Download Free Emulator Nox Player for PC and Mac

Nox Player for PC

Nox Player for PC is an emulator that provides an Android platform for every Windows and Mac also known as an Android emulator.

Generally people use it for mobile games but it can also run social media apps and many others.

Nox Player is an powerful emulator with a and easy to understand interface.

That allows you to play your favorite Android games on your PC with a larger screen and has a wide range of customization options.

Nox Player for PC
Nox Player

This software also has a great set of features that organized in a toolbar on the right side of the screen.

You can use the options found on this toolbar to change the screen orientation ( portrait to landscape ).

Transfer files between the virtual device and your PC’s hard drive take screenshots and many other options.

Key Features of Nox Player

An important part of analyzing a Nox Player review is identifying the key features. From what we find, these are the main features.

User interface :- easy to use finding a specific feature is straightforward the interface designed. Easy enough to use for new users to jump into the background without knowing how to proceed.

Play Store :- Downloading apps on most Android emulators requires a little extra effort.

Usually you would have to download all the APK applications to your computer and import the file with Nox the Google Play Store app is available by default.

Many instances of applications :- Have you ever started playing a game and want to play something else.

But don’t want to risk losing your progress Nox allows many applications to run. There is no limit to the number of applications that can run other than what your computer can handle.

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Sidebar toolbar :- The sidebar makes accessing all the best features quick and effortless. If you prefer to have different functions on the bar it is customizable.

Installation and use :- Windows versions for PC and Mac are available. And installers for both make installation quick and painless.

Unlike similar emulators Nox Player doesn’t need a supercomputer to run. Most laptops and computers can use the program without performance issues.

Screen recorder :- you are a content creator and you want to record the game. Considering that’s what this Android emulator is all about a built in screen recorder allows you to record your screen.

Quick access from the sidebar means you can start recording at any time.

Most impressive is how Nox Player for pc works as well as it does. In general poor performance prevents people from using an emulator so it comes as a surprise.

Working of Nox Player for PC

You can customize NoxPlayer settings including screen size ( 720p full screen and Full HD capabilities ).

DirectX and OpenGL functions and also configure the desired CPU speed and RAM usage for your virtual Android device.

To start using the emulator, please follow the next Nox Player review section where we will explain the steps you need to follow.

STEP#1 – Open an Internet browser program and go to the Nox Player website for Nox Player download.

STEP#2 – Click on the ” Download ” and the installer will start downloading.

STEP#3 – After a few minutes open it to start using it.

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After following these steps, the emulator will be as useful as an Android smartphone. Like everyone else Nox Player old version requires a Google Play Store account to download official apps.

Default Apps in Nox Player

Browser: A simple web browsing application that is very like the standard Android browser.

If you can’t download an app from the Google Play Store app, try searching for the APK and downloading it with this browser.

Google Play Store :– The app store from which you can download Android apps. This is the official app store, so users must an account to login, download and install from here.

Settings :– This application includes all the relevant settings for the emulator. Although most of the settings can found in the settings menu of the main program.

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Camera and gallery :– With a webcam, connected users can use the camera application. If the emulator can’t detect a webcam you won’t find it to be a particularly useful app.

Photos taken with the camera app, and any other photos in the emulator stored in the Gallery app.

Downloads and File Manager :– Files that a user downloads through the browser application or any application that downloads files will saved in the download application. System files and application data located in File Manager.

It’s safe to assume that these apps are not the main attraction of Nox Player. But, they can come in handy from time to time and are thus worth mentioning.

Alternative of Nox Player for PC


BlueStacks is another very popular emulation software option. That allows you to run a virtual device with an Android operating system. Providing you with access to many applications and games.

This software can used for a wide range of tasks, but the most popular by far is the Android gaming set on a larger screen.

You can also install any application from the Play Store or Bluestacks Apps Store and use them in the same way as if you had a physical device in your hands.

The latest version of this software has a very easy to understand user interface. And it also contains a good range of performance enhancements and added features.


BlueStacks and Nox Player

Nox Player is free to use, like BlueStacks, but has a heavy focus on gaming. BlueStacks, , is a more general-purpose Android emulator. But, since Nox Player targets a particular genre of apps.

But, this is something we expect from emulators and it shouldn’t surprise you either.

So while the likes of BlueStacks might be the obvious choice. because of its popularity, Nox Player shouldn’t forgotten so.

There are not hundreds of differences between the different Android emulators. But those few contrasts are what make you change your mind.

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