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We are in a generation where typing has maintained a great part in the market. Most of the fields demand typing either in minor or major form. So Today I will shear Best Bangla Word because,

Typing consists of several aspects and typing software is one of them.

Besides Hindi and English typing other languages are given equal privileges as well.

So typing in Tamil, Malayalam, and Bengali is also important in various fields.

bangla word

When it comes to naming a smart word processing application Bengali Word stands best.

In this article, we are going to discuss Bangla word or Bengali Typing Software.

So, if you are connected to Bengali typing this article will be highly beneficial for you!

Here we will know about the software for Bengali Typing which is Bangla Word Software.

Introduction of Bangla Word Free Download

Bangla Word Free Download is a basic typing software.

But its features and functioning make it the best of the rest!

Have a look at its technical details:

The size of this software is 7Mb once you get installed, you don’t need to download any other plugins.

It has built-in architecture 32 Bit/ 64 Bit.

Bengali Word is used by over 2 million users across the world.

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Where most of the typing software has crucial bugs this one is special designed for Bengal Texts.

If you are working with Bengali documents this is a perfect option for you!

Internet commonly knows this software as Bangla Word Free Download.

This software provides 39 Fonts at the smallest resources that are another good reason to download this.

The 1.9.0 version of Bangla Word Free Download is provided as a free download on our website.

This download was checked by our built-in antivirus and was rated as malware-free.

“.bwd” is the extension this PC software can open.

This program was originally created by Bangla Word Group.

Technical Details on Bangla Word Free Download

these are some Technical Details about Bangla Word Free Download please read after downloading this software.

File Name – BanglaWord.exe

File Size – 6.4 MB

Format – 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)

Latest Version – V1.9.0

License – Free for Personal Use

Official Website –

Full Details on Bangla Word Free Download

The Bengali language is not limited to Bengal.

If you are good in this area you can get many opportunities related to this field.

Now, most of the secondary language typing software has a different keypad but Bangla word Free Download is built to function on a QWERTY keyboard.

This means you can type Bengali from an English keyboard.

Using English keyboards over any other is really beneficial.

bangla word

We will discuss some key advantages of this software later in this post.

This software was first designed in the beta version. After its popularity and high demand, it converted into the full Bengal language.

The developer built this Software using TX control.

Software experience smooth typing!

Developer Says About Bangla Word Free Download

Bangla Word Free Download is a smart word processing application, specifically designed for writing Bengali documents.

Bangla text is entered using only the vowels (swarabarnas) and the consonant (banjonbarnos).

The conjunct characters (juktho okkors) are placed automatically by the system if possible otherwise when indicated by the user.

Bengali alphabet is mapped phonetically onto the standard QWERTY keyboard, independent of any Bangla font.

Features of Bangla Word Download

These are some Features of This Software so please read this article.

What do you expect from Bangla Word Download? Absolute fast and modest typing!

This demand of most typists is fulfilled in this Bengali Word Software.

Some of its key features are discussed below have a look at them.

Bangla Script

This feature is highly beneficial for those who use various devices for typing.

With Bangla Script one can do typing through iPhone, iPod, or iPhone.

With one touch you can change the typing pad and work on E-mail and several social platforms.

Today, Bengali Word software has provided an easier method to type Bengali!

Bangla word Font

Like all other typing software does your English typed alphabet get converted into Bengali.

Whenever you type any letter its program converts that character into a specific Bengali one.

Akruti 7.0 Full Version

It said that Bangla Typing Software uses English Letter Photonic Sounds.

This program leads this function to happen!

Avoids English to Bengali Translation

Most of the typing software fools you by doing Translation in place of converting the characters.

They simply translate what you write.

However, Bangla Software doesn’t do so!

It is clearly mentioned that it is not for Translation the purpose of using this software should be English to Bengali Typing.

That’s it!

System Requirement

These are some Short System Requirement details about Bangla Word Download please read.

Operating System: All Windows Version

RAM: 128 or above

System: All Windows

Processor: Intel Premium or above

Hard Disk: 50MB or above.

Supported Platform of Bangla Word Download

Bangla Word Download is highly versatile.

If you are using this software for Computer Typing then it works best.

While if you wanted to use this software on iOS devices it can be used there as well!

Those who are going to this software in Windows should check the requirements as follows.

RAM: 128 or above

System: All Windows

Processor: Intel Premium or above

Hard Disk: 50MB or above.

These are the smallest requirements of this software.

If your system stands on their demands you can easily download and use Bangla word software free download for pc.

Bangle Keyboard for Practice

Many Bengali Typing software provides only Bangle Keyboard for practice but this Bengla Word Download provides only English Keyboard because this software converts English word without and Problem.

Show Bangle Keyboard Font.

Bangle Keyboard for PC
Bangle Keyboard for PC

Price of Bangla Word Free Download

If you search on the internet, different sites offer different prices for this Bangla Word Free Download.

Don’t fall for these fraud websites as this Bangla word 1.9 download (free version).

Yes, you don’t need to pay any single amount to use it.

download and start experiencing amazing Bengali Typing!

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Amar Bangla Word Software for Windows 10

Amar Bangla software is a typing software that helps you to write Bengali on your computer. It creates Bengali text along with checking spelling and grammar. The new features also include the translation of English words and fully support phonetics typing. If you are using this software then you can easily transfer our text into Bengali text.

Moreover, this software is very easy to use and install. Amar Bangla Software is very popular and is used by many Bengali people. The best thing about Bengali word software is that it’s totally free and available for download on the Internet.

Details about Amar Bangla Fonts

Amar Bangla Word software for Windows 10 is a very popularly typing software available with 39 fonts.

These fonts are prepacked in the RAR file of Bangla word 1.9 download (free version).

All you have to do is run the setup and place them under the window fonts folder.

Amar Bangla Font includes a wide array of letters, alphabets, characters, and punctuation marks.

This is top-rated software that can use this font as their default lettering.

But it is best compatible with the Bangla word Download.

How to Bangla Word Software Free Download

Many People need Bangla Word Software Free download for All Windows versions but you can not easily find this software in many Google So Today I will give Download Link of this Bangla word software free download for pc and also give Install process for Installing.

If you are using Windows 7 Device and you face a problem in installing this software and you every time find Article About How to Install software in Windows 7 on Google. So follow these simple steps and download the software for free.

Step#1 – Click on the given link DOWNLOAD.

Step#2 – Go to ‘Downloads’ in ‘My Computer.

Step#3 – Double click on the downloaded file.

Step#4 – A window will be open, you need to click on ‘Accept’.

Step#5 – A small file will be downloaded directly from the browser let completed.

Step#6 – Once it gets downloaded, Click on ‘Finish’.

Step#7 – The set-up will be completed.

Step#8 – For safe Unsecure start your PC.

Step#9 – Now open Bangla word software free download for pc.

Step#10 – Make this software as Default Typing Software.

Many Users Always Think this software Bangla word free download for windows 7 32 bit works in windows 7 or not, So I will say to all Windows 7 user this software work in all Windows.

Bangla Word V1.9.0

Guys, If you think to download this software but you find the latest version of this software because the latest version of this software comes with all bugs fix and also they have worked very Good. So I will Give Bangla Word v1.9.0 download (free version) software and this software is fully Updated software with Latest Version.

You can easily use this software and you can write every test without any error in Typing. So If you need this Software for Download checks my next heading Instruction.

Bangla Word V1.9.0 Free Download

Do you know every Software launch a New Version of the Present Software? For This reason, every software used person thinks about how to update our present software. So Listen to this software you used on our device so this Bangla word 1.9 download (free version) also suggests and reminds us for Update.

So if you are using This Software on our device and you think to update our present software with the latest Bangla word v1.9.0. I will shear the direct Download link of this Bangla Word Download if you update our software so please download this updated version of the software.

Note – Every Update is available on the official site if you do not find any updated files in the future then you direct go on the official site and update our software with the latest version.

bangla word 1.9 download (free version)

Guys After the Coming Latest Update of this Sofware many users Find a Download Link to this Bangla Word 1.9 Download (Free Version) because every updated version works very smoothly and it is also the best Bangali to English typing Software. For This Reason, many more people demand to download this software’s updated version.

But I also Say every Updated Version of Banglaword is easily available on the Official Site you can easily find our Updated file and easily update our Software.

Bangla Word Software Free Download for PC

Everyone finds Bangla Word Download Link for PC Version so I will share the link to this Software Free Download for PC. If you are using this software on our PC Device then you can click the download button in the below Section and the Latest version of the Software on our device.

Note – This Software Download link gets free software for your use then you can install this software on our PC. I have also shear Installing process for fast download of this Software you can go after downloading and Install. After Install you can use this software without an issue and you type our bangle font with this software.

How to work Bangla Word Software Free Download

After Bangla Word Software Free Download Many People Need Working Video For better Experience and Practice so I will Give One Working video for learning so please watch this video for better work.


Below are some alternatives of This Bangla Word Download, these can be used for Bengali typing Software as well but they are not exactly alike.

Have a look at this.

Avro Keyboard: Omicron Lab created this software as an open-source keyboard typing.

This is free of cost and builds with many graphical programs.

Besides, it provides more methods to do Bengali Typing!

It has a simple interface and flexible functioning.

Currently, version 5.6.0 is running on many devices.

Lipikaar English to Bengali Typing Online: Lipikaaris a highly famous software provider in this field. It offers typing software in almost every language.

This is followed by its Bengali Typing Software.

However, it is beneficial for those only who are working online. This Software functions on an online base so you need to connect to the internet.

It has market value as well.

No, doubt in performance!

Frequently Ask Question/Answer

Some Important Question about this Bangla Word Download with Answer.

Question – How can I get the Bangli font in Word?

Answer – Download software and It can provide Bangla font for typing.

Question – How can I write Bengali font?

Answer – Simple download This software and write Bengali Font.

Question – Which is the best Bangla font?

Answer – Bengali Font Amar Bangla free download is best.

Question – What is the best Bengali typing software?

Answer – Amar Bangla software is the best Software.

Question – How can I write Bangla on the laptop?

Answer – Simple download software and write in Laptop.

Question – How many words are there in the Bengali language?

Answer – Although the Jnanendra Mohan Das lexicon has around 150,000 words the total number of Download including dialect words is much more.

Question – How to write Bengali texts in this Software?

Answer – Write and edit documents in Bengali by typing the vowels and the consonants. Input with the standard keyboard is available.

Question – How to convert PFD documents into Word files?

Answer – Create and convert documents in Bengali by typing specific texts. The symbols are recognized by the dedicated program using the standard keyboard with a custom layout.

Question – How to write juktakkhor characters in This Software?

Answer – The juktakkhor characters are added automatically when using phonetically mapped input. The texts are created with the standard keyboard by applying formation algorithms.


Hopefully, you found this article useful!

We discussed a lot about software and on the basis of its aspects, we can state it as the Best Bangla Word Download available in the market.

Also, you can share your views in the comment box.

On which software do you want brief details?

Comment below and let us know.

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