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If you have some experience in the designing field, you must introduced to the term Letterhead. A letterhead is a header of a company latter. They can be the Company’s logo, name, and other information as well.

It used to display correspondence or the profession of any Company. Different personalized letterheads used by business companies.

A variety of leatherheads can created. Slandered, Specialized, Executive, and Customized Letterhead are some of the examples of letterheads. Every company tries to create a unique letterhead.

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Hundreds of software are present online which you use for letterhead designing. People get confused among them.

In this article, I will discuss one of the best letterhead design software i.e. Venngage. All the points will be in detail and your confusion related to this term will defiant short out.

So, let’s get started.

Venngage Working

Venngage is a platform where you can do infographic designs and convert your data into more impressive content. It helps users to create charts, graphs, and info graphs.

This software contains a lot of array features as well. It can sued for free seasoned designing for beginners. And it is a good solution for those who wanted to create influential content.


You will get a creative interface and sure like to work with this. From customizing templates to designing attractive canvas, choosing Venngage will be a great step for you.

It includes every type of business. Whether you are in a small, medium, or big business enterprise Venngage will be the right option for you.

Venngage Features

Beside easy use, customize themes, icons, and clip arts Venngage has many features. Some of them listed below:

  • 100 images upload.
  • Branding.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Team sharing.
  • Unlimited infographics.
  • Premium charts and icons.
  • Custom templates.
  • Controlled privacy.
  • Unlimited support.
  • Business and Premium Templates.
  • Export PNG, PDF, inactive PNG, and PDF, Hi-Res PNG.

So, these are some impressive features you will get on Venngage. Because of these, it stands in the list of Top 20 Letterhead Software.

Moreover, its features perform great and got rated 9.0 out of 10. This shows how Venngage can help you to complete your projects.

Venngage is free

This software comes in both free and paid plans. If you are a beginner, suggest you go for trial or free plans.

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Venngage has classified its plans into a Free, Business, and Premium plan. Which buy monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Below I listed how you can choose plans


  • Free Plan :- Cost nothing.
  • Business Plan :- $49 per month.
  • Premium Plan :- $19 per month.


  • Free Plan :- Cost nothing.
  • Business Plan :- $43 per month.
  • Premium Plan :- $17 per month.


  • Free Plan :- Costs nothing.
  • Business Plan :- $39 per month.
  • Premium Plan :- $16 per month.

The purpose of categorizing these plans is that when you go with high plans…your features get superior. But, you can also work efficient with a free plan.

Supported Platforms and Technical Details

Venngage is wide software, over 20 thousand businesses like Google, Microsoft, Moz, Forbes, and many more connected to this.

Talking about supportive devices, it can run in Windows, Mac, and other Web-based systems. But, Venngage supports English only.


Almost every sized business can attach to Venngage. Whether you have a Small, Large, Medium Enterprise or you are a Freelancer, you can easi join this software.

Hence, these are support systems and some technical details you need to know before installing the software.

How to install Letterhead Software

The installation process of this software is very simple. You have a choice between downloading free or paid plans. Most of the people prefer free download so I listed below steps to download and install this free software.

  1. Download the zip file by clicking HERE.
  2. After the competence of the zip file, open the file in your system by double-clicking on it.
  3. Installation Window will appear, click on I Agree.
  4. Finish the process.
  5. Your software has been installing perfectly!

To download the designed project from online

  1. Create letterhead online project and save on the Venngage editor.
  2. Open your file online.
  3. Click Free Download.
  4. Your project will download in your system as PNG.

Benefits of Venngage Letterhead Software

This software is useful for many non-designers as well. It allows users to preinstall the company’s info and also preselect typeface, taglines, and color.

The major benefits of using Venngage are designer templates, cost, branding, and sharing tools. Let’s know more about them.

  • Customizable Templates:- This software has high customized templates that consent users to create visually impressive content. You will get many tools in its interface that needed to edit an attractive template. Size, color, text, opacity, and many more tools are available on Venngage.
  • Branding Structures:- You can also consume the backend of the system to specify different brand parameters. Preinstalling the Company’s logo, color, taglines, and all make your work effective. You can use aspects while starting the project that ensures customized and branded content.

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  • Cost-Operative:- It is an easy way to deal with designs from Venngage. When most of the people face problem while hiring professionals for designing, you can easily operate with this software. You save handsome money while working on Venngage.
  • Sharing Finished Projects:- Another benefit of using Venngage is you can share your projects on other platforms as quickly as you want. This helps users to publish their content as a blog. While you can also download infographics as PDF or JPG.

Alternatives for Venngage

A lot of alternative software are present online. Some of them paid and some are free, you can use them in place of Venngage.

  • Kimpo.io
  • Fotor
  • Revel iPad POS
  • eMaint
  • DesignPac
  • Zapier
  • Templafy
  • Paint Tool SAI
  • Aradial
  • PhotoDirector

Above I listed some software that gives a tough competition to Venngage.


So, we discuss a lot about Venngage Software and it shows that choosing this as your online letterhead maker designing software will be a great decision.

A lot of competitors are present in the market but the reason for Venngage is its free/ low price plans. You will experience good performance from it.

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We can say that Venngage is beneficial for impressive content.

Hope this article helped you! Which letterhead designing software you are using till now? And what are your opinions about Venngage Software? Comment below and let us know.

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