Strange VPN Apk

Strange VPN Apk is an advanced VPN host addition application that keeps you protected and safe from hackers and thieves. It is a very safe and secure addition application for visiting blocked applications and websites.

The internet is also called a virtual world formed by beings, it is present to serve various human needs from the human, by the human, and to the human. The internet might have created many arguments but this is a big reason for bringing people closer and together.

Based on the information, entertainment, work, and other factors there are lots of advantages of the internet. But with some pros, we can also see the cons in this field. The more you enjoy the benefits of the internet the more its disadvantages will bring harm to you!

Strange VPN Apk

These harms or dangers are all about viruses and scammers, a million internet users face scams and frauds in a year causing huge losses of money.

For this users have to protect themselves and their internet by using an advanced VPN application.

In the market, there are tons of options for choosing the best VPN for android. But most of them either do not work properly or have paid usage. But the VPN I have selected today is Strange VPN Apk, free of cost and holds significant performance.

So, in this post, I have covered some noteworthy details on this amazing application. Here you will read about the working and major features of Strange VPN. You will get a link to download the latest version of the app as well.

Thus read this post till last and use the link to download the app.

Working on Strange VPN Apk

Strange VPN Apk is a private VPN utility, which helps a user to be safe from various hackers and viruses. Today, hackers are performing different kinds of hacking, this includes cell hacking as well. So, this application is built to customize hosts or outlined host addresses and sometimes IPs as well!

This VPN was developed by falcon, this company holds a worthy name in the market. The reason behind developing the app was to help users who go through a lot of unauthentic websites and applications.

Sometimes, we click on the wrong or corrupt website. Being unaware of this fact, we generate a risk of scams and fraud. To defend you and your internet browsing experience, applications like Strange VPN Apk create customized hosts and IPs.

Moreover, it can be also used while streaming online games and movies. We play games with individuals from different corners of the world and we don’t know who is playing as an opponent against us. It might be a hacker or even a scammer!

To avoid getting scammed during these lengthy games you must use Strange VPN.

Lz Hack App

The latest version of the application is v2.2.1 which I am going to share later in this post. It has a very compact size about 2Mb only! This means you can explore the internet without any restrictions having no storage burden on your phone.

So, this was the basic concept of this VPN now let’s check out some major features of it.

Additional Information

These are Additional Information on Strange VPN Apk Check it Now.

Application NameStrange VPN Apk
Current VersionV2.2.1
Last Update10/01/23
File Size1MB
Required VersionAndroid 4.4+
Developed ByFalcon

Features of Strange VPN Apk

These all are special Features of Strange VPN Apk read all features before downloading this Apk.

Access to websites

We all are not worthy to go through some websites. This may be due to restrictions or the high security of the website, but by using this VPN you can open any website or app on your phone. All blocked websites can be opened by using this app, by connecting to the server you can enter your favorite websites.

Fresh IP

IP is a significant aspect that monitors your work on the internet. By this you can be monitored by a hacker, he can be your browsing details as well. But Strange VPN Apk adds fresh IP and hides your original IP so nobody can watch your browsing details on the internet.

Largest Security

Security is an essential aspect while using any additional application on your phone. Well, Strange VPN is purely safe to use. You can operate this application on your android mobile with v4.0 or above facing no further issues.

Access to locations

As a VPN works by offering locations of different countries, here you can use the locations of countries like Asia, Europe, Russia, India, Australia, and many more. Thus, it keeps you connected to the fastest server.

Price and Supported Platforms

Strange VPN Apk is an advanced application in this field. You may get paid ads and a premium version for this VPN but truthfully, it is free of cost you don’t need to pay any charge to use it. Talking about the supported platforms, it can be used on both android and iOS mobile phones.

Advance Mod Features

These are Advance Mod Features of Strange VPN Apk Download check it Now.

  • No Ads
  • No Crashing
  • Full free to Use
  • Powerful VPN
  • No.1 Strange VPN Apk Download for Free Fire
  • Light Weight Apk less than 1Mb.
  • Easy to Use
  • the fastest and safest VPNs in the world
  • The user interface is very convenient and easy to use
  • 100% free to download and use.
  • You can hack games by injecting hosts or hacking files

How to Strange VPN Apk Download

If you are a gamer and you play an Online game like Free Fire & PUBG but at this time this Game is Banned in India You need a VPN for Playing this game on a different country server so I recommend this Strange VPN Apk Download for Free Fire and play without any Issue.

  • Click on the link DOWNLOAD.
  • Download the set-up file of the Strange VPN.
Strange VPN Apk
  • Open the file manager and Install it.
Strange VPN Apk
  • After Install Click on the file and Open it.
  • Open this Application select the Host file and click on Confirm Button.
Strange VPN Apk
  • After selecting Host File swipe up the white Button on Up Side and Enjoy This VPN.

After completing the Below steps your Strange Vpn Apk Download and Install. Then Enjoy our Online Games like- Free Fire, and PUBG.

Usage of Strange VPN Host Apk

Every People think what is the use of this Strange VPN Host Apk so I will shear Important Uses Check it Now.

Step#1 – This VPN Makes the Host File by Self or gets it from an Internet Connection.

Step#2 – Store our file on your phone anywhere you can choose or accessible.

Step#3 – For Start Click the blue-button where at the bottom of the screen.

Step#4 – Then select the Storage VPN host file which you make or get from the Internet Connection

Step#5 – For Stop Click the big white button which is like a switch for running and the white button will turn green.

Step#6 – Enjoy It.

Strange VPN Apk Download for Free Fire

If you are an Online Action Gamer and you like to play Free Fire but after the Chinees Application was Banned Strike by the Indian Government. All 300+ Chinese App Banned and also ban Free Fire & PUBG then playing these games on the Indian server is not possible so this time most gamers use VPN for playing these games on different Country servers.

TR Vibes Apk

In this case, this Strange VPN Apk launches our VPN for Free Fire playing, and most of the gamers after a second of launch Strange VPN Apk Download for Free Fire and enjoy the gameplay. If you also love to play Free Fire but You need a VPN so I recommend using this free fire VPN host file download also you are the best player of PUBG and you Need a VPN for Playing then Use a strange VPN for PUBG hack download and Enjoy.


If you don’t like this Strange Vpn Host Apk and you find an alternative to this VPN so I will shear the best Alternative to this Strange VPN Host.

Tunnel Bear

TunnelBear is a public-private network service. It developed as paid VPN but there are several free versions present on the internet. You can use this VPN for its amazing features.

It comes in a very compact size.


When it comes to a user-friendly VPN with a modest interface and supportive performance, GooseVPN stands in the topmost position. Here you will get all the necessary features required from a VPN.

It has a straightforward but paid service for users. I recommend this for Asian and American users!

FAQs – Strange VPN Apk

Some Important Questions about Strange VPN Apk with Answers.

Question – Why Strange VPN Host is different from other VPN Apps?

Answer – This VPN comes with the host file upload functionality. A normal VPN just connects you to the chosen server but Strange VPN Host Apk offers you the ability to integrate the uniquely created Anti-ban host file.

Question – How I Can download the latest version of this Apk?

Answer – Latest version of this app is available in my article download section and also this application after the new launch of Version takes recommend.

Question – Can I Hack PUBG Mobile?

Answer – Yes, you can easily hack PUBG Mobile and other battle royal games with this app.


So, these are the major aspects of Strange VPN Apk, if you miss out on any point you must read this post again.

This VPN is free to use, it has a very compact size and used by millions of users all over the world. Its significant factors make it the best VPN for mobile.

You can use this VPN without facing any problems. So, if you wanted to be secure from scammers and fraud hackers…you must try Strange VPN Apk for once!

Download Strange VPN 2020 now!!!

Moreover, if you found this post useful you can share your views in the comment section.

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