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There are many advantages to learning to code. For webmasters, this can greatly facilitate the process of managing a website. Moreover, you can be less dependent on developers to create and implement projects, which ultimately will lower costs. For those looking for a job or changing careers, development can open doors to various areas of programming, many of which are in high demand Software coding.

Learning to code is very affordable these days. Tons of free resources, whether you’re looking to learn a new programming language or fully master an old one. Where to get help to do my coding homework successfully? We are going to answer this question.

To help you with software coding, we’ve compiled a list of the best courses and resources.


Here, you can get help with software coding. To get started, register with your email address and password and choose one of the courses available. To get help, you can watch standard video tutorials developed by experts in the industry. Some of these may include quizzes, answers to questions, or exercises to provide a more fun learning experience.

What makes BitDegree stand out is that it uses a system of student reward tokens every time they end a session. In addition, students can post their work or get inspired by other work.


Students can choose free coding courses here based on the language they want to learn or the career they want. If you don’t know where to start, Codecademy has a special test to determine which profession of a programmer is best for you and which course is best to start with.

Free programming courses cover mostly introductory lessons, although there are a few intermediate ones. Besides core subjects, Codecademy also features specialized programming languages like Swift and Go. They are used to build Apple and Google apps, respectively.

The training takes place in practice. Each course contains a set of explanations and instructions, as well as a code editor that allows putting students’ knowledge to the test. If you are stuck on completing tasks, use the hint. Community forums are also available as part of the tutorial if you need more information.

To get certifications, you need to purchase the Pro plan for $19.99 per month. College students can take advantage of a 35% discount for free coding education.


This site offers courses if you need help with software coding. When registering with Coursera, you will have to enter some personal information so they can make course recommendations according to your preference. The training process usually uses a combination of videos, reading coding materials, exercises, quizzes, and forums for participants. Students can also set free weekly coding learning goals.


It is a non-profit organization that partners with world-class universities such as Harvard and New York University to provide online courses. The lessons are freely available, but you need to purchase a course to get a certificate and complete assignments. The cost ranges from $50 to $300.

There are introductory coding lessons in various programming languages. Alternatively, you can choose programming courses in specific subjects such as website design, mobile application development, or software engineering.

Students who pass the free course will have access to different materials until the specified graduation date.

Khan Academy

It offers great beginner courses to learn how to code for free. These are mainly the basic principles of computer programming, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. While the collection is not as extensive as on other platforms, it is ample enough for novice web developers.

In addition, Khan Academy has a short, interactive Hour of Code program. In it, students can practice animation programming, website building, or data management. The main teaching aids consist of videos, flashcards, and hands-on exercises using a code editor. When the teacher finishes explaining, the participant can apply the knowledge gained in practice by completing the assignments.

It aims to make coding a part of the main educational curriculum. Although the course catalog is aimed primarily at schoolchildren, we find them suitable for everyone. The learning method uses a block system where students can drag and drop specific code into the special editing interface, which can be not so difficult for beginners. We recommend starting with the introductory programming lessons.


This is the site where you can get help with software coding. Participants can see how others are grading them and check what their peers’ responses look like. Users need to select a language to get started. Codewars will then offer them a challenge to test their skills. Some of the programming languages, which you can learn here are PHP, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, C#, Python, and SQL.


With the help of courses, you can get help with software coding here. The Development category alone features 2,000+ courses. Check the teacher’s qualifications and the number of students to be sure of the course reputation that you want to pass. Please keep in mind that in the free courses, you will be able to watch courses videos and that’s all. It will be impossible to obtain a certificate or communicate directly with a teacher.

Dash by General Assembly

Choose this site to get help with software coding. No programming experience is required to get started. Just register with your email address and choose your first project – creating a personal website. In each assignment, you will learn the basics of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Dash contains a code editor that you can use to try out the tutorials.


Its alumni have landed jobs at well-known companies such as Apple, Google, and Spotify. After users register, they will see a selection of courses sorted from the beginner to the advanced level. They will be able to jump into coding classes right away – they don’t have to search for the right course anymore.

In this guide, we’ve put together a list of all the best sites to learn to program and get help with software coding cheaply. Make sure you choose the ones that fit your goals and provide the materials you need.

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