My Cafe Mod Apk

This genre is about simulation, we all find games interesting that have a wide range of control and supervision. Under this category Restaurant Management Games are known for great user experience. Today I came up with one of the most prominent games and that is My Cafe Mod Apk.

When it comes to quality gaming, encouraging user feedback, hybrid graphics, or an impressive sound system this game stands great in all aspects.

My Cafe Mod Apk

As we know that cooking games provide virtual kitchen skills, even if cooking is not your cup of tea you can handle this hotel management or cooking-based games.

In this article, we will discuss My Cafe Mod Apk that known to provide an enthusiastic experience to the user!

You will get introduced to all the required factors and features of this game.

At last, I have also listed to link to download My Cafe Mod Apk for free.

So, let’s get started.

Introduction to My Cafe Mod Apk

Well, the full name of this game My Café-Restaurant management game & Recopies, however, it is famous with My Cafe Mod Apk name.

This game developed by Melsoft Games Ltd who has also developed Toy Defence 2¸Family Island, and many more simulator games.

In MAY 2016, this game released with an attractive tag line ‘Build your own restaurant, hire staff, serve your customers’ tasty deserts’.

This attracted over fifty million users to download and play this game.

My Cafe Mod Apk
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My Cafe Mod Apk rated with 4.5 stars and 4 million reviews.

From time to time user gets an update for this game as well.

The last update was given on February 2021 for version 2021.3.3.

In this update, they came up with a new season and many more interesting quests.

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Besides a simulator game it is also categorized under Casual and Single Player game.

Now let’s know what’s inside of My Cafe Mod Apk?

Technical Information of My Cafe Mod Apk

I Have shear Some Technical Information of My Cafe Mod Apk in below List check it Now.

Game TypeCasual
Latest VersionV2021.3.3
Developer Name Melsoft Games
Android RequiredAndroid 4.1+
File Size40MB
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Last Update 2021/03/09
License Free

Gameplay of My Cafe Mod Apk

My Cafe Mod Apk starts from a beautiful town, here your best friend Anna helps you to open a fine-looking restaurant that works with the trend!

To make the working of your restaurant in high flow you take all responsibility for it.

The entire management and production function is now managed by you.

You have to make strategies that can attract more and more audiences.

In this café, you have to work really hard so your financial status gets higher.

My Cafe Mod Apk
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You have to maintain well customer service so that can help your café to get quality ratings and tips.

Cooking quality and hygienic food will be your primary goal.

Serve your customers delicious food, coffee, and other bakery products.

Grind, Grill, and Bake valuable stuff in your kitchen!

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To make your restaurant one of the bests you have to work effectively and efficiently.

This means you have to sever quality service within the appropriate time, this will help you to earn money and expand your business money.

Build the best cafe in the world with My Cafe Mod Apk.


After understanding the basics and overview of this game now it’s time to know some valuable features of this game.

We know that a game known by its features, so if a game holds worthy characteristics then you can download it without a doubt!

Remarkable features followed by My Cafe Mod Apk and some of them listed below.

  • Earn Money and expand your cafe by hitting enough targets. One can add a pizza hut or a complete bakery in his restaurant. Try new recipes and come with a unique dish, experiment with foods, and learn cooking basics as well. You will not get bored at any point for sure!
  • Story Mode in this game makes it more interesting. In this mode, you can build relationships with someone you want. Have a healthy bond with your staff for timely work. But, build a good relationship with your regular customers.
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  • Customization and complete authenticity of this game makes you a responsible person in this game! You can customize your cafe with over 900 different designs. Select your own tile, color, and floor…build a unique café!
  • One can also get interacted with people of the town. You can learn new things from them, know about their work and understand their food requirements.
  • Own a trendy coffee shop Players will be playing the role of a girl named Ann on the journey to fulfill their dreams in This Game. She has a goal of owning a chain of famous coffee shops in the city. She decided to open a coffee shop in the town to start her business. But things did not seem so easy; she had a lot of difficulties in the early days of opening her store.
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  • Serve for customers own a cafe so they will have to serve a lot of customers to make money from them. Every time a customer walks into a player’s bar, they will order something to drink, and you will be their waiter. The player needs to create what the customer asks for to get the money from the customer.
  • Scaling up is not only a cafe shop but also a restaurant with a variety of dishes waiting to be served to customers. But at the time the player just started the game, the player did not have enough money to buy the necessary items of a row. 
  • Building a store In this game the task of serving customers, players also need to perform another task that is to expand the size of the store. When a player is just starting, you can only own a small store but get all the necessary things. 

Important Short Features

I have shear some Important Short Features of This My Cafe Mod Apk please check.

  • Real-Time Simulation Game
  • Make your own Restaurant
  • Set dishes Price on Self
  • Design your restaurant as you want
  • Free to Download and Play
  • Unlimited Diamonds and Gems
  • My Cafe Hack Apk provide unlimited Features
  • Unlimited Money

What’s New Features

I will shear what’s new features are coming after Last update.

  • Help Watson find all the kitties
  • Work with Charlotte to find a universal recipe for happiness
  • Earn trophies in festivals and the Leprechaun
  • In Level 44 New Character & Chicory Coffee Machine Open
  • In Level 44 Hot on the Trail and My Week with Jennifer win. 
  • All Bugs Fix

Supporting Platform of My Cafe Mod Apk

Well, if you download this game now with our link you don’t have to pay a single amount as it is FREE! However, this game runs ads.

In the app, the buy is also available which means you can buy secondary items inside this game.

My Cafe Mod Apk
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Talking about its supporting platform, this comes in Apk Mod so you need an android device to play My Cafe Mod Apk.

An android device with version 4.0 or above will be enough for it!

How to Download My Cafe Mod Apk

After reading the Review of This My Cafe Mod Apk many users find Download Link because this game is very simple and unique so For this reason, many users find Download Link for downloading this My Cafe Recipes and Stories Mod Apk.

Click this Download link and download this game and also I will shear some Installation Guide for Instruction please check all Points before Installing this game.

On a mobile device:

  • Click on the link DOWNLOAD.
  • Go to file manager and click on this file.
  • Install the game.
  • Open and play for free!

On computer:

  • Search for My Cafe.
  • Open and play for free!

How to Play This Game

After download this My Cafe Recipes and Stories Mod Apk most of the gamers demand to download My Cafe Mod Apk because of every gameplay with some strategy.

So Gameplay vide help to learn strategy and command of game and this all things are help to win any mission and stage.

So I will give One Gameplay video for learning purpose and also I will shear some unique My Cafe Hack Tricks.


This Time Many Types of Alternative games are present in Play Store but I will share only Two Alternative games they have to look at same as these My Cafe Mod Apk games.

Every one download These Alternative game and enjoy.

Cafeland: World Kitchen

Developed by GAMEGOS, this game is a higher version for simulation gaming.

Here you can design your café and join the world of cooking! Take part in events, create plans, and sever best to your customers.

You will start from a snack bar but it will end up a world-class restaurant.

So, download this game now in less than 80MB.

Cooking Team

If you wanted to learn to cook en this game will be the best option for you!

Here you can make delicious and unique meals for your customers.

They will give feedback according to your food and service.

One can also decorate and manage the cafe with stylish ideas.

So, download this game now in less than 95MB.


My Cafe Mod Apk is one of the best games for cooking and hotel managing skills. It is a smooth combination of simulation and catering!

All aspects of this game stand well at their place.

Now, what you are waiting for?

DOWNLOAD this game now!!!

Found this article useful? Appreciate our work in the comment section and let us know about your thoughts on games.

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