, outfits, and furniture.
  • All bugs are fixed.


A game known by its features! You can make decisions on the basis of its characteristics to download or not.

My Talking Tom Mod APK has some impressive features so don’t miss them out!

Read below and check the characteristics of this game.

  • Mini-games are some interesting parts of this game! Yes, besides caring for your pet…you can play many mini-games in this application. These secondary games get updated from time to time so you will all find them fascinating. You can play them by spending rewards (coins).

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  • The straightforward interface becomes the main aspect behind the success of this game. This is what I am talking about the age of the user doesn’t matter here, all can play without any technical issue. one touch and the loving Tom will do whatever you want to!
  • Unique Gameplay and different categories are provided by the developer. When the market was lacking new content, My Talking Tom Mod APK came with exclusive gameplay and gained high popularity. Whatever you speak Tom will repeat that in his cute voice!
  • The general duty of caring comes automatically when you download this game. Tom is a kitten and you need to manage his lifestyle carefully. With calm and joy enjoyment and learning must be delivered to Tom. It helps him to grow healthy! And yes don’t forget to look at his health.

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  • Graphics plays an essential game in every game and this is followed by My Talking Tom Mod APK. It provides the best graphics in this content! This game is designed with high-definition, eye-pleasing colors filled all over the game.

Mod APK Permission

After downloading APK for this application access can be demanded for the following:

  • Record Audio
  • Prevent processor from sleeping or screen from dimming
  • Open Network Sockets
  • Access Information about Networks
  • Access information about Wi-Fi networks

Pricing & Supported Platform

This game is free of cost and you don’t need to pay any amount to enjoy wonderful gaming!

All you have to do is download this game from the provided link and enjoy it for free!

Now, most of the gamers want to buy all the secondary tools of the game.

So, in My Talking Tom Mod APK, it starts from Rs 45 and goes up to Rs 8, 600.

However, you can enjoy My Talking Tom Mod APK without any buying as well!

Coming towards the supported platform, an android phone with version 4.4 or above will be sufficient for this game. It is an android game and comes in APK Mod!

Those who wanted to play My Talking Tom on PC need to download Bluestacks. The process is given below.

How To Download My Talking Tom APK?

After reading Review of Talking Tom APK and after reading all review if think to download this application for your baby so I will give the Download Link for Talking Tom APK with Installing Process.

Follow these basic steps and download My Talking Tom for free!

Download My Talking Tom on Android

  • Click on the DOWNLOAD.
  • Allow the set-up file to download on your device.
  • Open ‘File Manager’ and click on the set-up file.
  • Now install the game and play for free.

Download My Talking Tom on PC

  • Search My Talking Tom.
  • Install the file.
  • Now, restart your PC for safe use.
  • Open and enjoy this APK game for free.

How To Play My Talking Tom APK?

After downloading this APK many Children and Baby need Game play video for learning how to play this game so I will give One Gameplay Video for Learning.


My Talking Tom APK Mod is an amazing game but some other game in this category performs great as well.

So, below are some alternatives to this game that are not an exact copy but very similar with this game.

Have a look at them.

My Talking Angela: A game developed by the same developer focused on girlish gameplay! Although My Talking Tom was suitable for all ages, gender this one is specially built for female users!

This version focuses on things like grooming, makeup, and styling.

Tom replaced by Angela, a beautiful and cute kitty!

With 500 million+ downloads, you can download this game in 95MB.

My Talking Tom Friends: Outfit7 Limited took their series at a high level and built this exciting game.

The gameplay and all functions are the same but this one contains several more characters like Hank, Ben, Ginger, Tom, Angela, Ben’s Mom, and The Landlord.

This game is very interesting than it sounds.

It has 100 million+ downloads and you can download it in 95MB.

Frequently Ask Question

Some Important Question about My Talking Tom Mod APK 2022 with Answers.

Question – How do you get talking Tom to talk?

Answer – He’ll repeat what you say in a funny voice and make Tom scratch the screen.

Question – Which country made my Talking Tom friends?

Answer – Slovenian.

Question – Is Talking Tom Friends Chinese?

Answer – No,

Question – Is the Talking Tom app safe?

Answer – Yes It’s normal type lough game for child.

Question – How do I make my Talking Tom skinny?

Answer – If you want to make Tom fat, you are going to have to feed him a lot of unhealthy things. He won’t become fat in a single day, but if you continue to feed him unhealthy things, you will see his stomach grow.

Question – Is Talking Tom app free?

Answer – Yes it’s Free.

Question – How old is talking Tom the cat?

Answer – Talking Tom Cat, was launched in July 2010. 

Question – What is Talking Tom’s real name?

Answer – Thomas.


I hope you found ample details in this article!

My Talking Tom Mod APK is perfect in its place and having a unique concept it stands the best from the rest.

So, DOWNLOAD this game now!

Also, share your views in the comment section and let us know the best game according to you!

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