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Oracle Database or Oracle Software is a management system by Oracle Corporation. It is a multi-model which means many databases are organized in this single data model.

It started in 1977 as Software Development Laboratory by Larry Ellison and his two co-workers Bob Miner & Ed Oates. Later in 1979, it was released as Oracle.

The first version of the software is named Oracle v2. Since then more than 25 versions released related to this and the latest one Oracle Database 19c released in August 2019.

Today, it is one of the best leading companies. Over 65,000 customers have access to their software, over the world. Let’s discuss more Oracle.

Oracle Software Working

Oracle used for many purposes like running Data Warehousing, Online Transitions, and mixed workloads. It is available by various service providers as on-cloud, on-prem, and hybrid cloud as well. This means it can also run on third-party servers.

This software offers applicants to every sized business of any industry. Applicants can be ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner), CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), Supply Chain Manager, Finance Manager, and Transport Manager.

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Oracle has about 10+ software product lines.

It offers applicants related to business analytics as well. For this, it uses ERP, Hyperion, Agile, Primavera line applications.

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Omit, the major working of Oracle is to help customers lowering the IT costs and delivering a high-quality service.


The features were always at their best. Oracle software download has updated themselves over time, they always give services up to modern times.

  • It sells over 300 different software models.
  • Tons of official and non-official documents are available.
  • Technical administrative are present having long experience.
  • Many programming languages like Python, Perl supported in this software.
  • Oracle offers a good backup service.
  • You will experience a significant performance from this software.
  • Support and Security service is also pretty well. It has secure data on the internet.
  • Oracle performs on data management.
  • It has wide adaptability, leading to improve your professional skills.
  • You get a high performing Database in Oracle.
  • Oracle also archives the old records.
  • Has more than 3, 70,000 customers in 145 countries.

Supported Platform

Oracle is a wide platform that created a large web across the world. Users can use it on many platforms with various languages.

You can operate Oracle software free download on Windows, Linux, macOS, HP-UX Itanium, Oracle Solaris, AIX, and many more.

oracle software download
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The least hardware required for the installation of Oracle software is 10GB disk speed.

Additionally, you should update the patch versions regular…that keeps your software up to date.

How to install Oracle Software

The installation process for this software is very simple. , download the zip file by clicking HERE and follow these steps for installing:

1. Click, HERE, and download ORACLE SOFTWARE supportable to your operating system.

2. Open Downloads on your computer.

3. Download the 64-bit file and click the right to select EXTRACT ALL.

4. Extract files to the same folder.

5. Run the zip file set-up according to your system’s need.

6. For the installation process, enter the Global Database name and Oracle System Identifier.

7. Finally, click on Install.

So, your software has installed . Restart the system in safe mode and run the application.

How Oracle is useful

Oracle database software download is a wide software that has many advantages to use. Some of them listed below:

1. High Performance:- Oracle provides high speed on applications and large databases. More than 100GB data referred by Oracle and approx. 10GB of personal administrative experience. It assures transition control and locking on raw performance.

2. Movability:- Oracle is a flexible software that can operate in 100+ hardware with 20 networking protocols. Also, not high knowledge required to use Oracle.

3. Many Database Support:- By using a two-phase commit protocol, the oracle can manage many databases with a single transition. Your DBA can optimize location without re-examination or any pre-planning.

4. Updated Versions:- Oracle has created more than 25 versions and still counting. So, you always get updated from time to time.

5. Cursors Support:- It supports cursors that ease the programming while working. Cursor helps you to do row-by-row processing. This software supports many cursors per connection.

Hence, these are some advantages to use Oracle Software.

Alternatives of Oracle Software

Lots of software is present online that works alike Oracle database download. Let’s discuss some of them:-

1. SQ Lite:- SQ Lite is a lightweight software that is supportable on many platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. It is a library that contains serverless, self-contained servers. Its source code is also in the public domain.

2. Mongo DB:- Another software that can use in place or Oracle is Mango DB. It is a scalable and flexible document database, it makes the work easy by indexing and providing real-time aggregation. This helps to analyze your Mongo DB data.

3. Sequel Pro:- A software with free open source. It is supportable and known as the fastest database manager in Mac. If you are a Mac programmer, developer, or web developer…this software will make your work easy.

4. Tibero:Through strong keys and expanded encryption, Tibero assures database reliability by clustering and improving data security. It is more automatic than Oracle, as you don’t need to change in existing SQL/PL.

5. Microsoft SQL Server:This software works on Windows and Linux only, it helps by storing data from every kind of database. Whether your database structured or unstructured, this SQL server organizes your documents. Its capacity is approx. 10GB.

So, these are some software you can use in the place Oracle. But why I prefer Oracle because it is easy to use with the multi-database.

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Oracle 11g free download is better than other software?

You can say Oracle latest version is far better than much other software but it can’t be stated as best. It also has some cons like pricing, finding specialists, complexity, and expensive license.

But, if you are a professional and have some good knowledge in this field you must try Oracle once.


So, we discussed a lot about the Oracle 11g express edition free download. You may get other alternatives but this one assures great performance.

We can say Oracle is beneficial for a wide database.

Hope this article helped you! To handle the database, which software you are using till now? Comment below and let us know.

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