Mobile to PC file transfer software free download – Technology has many forms. we live in a multi-platform world wherein a few seconds we go from mobile to computer from PC to tablet and from a smartwatch to television.

Regardless of the operating system of each device, the truth is that thanks to the internet we have everything connected. changing situation and where we move from one to the other without realizing it, having tools that make this transition easier is important.

Send and transfer files from mobile to PC and vice versa. Be it a text file, a link, an image, or a movie. It is a fairly basic gesture but there is no universal method that we all use, mainly because on the computer we can use Windows or macOS, and on the mobile a system like Android.

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Transferring files from Android to PC is often a hassle but it’s getting easier in fact today there are several ways to do it.

In this article, we will teach you exactly how to transfer files from Android to your computer, if you want to use a software solution. Here we will help you to transfer your documents, videos, photos, or audio from your android device to your computer’s folder.

Mobile To PC File Transfer Software

Android Transfer for PC is an App that allows files to be transferred from a device with an Android operating system to a computer.

Thus you can transfer your documents, videos, and images, saving them from any contingency that may happen to your smartphone or tablet and the application will work for both Windows and Mac.

How To Work File Transfer

This software named “mobile to pc file transfer software free download” unfortunately will need a Windows PC. This means that you must go to the link at the bottom to download it and then install it in this operating system.

After that, you will have to follow a series of sequential steps (the first time) so that you can start Transferring files of any kind from the Android mobile device to your PC.

Step#1 – First download and install the application in Windows using the link at the top.

Step#2 – Then run “Android Transfer For PC” and accept the terms of use license.

Step#3 – Connect the Android mobile device to the personal computer using the USB (data bus) cable.

Mobile to PC file transfer software free download

Step#4- Enter the Android mobile phone settings and activate “USB debugging mode“.

Step#5 – From the interface of your Mobile device, select the files you want to transfer to the PC.

These are the general steps you should use to be able to transfer files from the Android mobile device to the Windows PC.

This is the best free software that we get on the internet because Android Transfer for PC will not take away a single pixel of quality that everything we transfer from Mobile to PC or even PC to Mobile.

Most people may want to use pc to mobile file transfer software free download to transfer photos, videos, songs, or any document that we may need to edit in the office suite available on the computer there are more uses to mention this interesting application.

Characteristics of File Transfer Software

The ideal app to send files to your computer

Android Transfer for PC is software that makes it possible to transfer to the computer any type of file that is stored on a device with an Android operating system making the process quick and easy.

In addition, the application is compatible with both Windows and MAC although the source files do have to be from Android terminals.

A very intuitive and easy-to-use application

The app works very easily requiring only pairing the desktop or laptop computer with the mobile device, either via cable or Bluetooth connection. Also, Android Transfer for PC gives the opportunity to manage both files and applications, offering excellent customization possibilities.

Likewise, the program’s user interface is very intuitive presenting all the menus and functionalities of the App in a clear and accessible way.

The ideal solution to safeguard files

The application stands out for its utility for everything related to the transfer of files from Android mobile terminals to desktops and laptops both PC and Mac allowing to save documents images and videos without having to resort to making backup copies.

Therefore it is a very interesting resource for any user with an Android device and the app is also completely free to download.

Install applications easily

In addition to the multimedia files or any other that you want to transfer from Windows personal computer to an Android, there is also the possibility of installing applications directly using the tool.

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Suppose for a moment that you have a large number of Android applications on your personal computer. The native format APK will serve as a pretext to install them on the mobile device using “share me for pc“.

The only thing we need to do is select these APKs to drag them over the tool interface and voila an Android application will be automatically installed on the mobile device.


Simple file management software

Requires less storage space


Exclusive compatibility with the latest versions of Windows and Mac.

The application is only available in the English language.


Android Transfer for Windows Software

Android mobile users can have complete control of their devices with the computer. The program also makes it easier to manage files contacts and other elements of the phone to make the day-to-day experience easier.

It incorporates different customization modes being able to alter the theme. The appearance of the interface and the execution of different commands can be more complicated on mobile.

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Once the connection between mobile and computer has been made through the software. It is also possible to quickly configure difficult smartphone factors. Such as transfering media files from mobile to pc, and Wi-Fi configuration.

Of course, the program does not neglect the possibility of installing applications and other types of elements that provide more functions and resources to users.


Android Transfer For Windows and Android Transfer For PC

Android Transfer for Windows (Software) has many options to personalize your mobile Simplified mobile control, although the interface is very simple. Where Android Transfer for PC (Software) is a simple file management software with a simpler interface, although it requires very less storage space.


We hope you found this information helpful. If you did, please share it with your friends and family. And don’t forget to download our free software so that you can easily transfer files between your mobile device and PC.

Thank you for reading!

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