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Even in this modern world, Telugu is an extraordinary language that is being used by 75 million people. But many people don’t know the Telugu language so I will provide Lipikaar Telugu typing software for Writing & Learning.

Telugu is the language which is not just limited within roman manuscripts, even though it is being widely spoken in this world as we discussed the numbers above.

The era of Digitization is evolving like a trend, any person that may include readers and writers are moving towards the digital platforms not just for social media or entertainment.

but also for good readings and the requirement of such Telugu writers must be on hit in the market Therefore,

the straight and clear point is that the typing skills for Telugu in computers are always necessary for writing any context matter for Telugu readers.

Morpho Fingerprint Scanner Software

There are tons of Telugu Typing Software already available on the internet to boost the Typing skills of an individual or any organization in a very effective way.

It is quite hard to find truly free English-to-Telugu translation typing software free download that increases our typing experience.

but we’ve researched well and finalized one best Telugu Typing Software for windows 10 for free to help the user to start learning to type comfortably with their available resources.

Especially for the beginners to get a constant flow of typing in English to Telugu Translation language Telugu Typing Software for Windows 10 is a faster way to learn fast typing in computing devices.

Introduction of Telugu Typing Software

Today I will Present Best Telugu Typing software for Writing & Learning.

Lipikaar – Lipikaar Software is a writing program that helps you to acquire good typing skills in Telugu with PC keyboards and laptops.

It is the best software for those who are seeking a way to start Telugu Typing Software in a most effective and practical way.

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It develops the working potential required to write down Telugu by typing in computers, because of the solid structure provided by this Lipikaar software and also different practices are provided to facilitate the training of an equivalent and also to extend the speed of typing.

Telugu Typing Software For Windows 10 aims to provide effective services, that is, language typing along with saving time and money.

Key Features of Telugu Typing Software

Some Important Key features of Telugu Typing Software.

  • Available especially for the Telugu language
  • Ready to use with different keyboard layouts (QWERTY, Dvorak, QWERTZ, AZERTY, etc.)
  • You can edit the keyboard layout by configuring the position of the keys as you like
  • Basic tasks to memorize the position of the keys
  • Adaptability practice
  • Speed typing
  • Fluence typing
  • Progress charts
  • Allows you to import external texts
  • Clean graphical interface

Telugu Typing Software for Windows 10 is absolutely free writing software that allows you to learn to write easily and fairly quickly.

It teaches the training process for Telugu typing through its GUI and also helps you get aware of good typing speed during a short span of your time.

This particular Telugu Typing software is useful for beginners.

It may be utilized by schools, universities and institutions to impart typing knowledge easily and freed from charge.

How To Work on Telugu Typing Software

There should be no doubt that this Telugu Typing Software will guide you to increase your typing speed and reduce errors while writing faster by pursuing your typing speed practice.

As we discussed Telugu Typing Software is a free program to learn typing in Telugu that allows you to master the technique of keyboard typing.

Without the knowledge of writing, you will face many difficulties in your daily typing in Telugu.

So, you can learn the art of writing with the help of this free software.

The first time you start this software, it offers you a short typing course that lasts less than an hour.

After that, it analyzes your writing speed and offers you suggestions, and also offers several lessons to find out and practice English To Telugu Typing .

This particular software is another variety of free typing software that helps to understand and acquire Telugu writing skills with much ease.

Nowadays, users face a lot of problems if they don’t know the particular ability of fluent computer typing.

This free software serves the cause and helps you learn allthe necessary techniques for fast, smooth and proper typing in Telugu.

As soon because the particular software starts working, a course of study on Telugu Typing Software is provided there, lasting but an hour.

This course really assesses your typing rate and even provides many tips and also different practice programs that allow you to find out more and therefore the proper process for writing Telugu on your computer.

While we discuss the working of this software, we must take a look at its compatibility on different computers.

Lipikaar English to Telugu converter is one of the famous Telugu writing software that is compatible with the most famous operating system i.e. Microsoft Windows.

How to Download Telugu Typing Software for Windows 10

Everyone needs the best Telugu Typing Software For Windows 10 Software for Install so I Will Present the Best Software Download link and also shear Downloading Process because after download the Software everyone needs Installing Process so Check It Now.

STEP#1 – Download “Lipikaar Typing Software” from the link provided below.

STEP#2 – After Download This file “Software Application” saved in Gallery.

STEP#3 – Click this file and “Install Typing Software” for windows.

After Install This Telugu Typing Software then you can use free and improve your Telugu typing.

Software Working Video

After Telugu typing software for windows 10, many People need a Working video for Practice and Learning of command so I will Give One Video for Learning Software Working and Learning How to work on this software so please watch this video.

Alternative of Software

In one way or another, each software has its alternatives as a competitor in the market.

The same applies to Lipikaar software as there is a wide range of this type of Telugu Typing software.

Many of them on the market would be mostly similar to this software, but as we are here to take a look at a better alternative so here we go.

Anu software

It is another free Telugu Typing Software that helps you learn the proper way of typing Telugu from the basic level.

Mainly built for beginner or basic level but also provides learning for advanced level.

Kundli Pro 5.0 software

It allows you to adapt writing techniques and also allows you to practice writing becomes essential for an individual whose work focuses on working with computers where this Telugu typing skill is very required.

It is not a really difficult software to know , but, on the contrary, quite easy.


Both are good to use, but as we are discussing the comparison, Lipikaar Software is quite better than Telugu Typing software for windows 10 in terms of features and work mentioned above.

Although Anu Script Software allows forming your own practice lessons for the aim of self-practice along with skill development and improvement displayed,

a daily basis on the dashboard After all Telugu Typing Software also consists of all necessary features for faster typing and it is a lightweight software that is practical and easy to use for everyone.

FAQs – Telugu Typing Software

Some Important Questions about Telugu Typing Software for Windows 10 with Answers.

Question – Which is the best Telugu typing software?

Answer – Lipikaar is best Software for Telugu Type.

Question – How can I type Telugu typing in computer?

Answer – Yes, Use Lipikaar Software and Typing Telugu in Computer.

Question – How can I type Telugu letters in Word?

Answer – Same Use Lipikaar Software it’s help to write in MS Word.

Question – How can I get Telugu keyboard?

Answer – Download online Keyboard & Buy Telugu Keyboard.

Question – How can I change my keyboard from English to Telugu?

Answer – Yes, It’s Simple.

Question – How many Telugu letters are there?

Answer – 56 characters.

Question – Is Telugu hard to learn?

Answer – Yes or Not, It depend on you learning skill.

Question – Is Tamil older than Telugu?

Answer – No Idea but Telugu is older than Tamil.

Question – Who invented Telugu letters?

Answer – Nannaya Bhatta.

Question – Who speaks Telugu in the world?

Answer – Telugu is the language of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post on the Lipikaar Telugu Typing Software. This software is a great tool for anyone who needs to type in Telugu. The software is easy to use and has many features that make it a valuable resource for anyone who needs to type in Telugu. We encourage you to try the software and Let us know how you like it.

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  1. Thanks for the Information.! I would like to clarify the following.
    1)Regarding the question, “Is Tamil or Telugu Older?”- Both the Languages had a source in same Ancient Dravidian Language., and Kannada and Malayalam are also among them. All the four can be called off shoots of same source almost simultaneously. However the written Literature in Tamil is slightly older than Telugu, while Kannada and Malayalam follow later.
    2) Nannaya Bhatta did not invent Telugu Letters.The script was there many hundred years before him. But, he was the First Poet in Telugu Literature of written form.

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