Aadhar Card Download by Fingerprint Software for PC – The Aadhaar card can be defined as a document that verifies a 12-digit identification number, which is provided to you by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) as a representative of the Government of India.

This number serves as a proof of address and identity of people in different parts of India. Anyone can get Aadhaar letter, which includes the card. You can get it through India Post or by downloading it from UIDAI website. Both will be considered equally certified.

Any person in India can enrol for an Aadhaar card. The gender and age of the person does not matter here. However, he / she must be a resident of India, and also meets certain other criteria prescribed by UIDAI.

Each person can enrol only once, and this facility is provided absolutely free. Aadhaar numbers are unique and are valid as long as the person is alive.

How to download Aadhar card by using Fingerprint Software for PC

There is no need to worry if the Aadhaar card is lost and you do not remember its enrollment number. In such a situation, the enrollment number of the Aadhaar card can be searched by your fingerprint. Although you can download your virtual Aadhaar card using this Aadhar card download by fingerprint software for pc.

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In view of this, UIDAI has launched a new software. Through this software, your Aadhar card number can be detected. After getting the enrollment number, the Aadhaar card can be downloaded from UIDAI website.

Aadhar Card with fingerprint software

If you want to Aadhar card download by fingerprint software for pc windows 7, then you should have Aadhar UCL or Aadhar ECMP software, as this software can be easily downloaded by government public domain, then you can download your Aadhaar card with the help of this Aadhar card download by fingerprint software for pc.

Using this software, the biometric machine will search the enrolment number of the Aadhaar card. Based on that enrolment number, you can download your Aadhaar card from the website.

Aadhar card download by fingerprint software for pc
Image – Aadhar card Card

If you want to download your Aadhaar card without any information, then you can do this very easily, friends, if your Aadhaar tax is lost somewhere and you do not have any Aadhar card slip left.

Then you are not given the Aadhaar registration at the time of the Aadhaar card while you can download Aadhaar very easily with the help of this information, so let’s know about Aadhar Card Download by Fingerprint Software for PC.


We will know how to download Aadhaar card without mobile number, that is, Aadhar card download by fingerprint software for pc Can download according to Friends, you will need a PC or laptop to download the Aadhaar card.

If you do not have a laptop or computer, then you cannot Aadhaar Card Software Free Download, that is, because friends, you have to install software that is the driver of your fingerprint device.

If you have a device of Morpho to scan the fingerprint, then you will have to install the latest USB driver of Morpho as well as its software in your PC or computer, only then you can use Aadhaar card through this process. Will be able to download.

Working of Aadhar card download

If you do not have this Aadhar Card Download by Fingerprint Software for Mobile and you want to do this work then you will get the software on our website, then you can download this Aadhaar card software free download pc from the UDCE site.

Step 1. After the first software register, you run (open) this software.

Step 2. Once the software is open, go to the right corner and click on the option of Aadhaar print.

Step 3. After clicking on print basis, you will have to fill your name, PIN code, father’s name, etc. information.

Filling the information, you click on the print basis and you and your thumb put the finger print on the machine. After this you will be seen processing and your Aadhar card will be downloaded in pdf.

After this you will be seen processing and your Aadhar card will be downloaded in pdf.

So, you get your Aadhaar card from the c drive and open it by entering the pin code and successfully print it.


  • Government oriented software.
  • Secure and encrypted software.
  • No third-party influence.
  • Ease to operate.
  • Computer requirements are up to the mark.
  • Only biometric can pull out your Aadhar card details.
  • Provides faster and convenient way.

Alternative of Aadhar Card Download Software

Aadhar card is a government-oriented service which cannot be provided as an alternative. The software required to download Aadhar card is completely under government sector, therefore no other websites or software could provide the services related to Aadhar card.


The use of biometric and demographic data in making Aadhaar cards provides a unique identity to every Indian. This can be obtained even if there is no document. A person can have only one Aadhaar number.

Aadhaar card can be used as an identity card in administrative services. Such as passport, ration card or any other application can be used if you want more information about Aadhaar card, you can contact UIDAI.

Wrong concepts about Aadhar Card

Some people have wrong concepts about Aadhaar card. Each member in the family has their own personal card. While many people also think that only one Aadhar card is sufficient for the whole family.

The misconception is that Aadhaar collects information based on parameters such as caste, language and religion. It is also thought that Aadhaar card is mandatory for all Indians with all documents.

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It is foolish to assume that any person can get an Aadhaar number more than once as much as he wants. And it is also wrong to assume that Aadhaar can replace all other identity cards. This is just a proof of residence, not citizenship, as many people want it to be.

Many people also believe that UIDAI information can be used by other public agencies or privately owned entities. Actually, this is also a wrong concept.

Some additional information

You can easily know the status of the progress of your Aadhaar application from the internet, this service is free. Its goal is to free India from people with false and fake identities.

The biggest reason for this problem in India is that most fake identity certificates are issued by some government or non-governmental organization. We often see such problems in India. Therefore, fingerprint plays a major role here.

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