Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.0 Apk

Download the latest version of BGMI, battlegrounds mobile India v1.0 apk for android.

After the ban on PUBG, BGMI has achieved millions of players within a few months. All the gamers who were very sad after the PUBG ban can play BGMI with the same experience.

BGMI is PUBG but in a better version!

In this post, you will read a guide on battlegrounds mobile India v1.0. Also, you will be able to know how to download the latest version of the game.

So, read this post till last.

Read about Battle Ground Mobile India

The BGMI or Battle Ground Mobile India is a complete action plus battle royale game. You can download Battle Ground Mobile India from the Play Store for free. The game provides you an opportunity to go around maps, game modes, challenges, and other adventures.

While jumping from the plan with your teammates you have to choose a good location. The whole map will be completely full of enemies and challenges. All players will cut others and survive till last.

battlegrounds mobile India v1.0 apk

This open-world shooting game can be played on both FPS and TPS cameras. You need to use weapons and aids to survive till last

The best part about the game is, that it can play solo, in a duo, and even in a team of four.

These all components make the battlegrounds mobile India v1.0 apk a successful game!

Technical information of BGMI Apk

These are Technical Information of BGMI Apk please read all Technical Information.

App NameBGMI Apk
App TypeAction Game
Latest VersionV1.0
Developer NameKrafton
Android RequiredAndroid 4.4+
File Size83MB
Mod FeaturesFree
Last Update21/03/2023

The latest version of BGMI Apk

There are a number of versions available for Battle Ground Mobile India. With the latest version, the Player Unknown Battle Ground has come up in association with Krafton. BGMI counted among the most played games in India. Here, a hundred players from all over the world come together and stand till last.

After the ban of PUBG, this apk version became the most popular game!

battlegrounds mobile India v1.0 apk

As most of the features are the same in PUBG and BGMI, the gaming experience for gamers has become better. Also, the new association with Krafton made the Indian users’ data secure. The apk files can be downloaded and saved inside the OBB location.

Use the link mentioned in the post and get the steps to download battlegrounds mobile India v1.0 apk on an android phone. Install the game manual and save the mod files in the original location. But before pasting the mod files make sure to remove the original ones.

BGMI Gameplay and Gaming Experience

If you have played the Player Unknown Battle Ground then you will like BGMI as well. These are the same game with different game distributors. Earlier the game was from Tencent but now after the ban of PUBG, it came as BGMI from Krafton.

The gameplay is the same but the gaming experience is better.

In BGMI, the game starts on a spawn island with 99 other players. Then all a hundred players get on the same plane and then start jumping onto the game island. The best map to play in Orange.

Several other maps like Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Livia, and Karakin are there.

On these maps, you have to jump to a location where you think you can survive and play best. Then, you need to collect weapons, health, and other useful items.

The playing area shrinks with time and at last, it gets too small while bringing all the surviving players together. At last, one player or one team survives and wins.

The battlegrounds mobile India v1.0 apk is about statistics and controls!

Features of Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.0 Apk

Read about some other useful features of battlegrounds mobile India v1.0 apk:


The weapons of BGMI and PUBG are similar. Pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, snipers, and throwers are very realistic in the game. You should always carry a long and medium-range gun.


No doubt the graphics quality of the battleground is amazing! You can set the graphic quality as per your device. Surroundings and items look colorful while playing.

Duo and Team gameplay

Why play alone when you can team up with your friends? If you don’t have any online friends at the moment, you can also team up with random players online.

Maps and modes

The game will keep you entertained and interested with its different maps and modes. More than five types of maps are available to play complete or short matches. Also, different types of modes are present in practice.


Controls are a very important point in every game. In BGMI, you can customize the controls as you like. You can play with two or four fingers. You can also add more triggers and make the controls better. The sensitivity for every scope and weapon can be adjusted manually.

How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.0 app on Android?

To install the mod version of Battle Ground Mobile India you have to download it from a third-party website. The cracked version is not available on the Google Play Store.

Download the original file of the game from the website.

Go to Android Settings and click on Security Settings. You have to enable Unknown Source there. Now open the File Manager and then click on the downloaded apk file, and install it. Next, you have to run the game by opening it.

The game will complete a 690Mb download when you open it. This can be done automatical if the internet connection is strong enough. To download the files manually you have to follow other steps.

You have to download the mod files for battlegrounds mobile India v1.0 apk. Copy the downloaded files and then paste them into Android<OBB.

Once the mod files get pasted successfully to the right location, you can run the game.

What’s new in BGMI 2.5 Update

BGMI, or Battlegrounds Mobile India, has released its latest update, version 2.5, with several exciting new features. One of the most significant additions is the new ‘Flora Menace’ mode, which is set in a new location called ‘Cell Matrix.’ This mode introduces a new plant-based enemy that players must fight off using weapons and tactics.

Another new addition is the ‘Throwables Training’ mode, which allows players to practice throwing various types of grenades and other throwable weapons to improve their skills. Additionally, the new update has introduced a new ‘Survival Mastery’ system, which rewards players for completing various survival-related objectives in the game.

The update has also added several new weapons, vehicles, and attachments, giving players even more options to choose from when customizing their loadouts. Overall, the BGMI 2.5 update has brought some exciting changes and new features to the game, and players are sure to enjoy exploring everything it has to offer.


This was my review of battlegrounds mobile India v1.0 apk.

I hope you have found all the details useful, about the mod version. And also, you have liked the latest version of the game.

So, make sure to download the game for free! Also, Check PUBG Mobile Lite, Ipad View Apk & FAUG Download Apk.

This is an exciting online battle royale game, that thousands of active gamers play regularly.

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