You must download your phone’s NT TV APK to stream top-notch sports and movies. Are you looking for a new android platform where you can explore a variety of entertaining content? If yes then this article is just for you only! Read this post thoroughly.

While getting bored in your free time there is something better you can do. Yes, it is about watching movies and getting entertained only. How do you stream online and manage content?


Most of us don’t want to buy premium membership of OTT platforms but still, we wanted to explore entertaining content. To solve this problem, we have come on a very useful new application called NT TV APK. This application is developed for android users only.

NT TV will bring different streaming features to your phone!

So, this post will be a complete guide on this application. You will read about its review, features, and steps to NT TV App Download. Make sure to read this post completely to use the app.

What is NT TV Apk?

With the rise in the popularity of smartphones, people are switching their interest from televisions to streaming applications. Streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, NT TV APK, Apple+, and Hulu have become popular among users.

But the problem with them is that they are often expensive and not always available.

NT TV is one of the best free streaming applications that offer movies and TV shows. This app has a wide range of content, and it also offers live channels. Its interface is clean and easy to use.

This application can be used on smartphones and tablets only.


This NT TV lets you watch a variety of channels, including sports, news, and documentaries. It also allows you to download your favorite shows and movies. You can stream tons of sports matches in high quality without buffering.

The app also has a feature that allows you to listen to the latest headlines, making it an ideal choice for people who are busy at work. NT TV APK has a huge library of movies and TV shows, and it can be downloaded directly to your phone.

The app makes sure to provide music and video content with quality.

It supports many languages, including Spanish, Turkish, and Hindi. The app is available in many parts of the world, and you can enjoy all its features for free. We will discuss more features in a while.

This is the perfect way to watch your favorite shows and movies on your Android device.

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Technical Information of NT TV APK

These are Technical Information of the NT TV APK please read all Technical Information.

App Name NT TV Apk
App Type Online TV
Latest Version V2.1.1
Developer Name NT TV
Android Required Android 4.4+
File Size 10MB
Mod Features Free to Use
Last Update 27/07/23

Features of the NT TV APK

We are using this application for months and found it very entertaining. Do you want to know what features are available on NT TV APK? We have discussed them below.

Live Sports

The most useful feature of which the app is popular, it allows you to stream live sports in extremely high quality. There are various sports channels for cricket, football, baseball, cricket, hockey, and many more. Enjoy your favorite sports here!

Free Content

On the NT TV app for android, you don’t need to buy any premium membership. It is very different from other OTT platforms. You only have to create an account on the latest version of the app, rest you don’t need to buy any membership. This app is free to use.


HD Video and Audio

While using this application you will experience high-definition video as well as audio quality. This will increase your entertainment level. But make sure to use a high internet connection for it. 

Music and Movies

The application is not limited to sports only because it also offers different genres of music and movie categories. You have to select your interest or just use the main menu to explore a variety of content on the app.

User-Friendly Interface

The best part about the application is, it has a very user-friendly interface. Most of the features are available on the main menu. You can select the language of the app, sub-titles are available, and you can adjust your streaming quality as well.

Why NT TV App Download?

NT TV App download allows users to access the vast array of content available on the platform. It provides an easy and convenient way for viewers to watch their favorite movies, shows, news and sports programs. The NT TV application also offers a variety of features such as catch-up services, parental controls, reminders and social media integration that enhances the overall viewing experience.

With its expansive library of content, you can easily find something to watch and enjoy without any hassle. Furthermore, this app provides reliable streaming with no buffering or lagging issues making it highly appealing among users. So why wait? NT TV App Download now and get ready to enjoy an amazing streaming experience

By downloading NT TV you gain access to the huge selection of content and can also take advantage of additional features like reminders, parental controls, and rating systems. The application also allows users to keep track of their viewing habits by providing a history timeline. This helps one identify which shows have already been watched and make it easier to pick up from where you left off.

How to NT TV Apk Download

We hope you have found the features of this application useful. Now you must want to NT TV Apk Download. Follow these steps to download and install the application on your phone.

  • You have to search NT TV APK.
  • Click on the first or second link shown on the browser.
  • Now search the Download button and click on it.
  • Allow the APK file to get downloaded.
  • Next, you have to install the application on your phone.
  • For this, you have to open your File Manager.
  • There you have to double-click on the downloaded file.
  • Make sure to allow the file to get installed.
  • Now, wait for installation.
  • Once the app gets installed open it.
  • Now make sure to create a new account here.
  • Enter basic details like name, phone number, and language.
  • Your account is ready now!
  • Now, you can explore a variety of content on this app for free!

Is NT TV Apk Safe?

This NT TV Apk is not available on the Google Play Store so you have to download it from a third-party website. You must have questioned whether is it safe or not. 

Well, the application is completely safe to use.

There are some other apps that can harm but not this one. Millions of users download the NT TV to experience online streaming services for free. This application offers many services free of cost. You have to download its latest version only for that.

The app works on android devices only so make sure to use it only on that!


Question - Does NT TV APK offer live TV channels or just on-demand content?

Answer - Yes, NT TV APK offers both live TV channels and on-demand content.
Question - Is NT TV APK safe and secure to use?

Answer - Yes, NT TV APK is a secure platform that uses the latest encryption technology to safeguard your personal data and privacy while streaming.
Question - Are there any subscription fees associated with using NT TV APK?

Answer - No, NT TV APK is completely free to use.
Question - Can I use NT TV APK to stream content on my TV?

Answer - Yes, you can stream content from NT TV APK on your television with devices such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV.
Question - Can NT TV APK be used on multiple devices at the same time?

Answer - Yes, you can use the same account on up to five different devices simultaneously. However, only one device can be actively streaming at any given time.


This was our guide on NT TV APK.

Today, online streaming has become very popular. Every 1 in 4 people has a membership on an OTT platform to watch online movies, sports, or web series. But, this application is offering you those features for free. So, NT TV App download it now.

We will update this post as soon as possible!

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