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Having speedy typing skills is a brilliant idea. Those who can type better than average, have high opportunities in jobs but Many people need the best Online Hindi Typing Test Online Software for speed checking.


There is a great demand for people who can type fast.

People may think learning Hindi Typing is a challenging task, but through advanced software, you can easily learn this skill within a month.

Hindi, English, or any other language your skills will beneficial to you in different ways like:

  • Fast typing saves you time.
  • Your work became more productive.
  • Typing better than regular improves your focus.
  • Your posture gets to improve.
  • You will find more opportunities in jobs.
  • Your accuracy increases with fast typing.

To check whether you can type fast or not, tons of software is present on the internet. From the bests, I have chosen the most popular software for Hindi typing Test.

i.e. Krutidev Online Hindi Typing Test Software.

This software is itself a judging system, where you can check whether you have some great skills or not.

Online Hindi Typing Test Software

Krutidev is an advanced Hindi learning and Online Hindi Typing Test software.

Through this software, you can not only test your skills but you can also learn how to type fast and accurately.

This software is mobile responsive as well.

It is a good feature to use Krutidev Online Hindi Typing Test Software on mobile.

hindi typing test

Students can connect their mobile with a keyboard using a cable or any other device.

Besides offering training and learning, this software also provides tips and tricks for typing.

Krutidev Hindi Typing Test Online Software is secure, fast, and most importantly easy to use.

It brings excellent typing skills to its users.

Use of Online Hindi Typing Test

Krutidev Online Hindi Typing Test Software can be used in lots of areas. Some of them are discussed below:

Governmental Exams

Nowadays, most government job demands reliable people with fast typing skill.

To achieve these posts you have to clear certified exams.

Some popular exams are SSC, Bank, Railways, etc.

By using this Hindi Online typing test software you can prepare and check your typing speed.

While working with this software, your accuracy gets to improve and you can type more words than regular ones.

Government and Private Jobs

As I mentioned, the demand for fast typing is very high.

Some jobs in the government and private sector are fully engaged with typing.

Mobile Software Free Download

If you wanted to be a clerk in a government office or you are applying for a data entry operator in a private company, your primary work will be typing.

To perform efficient and effective Krutidev Hindi Typing Test Kruti dev Software used by thousands of people.

Personal Skill

The scope of this software has high potential, the purpose of using this software is not only to achieve a post many people use this to develop their skills.

For many of us, typing fast may lead us to improve our working goals.

Those who are engaged in fields like article writing and blogging; have to manage their time fluently.

For them, spending high time typing may reduce their overall performance.

When you use Krutidev Hindi Typing Test Software, you can save more time through fast typing.

And you can use that saved time in other activities like researching and managing.

Online Hindi Typing Test Keyboard

This software can be used for two purposes, either for learning typing or improving fast-finger Hindi typing. so I will give advanced Software Modes on Krutidev Online Hindi Typing Test Software.

hindi typing test


To learn Hindi typing, Krutidev Online Hindi Typing Test has Beginner mode.

Here you are introduced to chapters with a typing guide.

An illusion hand will lead you on screen.

The more you pass the level, the more it will increase difficulty.

Overall, it also teaches how to place your finger on the keyboard and how to bring them back to the same position.


Moving towards the pro version, in advanced chapters, you will learn how to type fast and accurately.

First, you need to select a particular time limit and your name.

The moment you start typing, you have to type-specific phrases within the selected time.

After you complete typing your result will directly appear on the screen.

With these results, you can calculate your typing speed and accuracy.

Those who regularly practice with Krutidev Hindi Typing Test Software found great improvement in their speed.

Type of Online Typing Result

This software develops your skills through specific factors.

When you learn these factors, you can easily remember which character you typed.

If you press or type a wrong word, it will pop an OOPs message.

Below I listed some basic factors which can be practiced in Krutidev Hindi Typing Test Software

CPM: It refers to Character Per Minute, which will let you know how many characters you have typed within a particular period.

WPM: It stands for Word Per Minute which lets you word type by you within a particular time limit.

GWPM: It means Gross Word Per Minute, this will help you to check how many words you typed in a minute without any error or penalty.

NWPM: It refers to Net Word Per Minute this feature calculates your average GWPM.

Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download

This software is available on both mobile and computer platforms. But, you need a keyboard to use this on Mobile Phones. So I Suggest You can use this Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download for PC for a Better Experience.

To download Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software Free Download For Windows 7 follow the steps listed below

For Computers

  • Go to the official website or click on this link HERE.
  • Download the set-up file according to your system’s requirements.
  • Now, double-click on the downloaded file.
  • The Set-up window will appear on your screen. Agree with the notice (if appear).
  • It will take a few moments to complete.
  • When done, restart your PC for safe use.

Short tip: Move to the next chapters only when you have learned the previous one. Through regular practice, you will learn to type quickly and accurately. Try to avoid looking at the keyboard, again and again, and take the help of a virtual hand.

For Mobile Phones

  • Get a keyboard and OTG cable to have the same experience as a computer.
  • Download the app from the website by clicking HERE.
  • Connect your mobile phone keyboard via OTG cable.
  • Open Krutidev Online Hindi Typing Test Software and start practicing your typing skills.

Short Tips: Perform the same as working on a PC. That means looking at the keyboard only a few times and taking the help of a virtual hand.

FAQs – Online Hindi Typing Test Software

Some Important Questions about Online Hindi Typing Test with Answers.

Question – Which software is best for Hindi typing?

Answer – Kruti Dev is Best Software.

Question – Which Kruti Dev font is best?

Answer – Kruti Dev 100 Wide Font.

Question – How can I learn Hindi typing on keyboard?

Answer – Daily Practice.

Question – How can I download Hindi typing software for free?

Answer – Simple, Check my Download heading I will Give full detail.

Question – What is Mangal font?

Answer – Mangal is an OpenType font for the Indic script – Devanagari. It is based on Unicode, contains TrueType outlines and has been designed for use as a UI font.

Question – Which Hindi font used in government documents?

Answer – Kruti Dev

Question – How can I practice typing at home?

Answer – Simple, Download on your PC, and Daily Practice.


So we have discussed how much a Hindi Typing Software can be beneficial for you.

Millions of people are using a variety of software for different purposes but in this field, Krutidev Hindi Typing Test Software is a pro player.

Free Hindi Typing Software Download

It supports you in many ways from features to skill development; this software is an all in one Hindi Typing Test solution.

I hope you liked this article! What are your views on Krutidev Hindi Typing Test Software? Comment below and let us know.

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