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Zerodha Pi Download is one of the most popular trading software. It is software that will helps the traders to trade with their computers and laptops.

Zerodha pi is a charming trading software for intraday traders.

It allows you to trade in different segments like currencies, commodities, and much more, across different exchanges like BSE, MCX, etc.

You will also get amazing features like strategies, advanced charting, and many more features like that, and the best thing about Zerodha software is that it is available free of cost.

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You will also find some pro technical tips by Zerodha kite download.

One best thing about this software is that it needs less memory to install and consumes low internet.

Users just have to download their software on their devices and start trading. So if you are a trader, then you must download this software.

Zerodha Pi Download 2019 Review

Zerodha Pi Download 2019 is a Popular Trading platform.

A large number of traders say that I agree with them,

But, I do not wish to become a boyfriend of Zerodha Pi Platform because of the more complex platform and It may be very helpful for other traders where I can’t work with Pi.

Many New users always finds the best Trading platform so I will Suggest using this Zerodha Pi Download 2019 for Trading.

Features of Zerodha pi Download

These are some Important Features of Zerodha pi Download that are Available in Trading Software.

  • Zerodha software has huge data for back testing.
  • You will also get various charts which you can follow.
  • Zerodha provides Advanced charting with different kinds of charts.
  • It can also run in basic devices also.
  • Zerodha also has collaboration with other platforms like meta-trader, aim broker, and a few more.
  • This software has also developed artificial intelligence.
  • You will also get pro tips from experts.
  • More than a hundred indicators are available.
  • It will also save time if you are an intraday trader as it allows you to place orders directly.
  • This software has a large variety of features.
  •  You can trade on all exchanges.
  • This software comes with multiple themes to choose from.

Well, these are some of the features of the Zerodha Pi software download link.

Zerodha Pi Download 2019 characteristics

These are some important Characteristics of Zerodha Pi Download 2019 please read all characters in the list below.

  • Advance Charting Function with a provision using up to 50,000 candles in a single Chart.
  • Provide 10 Types of Different charts.
  • Pull Out Intraday Data for the last 365 Days.
  • Direct Order Placement facility.
  • Back Test Strategies allowed.
  • In-Built Stock Screen Feature Allow.
  • Pattern recognition Feature.
  • Provide a Personalized theme.
  • Market Stock Watch Feature
  • Third-Party Integrations.

Working of Zerodha Pi Download 2019

Zerodha Pi Download 2019 works on an online discount brokerage system where all the trading services are offered to its customers.

Pi Zerodha software’s main motive is to provide the best service to its customers, and it has a few branches also.

It reduces operational costs, which helps them to make a large number of profits in low-cost trading.

zerodha pi download
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Placing orders of Zerodha pi

If you are an active trader then you might know how to place an order.

It is necessary to have a Zerodha pi account before placing an order.

After entering the dashboard click on “place order” After that follow the below steps carefully:

  1. First, you have to choose the exchange segment.
  2. Then you have to choose the type of order.
  3. you have to select quantity (Number of stocks you want to buy).
  4. Then specify your trigger and set the stop loss.
  5. After that, you have to choose a product type.
  6. The choices of validity are NSE and BSE
  7. After that, you have to pay for the stocks you have purchased.
  8. Hurray! Your first order is placed.

Zerodha Pi Download 2019

Our digital life is feeling handicraft without a smartphone so This Trading platform makes our Application for android and iOS user because this time many users use smartphone.

So For this reason, many people find the application of every software because mobile easy to carry at any place reason this Trading software makes our Zerodha Kite App for Mobile users.

If You Find Zerodha Pi Download 2019 Application so please check this Download link.

Zerodha Pi Download for Windows

If you are a PC user and you find a Software link for Zerodha Pi Download for Windows then I will get Download Link of Pi Zerodha in the below download button because most people always use PC for trading and checking stock market rate.

So Most people find Zerodha Pi Download for Windows So I will get Download Link please download it.

Learn With Video Tutorial

Ok Guys,

Many people need Video Tutorial for Learning how to place orders in Pi Download Zerodha so I will Give One Video Tutorial for Learning all commands.

Alternatives of Zerodha pi Download 2019

Currently, there are many websites like Zerodha Pi Download 2019, which includes Upstox, Samco, Fyers, 5paisa, which are providing similar services to Software.

Discount brokers are a fantastic platform for those people who are trying to invent a small amount of money in the market.

So, if we talk about Zerodha alternative, then Samco can be the alternative to Zerodha as Samco has recently launched a mobile app called the “Stock note.” This app has many more features than Zerodha.

Zerodha App

I have heard from some people that Zerodha alternative is Up stock as it is not charging any fee in the opening accounts and giving them a better margin. Is it true? 

Which one is better Software

Both of them are discount brokers and received the same rating and the brokerage of both are the same, whenever you make a comparison between brokerage firms keep these points in mind.

  • Trading platforms.
  • Charting.
  • Trade orders.
  • Brokerage plans.
  • Trade Support & Tools;

Well, these are some of the points that you can keep in your mind while making a comparison.

Equity DeliveryFreeFree
Equity IntradayRs. 20 per executed trade or 0.01%; whichever is lowerRs. 20 per executed trade
Equity DeliveryRs 325 Per CrRs 325 Per Cr

I think now that, after reading these you are able to the comparison between up stock and Zerodha.

comparison between Both Software

After reading this you can easily make a decision between Samco and Zerodha Pi Download 2019 so with wasting time let’s get into it.

Equity Delivery 1x (no margin)Up to 4x
Demat AMCRs 300 PARs 400 PA
Commodity TradingFlat Fee Rs 20Flat Fee Rs 20
Equity Options Intraday – 40%(2.5x), Carry forward – 100%(1x) of Total margin Intraday – 40%(2.5x), Carry forward – 100%(1x) of Total margin 
Currency Futures Intraday – 40%(2.5x), Carry forward – 100%(1x) of Total margin (Span+ Exposure)Intraday – 50%(2.5x), Carry forward – 100%(1x) of Total margin (Span+ Exposure)

Well, this short comparison between Zerodha and Samco.

Some commonly asked questions

These are some Commonly asked Questions Answer by Zerodha pi Download please check it.

Question – What is the cost of Zerodha Pi software?

Answer – You can download Zerodha Pi software free of cost.

Question – Is trading directly from charts possible in Zerodha Pi?

Answer – Yes, Of course, trading directly from Zerodha charts is possible you can straightforward place an order from charts.

Question – Does zerodha Pi software provides mutual funds opportunity also?

Answer – No, not at all Zerodha Pi software does not provide mutual funds opportunity.

Question – How can I download Zerodha pi?

Answer – For Download visit the Official Website and Download Software.

Question – Is Zerodha PI free?

Answer – Yes It’s Free to Use.

Question – Which is better Zerodha kite or pi?

Answer – PI is windows based full-scale software with many more features and indicators than Kite.

Question – Is Zerodha and kite Zerodha same?

Answer – Kite 3.0 is an online trading platform developed in-house by Zerodha.


To be truthful zerodha pi is one of the best and powerful software for trading; it is straightforward to download. I guess, after reading this you have got a complete guide of Download Zerodha Pi software, and I will personally recommend you to go with Zerodha if you are new in this field.

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