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Are you looking for Shruti Font to download for your PC? If yes, then you have clicked on the right post because today I am going to share an amazing review on this font. I will let you know how you can download the working software for this font and use it on your PC.

This font is currently very high in demand in the market.

Graphic designers, typing experts, as well as content writers are looking for this font. Well, the search is over. In this post, I will give a complete review of this font.

Here you will read about the working and key features of it.

Also, I will list the basic steps so you can also download the latest version of this font for your PC from this post. Read the post completely as it is free of cost.

So, let’s get started with our topic! Also, Check our previous article Raavi Punjabi Font & India Font.

What is Shruti Font?

Shruti Font is a computer-based tool used for typing purposes. Shruti Font is a type of font which comes for different languages in different styles. Various languages are present for Shruti Font which will look more attractive and unique on the content.

The most common languages are Gujarati and Telugu languages which use this font.

When a candidate has to give a typing test the font is present on the computer. If you are appearing in any computer typing-based test then you must practice with this font.

You can download the font from the post.

Shruti Font

The best part of this font is, it comes additionally and brings several other features as well. The installation process of this font is very easy and convenient. You can type using a regular keyboard.

If you wanted to use this font then all you have to do is, download its latest version and connect it with your computer by installing it. The installation can be done very quickly.

The set-up extension is Shruti.

But, I have listed the steps to Shruti Font download the latest version of this font in this post. It is available for free, you can use it on Windows without any buy.

Working of Shruti Font

If you are a regular typist on Windows then you must know the fact that most of the old Gujarati Shruti fonts are not appropriate for eye-catching content. They are non-Unicode in a typeface as well as not fluent with the typing speed.

To use these fonts, one also requires adding an extra keyboard or keyboard layout to his system.

But, this problem has been solved!

With me Shruti Font you will be getting an attractive Unicode font as well many more features.

This font has replaced all the old fonts like Avantika, LMG, Kapil, and LMG Arun. These are called legacy fonts but are only useful to typewriters. Now, modern systems are adapting new and fresh fonts.

Shruti Font

So, if you got bored with regular old fonts then you must get this one.

I will list the steps to download the latest version of the Shruti font in a while.

The Shruti Font gets added to your computer and provides various features. Installing to using the font everything is very easy. Even if you find any issue it will be solved by reading the guide present with it.

Now, installing Unicode has become very easy for users!

Key Features of Shruti Font

While using the Shruti font you will be going to experience a number of useful features. The key features are listed below.

Recommended font

The Shruti Font has become the first choice of many. Thousands of users use this font and recommend others for effective typing and working. This is a trusted font that will improve your overall work.

Attractive design

The font looks very attractive. It can be used for various purposes like designing, graphical work, creating content, and many more. Especially, if you want to type in a beautiful and unique way then you must use this font.

English keyboard

Most secondary languages require a keyboard with a particular language. But, shruti font can be easily typed on a regular keyboard. You don’t need to add any other keyboard layout, type the English key and get the specific letter for another language.

User-inter face

Using the tool is very simple. Once you download its file you have to only add it to your system. Its user interface is very convenient and can be used by everyone. Special recommended for professionals.

Free of cost

The latest version of the font can be downloaded without any buy. As it is available for free…you can achieve exclusive fonts free of cost. So, download it now.

Advantage & Disadvantage

I will shear the Advantages & disadvantages of the Shruti Font they help to know the good and bad things about this Application.


  • Easy for various typing purposes.
  • A Unicode for your PC.
  • Can download and install free of cost.
  • Can type using the regular English QWERTY keyboard layout.
  • Achieve an improvement in typing speed and accuracy.
  • Type in English and get results in a secondary language.


  • The font is useful for fancy purposes not classic.
  • You may face slow typing issues.
  • Not useful for typing secondary language numerals.

How to Shruti Gujarati Font Download

At this time many users find the Shruti Gujarati Font download purposes because they have to know if we are using this Shruti font so you can easily type anything in Gujarati without changing any keyboard style and other etc.

Users who wanted to Shruti Gujarati Font Download follow the listed steps.

Step#1 – Click on the DOWNLOAD button.

Step#2 – Get the set-up file of the tool.

Step#3 – Add it to your PC.

Step#4 – Re-start your PC.

Step#5 – Now open any typing software.

Step#6 – Type with Shruti Font easily for free.

Minimum System Requirements

Before Shruti Font Download the tool check and make sure your PC has these minimum requirements.

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and above.
  • 32 Bit or 64 Bit Processor.
  • 100KB Hard Disk Space.
  • No internet is required to use.


This was my review of Shruti Font.

The font is very beneficial for typists, content writers, as well as for graphic designers. It comes with better features and works compared to old fonts. It will defiantly improve your overall work.

You will find an increase in your typing speed as well.

So, Shruti Gujarati Font Download now! Also, Read this Vanavil Avvaiyar Tamil Font.

In conclusion, if you have found this review useful then make sure to share your views in the comment section.

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