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The hype about Superheroes is very high! A product or any kind of service related to this category gets the most attention. This factor was followed by Super City MOD APK, a game with a superhero concept.

As we know that internet has about 1181019 games! Yes, you read it right these are approx.

several games you will find on the internet.

But not every game can provide a quality experience to users.

The word Super in Super City refers to something marvelous and exciting.

In this article, we will discuss this game you will also find a free-to-download link here.

So let’s get started.

Introduction to Super City MOD APK

Being categorized under the action, adventure, casual and offline categories Super City MOD APK was introduced by MDickie in May 2016.

This developer has published around 15 games on the Play Store that includes Wrestling Revolution, School Days, Hard Time, and many more popular games of this era.

Coming back to Super City they brought this game on the internet with a very attractive tag link Create your own superhero and battle others in the ultimate shared universe!

This attracted most of the gamers to play Super City!

Super City Mod Apk

The developer released fresh updates over several months. The last update was given on September 2020 when this game became more compatible with 64-bit devices.

In this update, they listed version 1.240.

The gaming community showed a good response to this game and it leads to ten million downloads with a 4.3 stars rating.

More than half a million users reviewed Super City as well!

Technical Information

These are some Technical Information of Super City MOD APK please read all Technical Details Before Download This Game.

Game TypeArcade
Latest VersionV1.240
Developer Name MDickie
Android Required Android 4.0+
File Size41.91MB
Mod FeaturesUnlock All Modes
Last Update 17/12/2022
License Free To Download

The gameplay of Super City MOD APK

For those who are most interested in Marvel and DC Universe, this game is for them!

Super City MOD APK offers you to be a superhero and fight hard against opponents.

This game is jam-packed with fighting and action.

Here everyone wanted to be their own superpowers but not everyone is worthy!

All superheroes in this game’s universe are different.

Their working and living standards are different from each other.

Super City Mod Apk

Some have the powers to attack from a distance while some can fly and teleport!

Once you own these characters you will control their powers as well.

Playing this game gives a childhood vibe to users.

City Racing 3D MOD APK 

There are many characters with different skills.

You will own and understand which superhero has the best powers in the super city MOD APK.

One can also enjoy fighting parts of this game.

Features of Super City MOD APK

Tons of impressive features are present in this game that will grow your interest and excitement for the super city MOD APK.

Some major and most remarkable features are highlighted in this part of the article.

These are also defined as characteristics of the supercity.

So don’t miss them.

Powerful superheroes

Super City MOD APK has the feature of high customization.

Here you can customize and create your own superhero.

From costume, powers, and skills, to moves one can customize all details of a superhero.

This feature also leads to experiments you can do in this city.

No rules and regulations create whatever you want to and build your own super city.

Epic Fights

This game does not restrict your gameplay here.

After creating your powerful superhero take him to battle!

Fight against up to 150 other superheroes and villains.

Super City Mod Apk

Don’t underestimate the power of your opponents!

Try different moves and take them down till death.

You can use their superpowers and other skills in battles.

The control is smooth which adds extra enjoyment to the gameplay.

Sentimental Graphics

Now, most of you think this game must work on high-definition graphics but that’s not true!

The developer built this game with nostalgic graphics so one can experience old-school feelings through this game.

Did you remember late 90s Marvel and DC characters? Yes, they are back with more powers in super city MOD APK.

Fighting Skills

The fighting tricks will give you a feel of early 20s wrestling games.

If you get bored using their primary powers try these fighting moves and enjoy fresh gameplay.

Weapons like axes, golf clubs, swords, and many more items are present to grow interest!

Fighting Machine

In This Game, the fighting styles are reminiscent of those early 2000s wrestling games.

You can use superpowers as well as normal fighting sequences.  

And these all Power Create with Many Tools But You can also use tools such as axes, swords, golf clubs, and more.

These all things provide the Most Fun in this game.

Self Customize

In This game, You can easy to self-customize our Superhero and Gameplay.

Many users always create their own gameplay Control for winning So This game provides self Control features.

Use this Game for Self Customize.

Price and Supported Platform

How much money do we need to pay to play super city? This question is very common while reading this post.

Well, the answer is not a single penny!

Super City MOD APK is free of cost, click on the provided link and download it for free!

Super City Mod Apk

Now talking about the supported platform it comes in APK MOD so you need an android device with version 4.1 or above.

To play on the computer download Bluestacks first.

Super City Game Control

Many Users always find Game control after downloading the game so I will give a List of Control Buttons with full Details Check it Now.

A+RBig Attack
R+PSet Fire
SSpecial Power

These Are only Buttons Control But In Gameplay shows many New Things and these all work Differently so I will Tell All the Important Controls of the Gameplay.

  • Tap the portrait to transform (once activated).
  • Touch the clock (or bottom of the screen) to pause the game.
  • Tap the speech bubbles to speed through conversations.
  • Pinch the middle of the display to zoom in or out.

How to download Super City MOD APK?

After Reading the review of Super City MOD APK many users think to download this game & Play it on their devices but It’s not easy because after downloading installing the game is very complicated so I will give an Installation Guide for Both Devices Check It.

After clicking, this Download button follows the Installation Guide.

On a mobile device:

  • Click on the link DOWNLOAD.
  • Go to File Manager and open this file.
  • Now install the game.
  • Open and play for free!

On computer:

  • Search for Super City Mod.
  • Install its PC version file.
  • Open and play for free!

How To Play This Game

Many Users After Download This Super City MOD APK demand gameplay videos because most users always make big records in every game but most of the new play don’t idea about this Super City MOD APK Gameplay.

So I will give some Videos for learning of command and control of This game.

Please watch the full video for fast learning of command and Control.


Now, look at some other games that are not exact copies but consider a similar concept like Super City.

Marvel Contest of Champions

If you ever think which game has the biggest Marvel Gameplay? The answer is the Marvel Contest of Champions!

With high-resolution graphics and highly attractive gameplay, this game crossed over a hundred million downloads.

It is all about the best superhero fights and action.

Download this game under 70MB.

MARVEL Future Fight

A game that takes your gaming experience to the future!

If you are a regular watcher of Marvel Movies you must aware of the fact that there are many upcoming characters are there to come in this universe.

This game brings all these upcoming characters at present!

It is full of action and fights!!!

Download this game under 80MB.


What did you find in this article? Of course brief details on Super City MOD APK!

Although this game does not consider the best graphics and many other superhero games are better than this but believe me it feels nostalgic and pretty valuable to play.

Zombie Catchers MOD APK

The major reason to play this game is you can create your own superhero that is not offered in any other game.

So DOWNLOAD this game now!!!

Found this article useful? Appreciate our work by listing the best games in the comment section.

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