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Today, most of the gadgets come with an English keyboard by default. Whether it is a mobile phone or an operating system their keyboard built to type English only. But through advanced software, you can make a keyboard to type English to Hindi Typing Software.

People may think using a Hindi Typing keyboard is far difficult than an English one but the certainty is both can use and manage easily.

Whether you connected to Hindi, English, or any other language you can change your default English keyboard into your required language.

Manglish to Malayalam

To type Hindi from an English keyboard you need Hindi Typing software, so for this, we will discuss English to Hindi Typing Software.

In this article, I will focus on some needs and benefits of English to Hindi software. Moreover, I will also give a short review of software that can used for this purpose.

For English to Hindi typing, one of the popular software is Desh Hindi Keyboard.

Let’s discuss more about it.

Desh Hindi Keyboard 2020

Desh Hindi Keyboard is a very popular and most used software for English to Hindi typing in ms word. This software can used on PC as software and Android as Desh Hindi Keyboard App.

This English to Hindi typing software makes your Hindi typing faster on the English keyboard as well.

english to hindi typing software

Desh Hindi Keyboard used as you have to install in your operating system and then enable its working. Once you set this as your keyboard, you can type Hindi letters using the English keyboard. Managing Desh Hindi Keyboard is easy.

Its working is simple but very smooth.

Talking about its specifications and technical details:

  • Operating Systems: Android and Windows.
  • Version: 1.6
  • Size: 10 MB.

This software has got colossal popularity due to its effective interface. For PCs and Laptops, DeshHinglish Keyboard is present.

Where English To Hindi Typing Software used

As I mentioned before, this function can used for various purposes. The majority of the usage done in India.

english to hindi typing software
Image Source – Hindi Keyboard

Some factors where it has performed listed below:

Typing for Exams

Ever wondered how Hindi exam papers typed? Well, they typed through this software.

Once you install any software for English to Hindi typing, you can use it typing Hindi papers.

In colleges and schools, this software is defiant present in their system. Teachers use this kind of software to type Hindi papers. This saves a lot of time rather than using a Hindi keyboard.

Next time you operate your school’s computer, check which software they are using till now!

Central Government’s Documentation

Most people are not aware of this fact that paper works on the Central Government level done in Hindi.

This clears out that English to Hindi Typing software used for official documentation of government.

For paper works and generating fax, government workers use this kind of software on a large scale. Moreover, the secondary purpose may vary to their working.

Typing based jobs

As the point says, different jobs based on Hindi typing skills.

Government and Private sectors offer different jobs where primary work is Hindi typing. For this English to Hindi typing software is essential.

If you search online, you can see various job opportunities like:

  • Hindi data operator.
  • Entry operator.
  • Documenter.

Many more jobs are available as well that can done under work from home.

Benefits of Software

  • The easiest way to type Hindi English to Hindi Typing.
  • You can type much fast Hindi than entire Hindi keyboards.
  • Top-rated words became easier to type in Hindi.
  • No need to learn Hindi keypad or layout.
  • Easier to practice than other regular English to Hindi keyboards.
  • Saves your time compared to other English to Hindi typing software.
  • No suspicion in your system’s privacy.
  • Simple usage.
  • Switching between other language keyboards can done in a few clicks.
  • Extra emojis can used while working with typing software.
  • These keyboards allow you to use a variety of GIFs as well.
  • You can change the software color according to your need.
  • They provide various keyboard options.
  • Perform almost on every platform efficient.
  • Auto-completion for fast working.
  • Free to use.

English to Hindi Typing Converter Software Free Download

If you search online English to Hindi Typing Converter Software Free Download you will get tons of software calming amazing features. But choosing the suitable and right software is an essential step.

For this, I mentioned an all-in-one English to Hindi typing software Download Desh Hindi Keyboard. This software can be used on both android and windows.

Below I listed steps to download this software on the computer and android as well.

To download on Computer

  • Download the set-up file from the official website or direct click on the given link.
  • Open Downloads on your operating system.
  • Double click on set-up file.
  • Now, agree to the terms by clicking on I Agree.
  • Next, enable Desh Hindi Keyboard as your Hindi typing keyboard.
  • Finally, click on Ok.
  • For safe use, restart your computer.
  • Installation for Desh Hindi Keyboard has completed.
  • It offers a variety of themes, colors, emojis, fonts, GIFs, and stickers.
  • Switching between keyboards can done with few clicks.

To download on Android

  • Desh Hindi Keyboard is available on Google Play Store, install it directly, or click on the link given above.
  • Once your app gets downloaded agree to the conditions and allow it to change your keyboard.
  • Enable it by choosing Desh Hindi Keyboard.
  • You can easy switch between other keyboards as well.
  • It offers a variety of themes, colors, emojis, fonts, GIFs, and stickers.

Using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a software that provides a window version of mobile phone software. If you wanted to use Desh Hindi Keyboard’s mobile version on your computer, download Bluestacks and install it from there.


So we discussed how much English to Hindi typing is helpful for various purposes. Thousands of people use different software but in my recommendation, Desh Hindi Keyboard is perfect for this job.

Mobile Software Free Download

From Governmental and Private Jobs to preparing exams, English to Hindi typing is high in demand.

I hope you liked this article! What is your purpose to use English to Hindi typing converter software free download? Comment below and let us know!

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