Temple Run OZ APK

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Temple run is among the most popular games for android. About a decade ago, a game named Temple Run launched. A few years after, its second part Temple Run 2 launched.

After very high popularity and demand, the third part of this series was launched.

It was Temple Run OZ.

Temple Run OZ Apk

Available for all smartphones and PCs, this game was the best in this series. It was fun and exciting to play this game. You will get the most amazing running experience with simulation in temple run oz APK.

The game also contains some earnings as coins. They can be earned by performing well in-game. But today I will tell you a mod version of this game. In this MOD APK, you will get coins for free. You can use these coins in the game.

Also, there are many more exclusive features in the MOD version.

So, this will be a guide on temple run oz. You will read about the features of this game and the steps to download it. Thus, read this post till last.

Read about the Temple Run OZ APK

If you love to play games in your free time then you will also like Temple Run OZ Download. This is a very popular as well as a successful game on android. No doubt, we all have heard about the Temple run game series.

From its first part, the game was very unique and fun.

Temple Run OZ Apk

Players from all over the world played and streamed this game. The surroundings and special effects in the game make it special. Also, it is very simple to play. You need to download the latest version and you can play offline.

The best part about the game is, its endless gameplay!

Yes, temple run oz APK download is an endless game. There is no ending to this game. Once you start the game the difficulty and speed will be normal. But soon, the gameplay speed and difficulty will increase.

Temple Run OZ APK Gameplay

The temple run oz APK download is about arcade, action, and simulation.

To start the game press PLAY. The game will start with a chase scene. Where the playable character is getting chased by a monster. First, you have to understand the basic tutorial. Where you will learn how to jump, move and slide.

Later, you can do all the running and actions on your own.

Temple Run OZ Apk

While running, you will see different obstacles. You have to jump and slide over these obstacles. Make sure you don’t run into them. You will also see broken bridges and dangerous turns on the road.

All you have to do is run without getting collided with things. As soon as you collide, the monster will take you and the game will end.

In the game, you have to collect coins. With these coins, you can buy various items.

Temple Run OZ APK Features

I have already played this game. And found it very fun!

While playing, I noticed many good features. You will also experience them in the game. Some of them are listed below:

Graphic quality

Let’s talk about the graphic quality of this game. Well, considering the release time of the game, the graphic quality is very good. You will see attractive backgrounds full of colors.

Also, the details of the surroundings are very fine.


No doubt the temple run oz APK download has amazing gameplay. You can open the game and play whenever you get bored. It will keep you entertained and interested in its endless gameplay.

Easy to play

From a 5 years children to old people, everyone can play this game. It is very easy and simple to play. The Temple Run OZ is also an offline game so you don’t need the internet to play. move, jump, and slide the player.


As I said above, controlling and playing the game is very easy. The character can control easily. Also, you need fast reflexes as far as you go in the game.

Unlimited coins

For what you were looking for temple run oz APK! In this MOD version, you will get unlimited coins. Use these coins to buy exclusive items in the game.

More features of Temple Run OZ APK

These are all the More Features I will expect on this Temple Run OZ APK.

  • See OZ in different costumes.
  • Run as a Chinese girl.
  • The attractive environment looks like a film.
  • Earn more coins.
  • Fly in a hot air balloon.
  • Different locations in OZ.
  • Changing environment as player runs.
  • Weekly and monthly leaderboards.
  • Test gaming reflexes.
  • Get 1500 coins with the download of the latest version.

How to Temple Run OZ APK Download?

Temple Run OZ is available on the play store. You can Temple Run OZ download it from there for free.

But, if you want to play the MOD version and enjoy premium features, you must use a third-party website. The Play Store does not support MOD games but you can play them.

First, you have to uninstall all the versions of the game from your phone.

Next, search for temple run oz APK download and click on the first link on the browser.

From there you can download and play the MOD version of Temple Run OZ.

APK Specifications

Before downloading the latest version of Temple Run OZ APK. Check the APK details and specifications below. And then download as per your smartphone.

  • App name: temple run oz APK
  • Latest version for android: V1.7.0
  • APK size: 75MB
  • Last update for APK: April 2023
  • APK developer: Disney
  • Supported operating system: Both Android and iOS
  • Available on: The Google Play Store
  • Android version needed: Version 2.3.3 or above
  • Total downloads: 1,000,000+ downloads
  • Game language: English
  • Smallest age to play: 10 Years


This was my review of the Temple Run OZ APK.

Temple Run OZ is a very interesting game and you should play it. The MOD version makes the gameplay more interesting. You can download this version for free.

So, download and play now! Also, Check My Talking Tom Mod APK & Ludo Controller APK.

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