What is Tableau software

Tableau For Students – It is a leading tool that stands out for its ease of integrating different types of data, it allows the creation of dashboards that facilitate decision-making based on the information generated.

As a leading software in Business Intelligence platforms, it allows us to integrate all the information in your model, so that you can work at the same time with an ERP system such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or with SQL Server databases.

Tableau For Students
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It allows integration with analytical platforms such as Google Analytics or collecting data from an Excel, in this way you can carry out an effective and quick analysis that facilitates the decision-making process.

Tableau For Students allows the generation of advanced analyzes in record times, the visualizations and demonstrations of the generated analyzes are impressive without having to carry out complex developments.

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Also, we can integrate all the data sources of our clients without complex infrastructures with direct connections to existing information systems or Data Warehouses without the need for development or external cloud systems. Thanks to this we can include in our analyzes data sources such as web statistics.

It is totally flexible as it can be configured to work under a server on your desktop or in the cloud.

Features of Tableau for Students Software

Tableau enables powerful and extremely flexible analytics without major deployment projects or replacing existing DW systems

 Connectivity -: Tableau connects to the vast majority of systems, including Cloud services.

 Power -: Tableau incorporates extremely easy-to-use statistical and mathematical analysis capabilities.

 Universality -: Tableau is independent and autonomous which allows it to be used at any point in the existing data processing process without breaking the current approach.

 Utility -: Tableau allows to generate both analyzes in a simple way or as dashboards with a very high complexity.

Characterstics of Tableau for Students Software

The data visualization tool is interactive, that is, you can perform actions and interact with the data, for example, as follows:

  • Compare the data in bulk
  • Filter the data
  • Create variables
  • Connect variables with others

It accepts Excel and Access formats, as well as allowing access to databases such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle and Greenplum.

Tableau makes data analysis easy and powerful

With Tableau Student, dashboards can be generated with intelligent control of the relationship between the different KPIs and with a total Drill-down level.

To develop corporate analysis and reporting distribution solutions in a flexible and extremely efficient way.

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As experts in data analysis and data mining, Clarcat has selected Tableau as a tool for developing analysis on your business processes.

Who uses Tableau Software

It is very important to know that these visualizations will be updated in real time and you will be able to insert or embed them ( embed ) on your website or on your blog.

In the same way that different professionals ( journalists, researchers, professors, students, analysts, critics, citizens, etc. ) are already doing it to support their posts with great interactive visualizations.

Working of Tableau Software

In order to develop your visualizations, Tableau Public provides Tableau Student License ( free version of Tableau Desktop ).

So that only by dragging and dropping these great results can be achieved.You do not have to have programming or database knowledge. it is only you need to know your information.

Tableau Versions

Its configuration is not complex and allows the choice of where and how to carry out its processes, it must be added that it is constantly growing and provides new updates with new functions of the tool.

Tableau Desktop

This option allows you to work with data ( Big Data ) in real time or in memory, you can extract massive data for a limited exploration quickly, using database technology and computer graphics to analyze huge data sets.

It also enables you to securely share underlying data views with Tableau Server and Tableau Online.

Tableau Server

It allows you to access interactive information from anywhere, connect to any data source securely, be it physical facilities or in the cloud.

Managing without risk is something you can do with Tableau, whether you use Active Directory, Kerberos, OAuth or another standard. Something that can be beneficial to your infrastructure is that it seamlessly integrates into your current security protocols.

Finally, allowing flexible deployments, whether you store data on-premises or in the cloud, Tableau Server integrates with your existing data infrastructure.

Tableau Online

Its slogan says Analysis for everyone anywhere it is designed for you to share and collaborate in the cloud.

It allows you to connect to cloud databases like Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery, you can also update data automatically from web apps like Google Analytics or Saleforce.

In other more functionalities it can provide secure and easy access to analyzes for its external equipment data management and user subscriptions, allowing the configuration of receiving updates.



RAW Graphs is an open source web tool and data visualization framework. They are intended to provide a missing link between spreadsheet applications ( for example, Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers ) and vector graphic editors ( for example, Adobe Illustrator and Sketch ).

You can simply insert your data into RAW Graphs and customize your graphics and export them as vector images (SVG) or raster images (PNG).

In addition the data loaded in RAW will be processed only by the web browser, which guarantees the security of the data.

The RawGraphs website indicates that the process for data visualization consists of only four steps:

  • Enter the data ( input ).
  • Select a scheme ( chart ).
  • Make the necessary adaptations ( customize )
  • Export / download chart ( download )


Raw Graphs and Tableau Software

Some tools like Tableau have a wide range of charts and tables, while some tools start to gain popularity due to interactive graphics like Raw Graphs.

Baraha Software Download

Tableau software download is the world’s most famous data visualization tool, allowing people to transform data into effective visualization ( charts, graphs, and even maps ).

Where Raw Graphs is an open source web tool and data visualization framework. They are intended to provide a missing link between spreadsheet applications.

Tableau software is a bit effective because it is a very powerful, secure, and flexible analytics platform and you can drag data into Tableau and graph it with your colleagues.

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