USB Cleaver Apk

USB Cleaver Apk is an advanced application used for recovering details from Windows. The major work of this app is performing silent inside someone’s or your computer.

The modern world holds advance and supercomputers. These high-tech computers not only build to deliver high-class performance but also noteworthy features. From display aspects to software and hardware everything is growing exclusive!

This growth also affected the security system of computers. The cheapest computer holds an effective security system that can’t brook easy.

USB Cleaver Apk

Securing personal computers from hackers and scammers is an essential part. But sometimes, we required accessing other’s computer without getting known by them! This may sound inapt but it is a part of ethical hacking.

This is a very new concept in the market, is used by professionals and officials to recover details of other users. The beauty of this application rests in its performance, which completes modification without disturbing the network.

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So in this post, I am going to discuss the USB Cleaver Apk. Here you will read about the working and features of the app. You will be introduced to the modest recital of it, at last, I am also going to provide a link to download the application for free.

Thus read this post till last!

Now, let’s move straight to the topic and explore more about it.

Introduction USB Cleaver

This application released in the past decade for Windows users with a modest interface and features. USB Cleaver content rating is every one that means anyone can use this application with no issue.

The latest version of the application is v1.3r1 which updated in last December.

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In the latest update, you will be going to experience various amazing features from the developer. As listed in the Tools category you can also visit the app store or official website to analyze the overall app.

Here we have provided some major features of the application, which we are going to discuss later.

Everything holds the point of view, the same happens with this app as well. Below I have discussed the working of USB Cleaver more deeply. You must read it before using it.

Additional Information

These are a additional information of USB Cleaver Apk check all Technical Details.

Application NameUSB Cleaver
Latest VersionV1.3r1
Last Update12/01/2021
File Size56kb
Application Rating4.5/5
Supported DeviceAndroid 2.1+

How To Use USB Cleaver

USB Cleaver built to recover information and details from a Windows or PC. You can relate to its working with malware. But malware works in a negative and unauthentic manner whereas USB Cleaver Apk developed to use in a positive way!

Officials and professionals trained to recuperate data from specific devices. These devices can be the personal laptop or computer of the target. So, without getting recognized by the user this application can use to get details.

So the beauty of the application completely lies in its working, you can silent make a system nearby invisible without modifying it!

USB Cleaver Apk

A lot of people tried to use the application in the wrong way, but it doesn’t support their plans for long. So I will recommend using the app safe and positive like ethical hacking.

By using this application you can capture all information stored in LOG File that is present in SD Card. Hence it can be reviewed anytime.

Features of USB Cleaver Apk

These are a Special Features of USB Cleaver Apk please Check all Features.

Payloads Selection

The application will offer you payloads, which can selected if you wanted to use them. It holds features that can removed temporary with a disclaimer screen.

Information of System

You can use the application to dump away the information and details of any system. Its chrome passwords, its IE passwords, its firefox passwords, and its other passwords can recovered with basic steps.

SD Card Feature

It also has a new background option that shows whether the SD card is available or not. By this, you will get access to more storage of the system.

Background Change

This application can used to change or upgrade the main background of the system. This one is the most awesome feature of the app and appreciated by many users.

Copy File

While recovering data and information you can copy pictures and other documents of the system as well. USB Cleaver stands best in this term!

Supporting Platform and Price

USB Cleaver is very easy to download and install. When it comes to supporting platforms you can use this application in your android phone having version 3.2 or above.

Taking about the price it can used for free!


These are a Payload of USB Cleaver Apk.

  • Dump System Information
  • Dump IE Password
  • Chrome Password Dump
  • Dump Firefox Password
  • Dump Wifi Password

Future Payloads

Let’s See Future Payloads of USB Cleaver.

  • Dum Network Service
  • Dump Port Scan
  • Dump Product Keys
  • Mail Password Dump
  • Dump Windows Update List
  • Install Silent VNC
  • xCopy files “documents”, “pictures”, etc.
  • More Upcoming

Changes of All Version in USB Cleaver

Everyone know all software & Application every time release our Latest Version and all version come with some new changes. So I will shear all Past Versions of the USB Cleaver Apk with details of Changes.


  • Temporary removed disclaimer screen causing possible F/C on first run.


  • Fix possible bug causing force close on first run.


  • Fixed issue where starting application with SD Card mount causes F/C.
  • Added new BG to show if sd card is available or not.
  • changed main background and Gaussian Blur the line in the middle.


  • Fixed Disclaimer bug – getting stuck on main intent.


  • Initial beta release.

How to USB Cleaver Apk Download

If you think of USB Cleaver Apk Download for Android Device but you find it everywhere but you can’t see to download link of USB Cleaver. So I will give Direct Download Link of USB Cleaver Apk they help to download this app in our device and also I will shear Installation process for Fast Installing.

Step#1 – Click on the DOWNLOAD Button.

Step#2 – Download the set-up file.

Step#3 – Go to File Manager and Click Download File.

USB Cleaver Apk

Step#4 – Click on the Downloaded file.

Step#5 – Click Install Buttons for Install the application.

Step#6 – Click Open Button and use for free!

Note – After Following all Steps our USB Cleaver Apk Download in our Device and work properly.

USB Cleaver Alternatives

These are a USB Cleaver Alternative Application of USB Cleaver Apk.


Howerwatch is a very popular android hacking application used by thousands of users to track other’s mobile phones. It used to track and get hidden data, secret location, SMS, call, audio, and various social media platforms.

You only need to log in with an account and everything becomes modest.

Andro Rat

Andro Rat is a very advanced program that built to hack any android device with simple clicks. By using this hack application you can control android phones from a PC.

It used to remote control other’s mobile phones, which can operated by a personal computer.

You can download and use this application for free.


So these are the major aspects of USB Cleaver Apk.

I have discussed the working and features of the app. You can download the latest version of it by following the given steps. But before downloading you have to check the supporting platforms.

Moreover, as this is a hacking-based application I have only shared it for universal information. I clearly do not promote any hack, scam, fraud, or unauthentic activity with this application. Furthermore, I also recommend using this application for positive purposes only.

You can simple use USB Cleaver for ethical hacking or official purposes!

Over all the application is very useful and reliable in this field. It holds every feature you required while your work. And most important, you can use it for free.

Thus, download USB Cleaver now!

Additionally, if you found this post useful you can share your views in the comment section.

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