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Today I have shared all the information About Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Because,

In the present world, all individuals are somehow connected to computers.

The well-organized sharing of information requires a person on the desk to type effectively on a computer.

Learning and practicing Hindi typing will improve your ability to type.

Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download for Windows 7 teaches you the skill of typing Hindi.

For people learning to write in Hindi from computer software without any membership or purchase is also a great deal.

Kruti Dev Hindi Typing
Hindi Typing Keyboard

There are tons of typing software available on the Internet to improve your typing skills effectively.

We find it difficult to find free typing software that can help us write comfortably and increase our typing skills.

As we all know, Hindi is an Indic language derived from Sanskrit, which is spoken mainly in North India.

With 250 million speakers, listeners, and readers, Hindi is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world.

Any Hindi text requires a fast and efficient typist with good computer skills.

For beginners, the best Hindi typing software is free to download and install onto their computer.

This Hindi typing software is the best way to learn Hindi typing in an organized manner. Download Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download.

Working Of Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software

Each user must empower their computer device with Kruti Dev Hindi typing software.

By using an English keyboard, users can type Hindi using Kruti Dev.

Therefore, in this case, This software plays a vital role in solving our problems regarding Hindi typing.

ISM Malayalam Typing Software 

This would result in a proper way to start learning and typing Hindi faster in no time.

Fluency and speed are not only required when writing in English.

Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download will help reduce misspellings, improve typing speed, and shorten typing times.

In government offices, it is also used in most private sectors as a tool for writing in Hindi without errors.

While we discuss how this software works, we should take a quick look at its compatibility on different computers.

With this software, you can type Hindi on most operating systems, including Microsoft and Apple.

Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, as well as Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download.

Features of Kruti Dev Typing Software

Additionally, Kruti Dev Typing Software enables the user to learn typing quickly and master the ability to write well.

  • It is convenient to use all over the world because users can download and install it easily.
  • Additionally, it does not require an internet connection to operate, so it is easy to use.
  • For Hindi typing software to work properly, you must install Hindi fonts.
  • But in Kruti Dev software, it is optional to install additional Hindi fonts. Again, that makes the software more user-friendly within built Hindi fonts.
  • Its main feature is the variety of keyboard options, which make it extremely easy to type in Hindi.
  • You have a wide range of options to choose any of the keyboards you want. Therefore, again a plus point is added for the featured in Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download.
  • The software is powered with real-time spelling suggestions to improve typing capability if a word is misspelled.
  • This saves a lot of time, which shows a proper indication of efficiency in this Hindi typing software.
  • This Hindi typing software also has the feature to auto-complete, which results in faster typing.
  • This option is a time-saving feature when writing in Hindi typing software available in the market.
  • Our free software downloads are always free, and this Kruti Dev Hindi typing software is no different.

Important Features

These are some Important Features of Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download please read.

  • Easy to Type in Hindi and English Typing.
  • Learn Hindi Typing in Just 10 Hours.
  • Lessons are designed with the scientific method.
  • Faster and more accurate typing in Hindi & English.
  • Software Use in Government Hindi / English typing test.
  • Accurate statics provide for measuring typing speed in WPM ad accuracy in %.
  • BackSpace enables and disables the option for Mistakes.
  • Difficult key finder.
  • 100+ Exercises and Lessons for typing practice.
  • Finger animation is present for learning.

Important Notes about Hindi Typing Software Kruti Dev

These are some Important Notes about Hindi Typing Software Kruti Dev please read all.

  1. Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download and Install without Internet Connection.
  2.  The software has many keyboard options you can type on any keyboard you like.
  3. If you have no idea how to do Hindi typing no problem this software provides the facility of English to Hindi typing.
  4. You can type in Hindi anywhere like Facebook, Twitter, Comments, etc.
  5. Provides on-screen keyboard for show Hindi keyboard mapping on English keyboard.
  6. On the fly help for suggesting you correct word.
  7. Auto-completion option for fast working.
  8. A must-needed software for every Indian to have on his computer.

How To Kruti Dev Hindi typing software Free Download for Windows 7

If you also find the Download link and Install process so I will share the information for both. Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download for Windows 7 in Windows Version please read all steps after applying for better results and Easy Install.

Step#1 – For using this software every one can “Download” This Software with this link.

Step#2 – After clicking the Download Link software file download and save in Your System.

Kruti Dev Hindi Typing

Step#3– After open this “Font File” show the Install Option in Header Section click this option and install This Software.

Kruti Dev Hindi Typing

Step#4 – After clicking the “Install” Button then this Software is installed in your System.

Kruti Dev Hindi Typing

After Install This software work very fine go and use This Software.

Working Guide of Hindi Typing Software Kruti Dev

After Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download for Windows 7, many people need the best Working guide video so I will give one working video for better learning of software please watch it Now.

Hindi Typing Software Kruti Dev is best for Hindi Typing so Please watch full Video for Guide.

Future Scope of Kruti Dev Hindi Typing software

Friends, in today’s time, we need a lot of these Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software free to Download.

We use Hindi typing in government work and other court work, so the Best Hindi typing software is needed in every system in today’s time.

Most of the time it is seen that whenever someone needs Hindi typing, he does not get any free and offline mode software so that he can easily change his English language to Hindi.

Therefore, the need for this software will become more and more in the coming years, because in today’s time, most people do not have to type on a Hindi keyboard.

Therefore, with the help of this Kruti Dev Hindi Typing software free Download for Windows 7, you can convert any of your notes into Hindi by writing in the English language.

The most important thing about this software is that you do not have to pay any money for it nor do you need any internet.

Therefore, the demand for this software is increasing in today’s time, even if there are many Google Translate and other software in the market, the user finds it easier to work with this software.

Alternative of Software

Many people find Alternative software to Kruti Dev Typing Software.

So I will suggest the best Alternative software for Kruti Dev you also check this software for Work Experience.


No sticker for the keyboard is required in this Hindi Typing Software Kruti Dev.

Lipikaar Hindi typing software depends on straightforward working criteria which permit the user to type words precisely.

With Lipikaar Hindi typing software, even the most complex Hindi word can be composed easily in a moment or two.

Lipikaar provides endless features to the user for composing Hindi text matter.

Lipikaar Hindi typing software can be utilized with all Windows Desktop Applications which support Unicode including MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Internet Explorer.

Widely useful in writing and reading emails, also useful in making records and documents in Hindi.

Short Comparison

Lipikaar or Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software

To be completely true, there isn’t a lot to look at in their comparisons.

The two of them are worthy enough to give a shot, by the way, let’s discuss some key comparisons on behalf of their work and specification.

Billing software

Both have a superior GUI interface that improves the composing experience. Incidentally, this relies upon every person, it is about comfort that can’t be thought about either.

Discussing comfort is slightly simpler than Lipikaar typing software as it consists of ease in using text styles which makes a huge difference in such Hindi typing software programs.

FAQs – Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download

Some Important Questions about Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download with Answer.

Question – Which software is best for Hindi typing?

Answer – Hindi Typing Software Kruti Dev is the best Software.

Question – Which Kruti Dev font is best?

Answer – Kruti Dev 100 Wide is best Font.

Question – How can I learn Hindi typing on keyboard?

Answer – Simple Many software provide practice video so you watch for better Typing Experience.

Question – What is the font name for Hindi typing?

Answer – Kruti Dev font.


In order to provide better content for our readers, we have Kruti Dev Hindi Typing software free download available on our website. This will help you improve your productivity and accuracy when typing in Hindi characters. We highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to increase your efficiency in communication. Do let us know how this tool has helped you by leaving a comment below.

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