Bike Race Mod Apk

Racing games never get out of trend! The craze and demand for racing games always remain high among the new genre. So I will shear an Article About Bike Race Mod Apk.

These games hold enough potential to provide a quality gaming experience.

Compared to the past few years, most gamers are shifting towards either simulation or racing games.

When it comes to racing Bike Race Hacked Apk games never get old! What is more exciting than holding an exclusive bike and driving like a professional?

 Bike Race Mod Apk

Well, while keeping these aspects today I came around one of the best racing games till now and that is Bike Race Mod Apk.

This game will take you to an extreme level of racing experience.

In this article, we will discuss this game and its essential factors.

Read till the end as you are going to get a link to download this Bike Race Free Mod Apk.

Without waiting any further let’s move straight to the topic.

Introduction of Bike Race Mod Apk

The center of attraction of this game is its tagline that says One of the best free racing games on Android Play now without Wi-Fi!

On 23 March 2013, Bike Race Mod Apk was released by Top Free Games under the racing category.

This is the only game offered by this developer and still, it achieved a hundred million downloads.

The last update was given on November 2020 for version 8.0.0. In this update, they fixed several bug issues.

Bike Race Apk is appreciated by a high number of users, it has been rated with 4.2 stars and 2 million reviews!

Bike Race Mod Apk

These high numbers of positive feedback are pretty awesome for a racing game.

Although this game is rated for 3+ but to complete its exclusive missions you need to create tough plans!

It stands well in a number of aspects.

Whether it is about graphics quality or gameplay Bike Race Mod Apk holds effective features.

So, what this game is all about? Let’s know below.

Technical Information

I Have shear Some Technical Information of the Bike Race Mod Apk in below List check it Now.

Game TypeRacing
Latest Version V8.2.0
Developer Top Free Game
Android RequiredAndroid 4.2+
File Size37MB
Mod FeaturesUnlocked
Last Update 25/12/2022
License Free

The gameplay of Bike Race Mod Apk

Like any other racing game, Bike Race Mod Apk has quite a different gameplay concept!

Here you are going to compete with others while performing risky stunts.

Whereas every other game has the same concept of plain track for racing this game holds unique gameplay from them.

Tracks are not on the plain, instead zigzag trails with curves and slopes are built.

Bike Race Mod

These trails even get broke at some point, for that you have to perform stunts.

Besides this major factor of gameplay, you will find beautiful backgrounds as well! Mountains, valleys, rivers, and many more eye-pleasing natural things are included in this game.

As the name says Bike Race Mod, you are also going to see exclusive bikes in this game!

We all must have dreamed to ride a racing bike, well this game will make our dream virtual true.

My Cafe Mod Apk

These bikes can be customized as well.

If you download this Bike Race Pro Mod Apk you will get several options to choose from among bikes.

Overall Bike Race Mod Apk has many and unique gameplay.

Features of Bike Race Mod Apk

Among several factors of a game features are essential ones.

If you found a game with worthy features then downloading and playing it doesn’t get wasted.

This practice is followed by Bike Race Mod Apk. It has valuable features to discuss.

Some of its features are as follows:

  • 2D built feature is pretty good for racing. You might be a fan of 3D games but believe me, the 2D aspects of this game don’t let your expectations down.
  • ATTD gameplay is in this game. You will introduce yourself to perform a lot of stunts. A number of other features can see in this application.
  • Bike Racer is the main character of this game that drives a motorcycle and performs dangerous stunts. The developer has set up amazing trick methods in this game.
  • Valuable graphics and good sound quality make this game more realistic and interesting. I recommend using headphones while playing this game, the engine sound of bikes feels really convincing.
  • Simple Controls is the tilt functionality that you can use to lean your bike in a certain direction. And to make the control as relatable as possible, you can adjust the sensitivity of the touch and lean options.
  • Perform epic stunts with your bikes to Pull out incredible tricks on varied terrain and earn yourself incredible scores. Unlock awesome boosts with Bike Race Pro.
  •  Try Different Tracks is amazing in this Apk because players are also introduced to over 14 different worlds. With each world, players will have their chances to test their driving skills on dozens of different tracks.

Important Mod Features

This is Some Important Mod Features of Bike Race Mod Apk please check all Features.

  • Single & Multiplayer Game
  • Simple Controls
  • 14 Addictive Worlds
  • Challenging Tracks
  • 16 Amazing Bikes
  • Accelerate by Touch
  • Cool Stunt Tanks
  • Earn Stars to Unlocked Level
  • Unlimited Coin Download
  • All Bike Unlocked
  • Top Moter Cycle for Play
  • Unlimited Money Download

Pricing and Supporting Platform

When it comes to playing and enjoy Bike Race Mod Apk, people always have quarry whether this game is free or paid.

Although various sites charge to provide this game you can download this game for free now! The link mentioned in this article will help you to download cost-free.

Bike Race Mod Apk Download

However one can buy tools in this game starting from Rs80.

Now talking about the supporting platform, you only need an android device with version 4.2 or above.

To play on the computer download Bluestacks and follow the given steps.

How To Bike Race Mod Apk Download

After reading the Review of This Bike Race Mod Apk many users find the Download Link because this game is very simple and unique For this reason, many users find Download Link for downloading this Bike Race Mod Apk Download.

Click this Download link and download this game and also I will shear some Installation Guides for Instruction please check all Points before Installing this game.

On a mobile phone

  • Click on the link DOWNLOAD.
  • Install the set-up file.
  • Open the game.
  • Play for free!

On computer:

  • Open Bluestacks.
  • Search for Bike Race.
  • Open the game.
  • Play for free!

How to Play This Game

Most users after Installing this Bike Race Pro Mod Apk demand a Gameplay Video for learning command and Control.

So I will give Gameplay Video this video help to learn all Control and Command.

Please watch the full video and learn after learning apply all things in this game and make big records.


This Time Many Types of Alternative games are present in Play Store but I will share only Two Alternative games they have to look at same as these Bike Race Mod Apk games.

Everyone downloads These Alternative games and enjoys them.

Traffic Rider

When it comes to bike races or bike driving, this game can’t be neglected! It is about an amazing bike driving experience in traffic.

Over a hundred million users already played this game.

And it crossed seven million feedback as well.

I have already covered a complete post on Traffic Rider Mod Apk.

Check that now!

Download this under 110MB.

Real Bike Racing

Another worthy game with great gameplay and sound quality, this game were developed by Italic games.

Here you are going to see a classic racing display like the old days.

This game has tons of bikes and modes to play.

Over a hundred million users played this game and the next turn is yours!

Download this under 25MB.

FAQs – Bike Race Mod Apk

Some Important Question about Bike Race Mod Apk with Answer.

Question – How do you download the bike race game?

Answer – Simple, I will give some download link in my previous heading Please check.

Question – Which is the best offline bike racing game?

Answer – Bike Race Mod Apk is best Offline game in this Time.

Question – How can I learn bike racing?

Answer – Simple check gameplay video for learning then after you can play bike racing game.

Question – What is sport bike racing called?

Answer – Motorcycle Racing


Above we have discussed Bike Race Mod Apk and read about its useful factors.

Based on the aspects we read we can state it as one of the best bike racing games till now!

Although the gaming industry has grown a lot and games with very high-quality graphics already exist in the market this one has some unique and interesting concepts.

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So, what you are waiting for? DOWNLOAD this game now!!!

I hope you found the necessary details in this article.

If you have any views on this game the comment section is open for you.

Also, mention which software or game you need brief information about.

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